22yo Supercar Drivers Just Couldn’t Wait To Get To The Track

Driving a supercar with around 700 horsepower on public roads can be fun. But if you really want to see what they can do, you’ll want to take it to the track.

That’s just what the drivers of these two European exotics were planning. But apparently they couldn’t wait to get to the closed circuit. So they were busted for speeding and had their cars impounded.

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (which patrols many of the country’s highways), the drivers of this black McLaren 675LT Spider and blue Lamborghini Aventador SV were clocked on August 2 driving 138 kilometers per hour (86 mph) on a stretch of the Lougheed Highway in British Columbia where the indicated limit is 80 km/h (50 mph). As Motor1 reports, they were headed to a private track event at Mission Raceway, and one was equipped with a radar detector.

Because the cars were deemed to be traveling at “excessive speed,” both were impounded immediately for a minimum of seven days, and their drivers handed $368 fines and three points on their licenses. The drivers were both 22-year-old residents of nearby Barnaby, BC, and have both received “excessive speeding infractions and fines” prior to this incident, which has been referred to the Superintended of Motor Vehicles “for further review.”

“This stretch of Lougheed Highway is our number one problem area when it comes to excessive speed,” said RCMP Traffic Sergeant Bruce McCowan. “No matter the time of year this specific area is plagued with unsafe speeds, 24/7, regardless of the road and weather conditions. We have seen too many tragic outcomes where all the driver needed to do was just slow down.”

Of the 472 speeding tickets handed by the Ridge Mountain RCMP so far this year, over a third (178) occurred on that same stretch of highway between Maple Ridge and Mission, BC.

  • Matthew Boyd

    To be honest, who doesn’t hit the 80’s in the 50 mph zone? They def got singled out because of their age and obviously the cars. It’s dangerous to speed that far above the limit, but it happens daily and safely on a large scale due to outdated speed limits based on cars and technology from the 60’s and 70’s.

    • appleimmune

      Nonsense.. if you’re doing 80 mph in a 50, you’re a menace and shouldn’t be on the road. These guys got singled out because of previous excessive speed infractions, not the cars and not their age.. In Canada, that’s 30 Kmh over the posted speed limit. To the writer, it’s Burnaby, BC.

      • Matthew Boyd

        Ahh.. you must be from Canada. It’s a different story here in the states. Here’ there aren’t onesy’s and twosey’s going above the speed limit, many do. Someone going 80 in the 50 where normal traffic is traveling 65-70 is not far fetched. If Canada is far stricter than the U.S., I get your point, but if they’re anything like us, this happens all the time and is seen as normal. Not saying it’s right, but say normal traffic is flowing at 70 mph or so, how much faster would they be going? Of course I’m talking now hypothetical, but I’m giving you all avenues for you to get my point of view.

      • Zishan Syed

        The problem with our roads is old farts like you driving slow! Especially in the left lane. That causes so many accidents! Left lane drivers and hesitating drivers should have their licenses revoked!

        Speed up, get out of my way or stay home grandpa!

    • Zishan Syed

      20% over the limit is commonplace. Cops don’t usually stop you unless you’re going more than 20% over. Where the okmutnis 100kmh, traffic usually travels around 120.

  • Vassilis

    22 year-olds with a 675 and an SV. I’m doing something wrong in life.

    • Bob White

      You don’t have slanted eyes. Lol

  • Zishan Syed

    Over 60% of Germany’s Autobahn (freeway) network has no speed limit. The difference there is that the drivers understand how to drive. Driver’s ed is 3 years long and teaches things that Canadians and Americans will never understand in a lifetime of driving- lane etiquette being one of them.

    Speed is never the actual problem. Poor driver ability, poor vehicle condition and bad handling cars like every car made by American auto manufacturers, with the exception of the Corvette, are the real problem. If we made better cars and trained better drivers, we would have zero incidents. Speed would cease to be an issue.

    Speed limits are just a cash grab!

    Also, if you’re not passing stay out of the left lane. If there is only one lane and someone wants to pass, move over to the right a little to make it easier and to indicate that you acknowledge their desire to pass. Stop being a horrible person taking bbn up space on the road.

    Uberholdt Prestige should be a world wide rule. Not just an unwritten German driving etiquette article.

  • Brent Morrison

    Oh look, Fuerdais are not residents of Canada. They are anchor babies. Get your facts straight.

  • karmat

    Considering they’re 22 years old, I’d say they were exercising a remarkable amount of restraint.

    • Joff

      In the use of their brain

  • Michael_66589

    In this days towing trucks got much better design than sports cars (like on that picture). Strange days.

  • An Existing Person

    I thought they would be going faster. Here in Florida, you could be doing 75 in a 50 and police drive past going even faster without a care.

  • Zishan Syed

    Actually I’m Muslim! Looks like we won…

    • appleimmune

      Big surprise there.. If the name wasn’t a dead giveaway, the attitude and lack of consideration for others would have been more than enough.

      • Zishan Syed

        “The attitude and lack of consideration for others” actually sounds like a definition for what it means to be a stereotypical American.

        • appleimmune

          Right because the culture you belong to is so tolerant of others.. Not American by the way — WRONG AGAIN!

      • Zishan Syed

        Btw, Monaco has zero accidents/ yr on average. The speed limit on their motorways is 130Km/h. Germany is ranked 16 on a list of nations with the lowest collisions per annum. Want to take a guess where Canada, USA and UK fall in that list?

        Speed limits do not make the roads safer. The main cause of accidents is hesitating drivers, left lane drivers and undertaking (passing on the right), the former is directly caused by slow drivers on the left side of the road.

        You have got to be one of the least intelligent people around. Prejudice, ignorant, and a bad driver. You are the problem on our roads, I hope I never come near you on the road. You’re probably one of those losers that tries to drive slow on the left because you think it’s your job to make other people slow down. People like you are he cause of accidents.

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