2020 Ford EcoSport: Would An Escape-Inspired Redesign Help Its Case?

The Ford EcoSport is already five years old, having being facelifted for the first time in 2017. Thus, the carmaker is probably thinking about its successor, which needs to be a lot better than the current model.

Speaking of which, the 2018 Ford EcoSport didn’t impress reviewers, with Consumer Reports finding it “a big let-down”.

The base engine was said to be underpowered and the transmission not that good. The cramped cabin, odd driving position and insufficient boot space haven’t brought it any positive points either. Furthermore, the fact that some driving assistance features cost more, while others aren’t available at all, doesn’t help its case either.

Still, the Ford EcoSport is here to stay, and officials within the Blue Oval probably have the first sketches of the next generation on their desks. It should be underpinned by the company’s Global B-Car Platform, just like the seventh-gen Ford Fiesta, and have access to an assortment of three- and four-cylinder engines.

It will probably mimic the looks of the supermini up to a point, but Kleber Silva believes that it would look better with some of the styling cues of the current Escape, which is also in for a redesign.

While they may not reflect reality, the renderings do make the EcoSport seem a little more appealing to the eye, and we wouldn’t complain about it if Ford decides to follow this path if they’ll take care of the problems of the current model.

  • Yobobjm

    Kinda… I just saw one today and it was one of the cheapest, ugliest looking cars on the road. This at least looks kinda cute and quirky.

  • rover10

    This product needs an urgent replacement; as the segment is rapidly being filled by the competition, The current model’s upgrade will lift sales but only for a relatively short period. Ford must reduce its development phase in order to make up ground. I don’t think the redesign will reflect the above illustration too much, as Ford is changing the architecture of its SUV’s. This design is too close to the current Escape, take a look Ford’s new small SUV for China to get a better idea of Eco- Sport 2?

  • Matthijs

    Useless renderings. Of course a 2020 EcoSport won’t be inspired to an old model Escape but perhaps on the new one (also 2020?)

  • Mr. EP9

    No, it would still be a POS. No doubt Ford will fix the issues the current model had because that thing is awful.

  • willhaven

    That’s the cheapest looking car I’ve seen in 2018.

  • SkyBill40

    This looks a lot like a Subaru Forrester with a blue oval in the grille.

    • Un Tipo Serio

      Man, seriously? I mean, dude… you know, Subarus already have a blue oval in the grille

      • SkyBill40

        When one hears “blue oval” and thinks about cars, it’s always associated with Ford; while Subaru also uses a blue oval, they’re known for the star cluster of the Pleiades… which in Japanese is “Subaru.”

        So, in essence, yes, really.

        • Un Tipo Serio

          Wow sir, that master class deserves at least 50 pts for Griffindor! Though I said “seriously”, not “really”… that makes only 20 pts I’m afraid 🙁

          • SkyBill40

            Your sarcasm is unnecessary.

          • Un Tipo Serio

            Every sarcarsm is necessary when someone compares a Forester with an Ecosport.

          • SkyBill40

            I wasn’t making an actual and direct comparison in terms of the capabilities of either. I was talking about the look and shape. Get over yourself.

          • Un Tipo Serio

            Once I got over myself and it was painful. Better I’ll get you a pair of glasses 😀

          • SkyBill40

            Ad hominem.

          • Un Tipo Serio

            Of course dude, If you were a woman I’d get the glasses ‘ad mulier’

  • ME

    Big improvement. Hopefully US spec models are made here.

    • Raul

      mostly likely in india still.

  • Able

    You Yanks act like the facelifted model is the only one in existence – you’re so lucky the pre-facelift wasn’t sold there! The biggest issue with the EcoSport is that it was developed for third world markets, and you can tell with every single aspect of the car. Ford were foolish to think they could sell such a half-assed car in such a booming segment.

  • Nihar

    A smoother ride and European Ford reliability would.

  • Dennis James

    This car segment is very active in my country, yet I have only seen 1-2 of these EcoSport cars. The ugly long nose ruins it, really.

  • Nice and attractive design.
    I loved SUVs since Ford’s decision to discontinue sedans to focus on SUVs and pickups

  • Paul

    It looks good. Kind of reminds me of something akin to a cross between the Escape and Nissan’s new Kicks though.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Not very ugly. Just extremely anonymous. Fords in this are have always given me the idea of a cheaper VW..same level of anonymity at cheaper prices than overpriced VWs. I love some models, like the Explorer and some versions of the Edge….but none of the smaller ones they sell in Europe (and in Taiwan as well). Those are definitely ugly, to me at least.

  • John F. Murphy

    They need to change the rear door swing to UP, and separate open rear window and door still closed. Over priced for what you get, If you add a couple of safety options you are then close to the price of an Edge and you get more space. The IIHS only has a headrest rating so far, I guess that test totaled it. LOL! My next car will be a car and most likely a Hyundai Genesis. At least they receive a Top Safety Pick + on they IIHS.

  • USOZ
  • adbt20

    Just wanted to say I am amused by the subtle irony (mixed with political correctness) of this article’s title.
    Imo, yes, ANY redesign would help this poor little car!

  • erly5

    This is pitiful. Similar stance to current Ecosport with same level of ugliness. Hopefully Ford will do better than this effort.

  • TheHake

    No. The current one looks much nicer than this.

  • Jose David Rodriguez Gomez
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