Canadian Man Selling Property With Over 340 Vintage Cars

Typically, when you buy a house, you don’t expect the previous owner to throw in their car as part of the deal. However, a property owner in British Columbia, Canada is doing just that and will actually throw in around 340 cars in the deal.

The property owned by Mike Hall located approximately one hour east of Kamloops, includes 5 acres of land, a renovated house, a 1,200 square-foot steel building, a 900 square-foot restoration shop and an auto salvage yard that currently holds over 300 vintage cars.

Speaking with Driving, Hall admitted that he didn’t know exactly how many vehicles he owns but said they vary in value between $500 and $35,000 each.

“I started accumulating cars when I was 20. First it was 50 cars. Then the collection grew to 100. I bought more and more. It’s easy to buy them when you’re working. It’s like an addiction. With 100 cars, 200 seemed better, and now it’s well past 300,” he said.

Although Hall hasn’t given a specific reason why he is selling the property and his hundreds of cars, he says that because he is now 60 years old, he doesn’t have enough time to restore all of the cars.

So how much does it cost to purchase all of these asserts? The asking price currently sits at $1.45 million over at Century21.


  • Bash

    Now this is a beautiful sight.

  • Six_Tymes

    left outside to rust all these years? if so, another nut bag.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Some interesting stuff but man, so much of it looks too far gone.

  • salamOOn

    its junkyard and lot of troubles.

  • step 1: be rich
    step 2 : buy the place
    step3 : build a huge garage
    step 4 : hire Roadkill, The Ring brothers, Jonathan Ward… and all those you can think of.
    Step 5 : install them on site with unlimited budget
    Step6: Watch and see
    Step 7: Enjoy!

    • europeon

      You don’t need to hire them, they’ll do it for free 🙂

  • antbee

    Kamloops, BC is a beautiful part of Canada, in the Okanagen Valley. It is in Southeast BC, so the temperatures are milder than the surrounding area, and there is more sun there than in the Vancouver area. I want to move to the city right below Kamloops, Kelowna. I would say the asking price for the house, property (5 acres!), and the cars, if you choose to keep them, is a steal, especially given the high real estate prices in BC.

    • Truther_2013

      Kamloops is in the Thompson district. It’s somewhat west of the Okanagan and in South Central B.C. Kelowna is way too hot in the summer as are Vernon and Osoyoos. Salmon Arm surrounds a bay on Lake Shuswap, and is cooled by the lake. It’s ten degrees cooler than Kelowna, and a much nicer climate especially for older folks. This property for sale would be closer to Salmon Arm than Kamloops. Can’t speak to the price, but realtors in S.A. will know. Access to the lake will be a factor.

      • antbee

        I’m looking for warmer, being stuck out here in the Maritimes for 17 years!😃

        • Truther_2013

          Their temperatures bottom out at -15 or -20F, not balmy, but the winter season is short and summer long. Vancouver winters seldom freeze, but they are wet and constant overcast is kind of gloomy. Vancouver Island climate is similar to the interior.

          I see you just had eight or ten feet of snow out that way. You might be disappointed with only the usual two feet of the BC interior. However if you go an hour or two east to Revelstoke, the snow dumps there before the going over the mountain peaks. They often get six or eight feet of snow while traffic grinds to a halt.

          • antbee

            Not looking for MORE snow…LOL!

    • SomeRandomCommenter

      The price is definitely a steal if you compare it to our market here in Ontario. 40′ lot with a 3000sqft house is anywhere between 1.3-1.8 million here

  • mb4design

    Was it the Dudley Doright segment on the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show that offered 2 options for the next episode? Stay tuned for next week’s episode: “Parking lot of broken dreams” or “Collecting is the gateway to hoarding”.

  • Truther_2013

    Kamloops city has a very hot and oddly dry climate, but somewhat less so an hour east towards the town of Salmon Arm (on an arm of Lake Shuswap). I visited that area in the 80s and 90s. Lake Shuswap has over a thousand miles of shoreline. The seller is 60yo and lookin’ to retire (which I can relate to), and Salmon Arm is a popular retirement locale.

    Cars shown appear to be intact with all doors and hoods (or replacement ones) and minimal bad corrosion. It would be over the top to restore them all yourself with the time it involves. Some possibilities are to post them as projects on Ebay with US delivery savings by deadhead produce truckers. Not affiliated with seller, and just my two cents worth.

  • Blade t

    good place to practice with your monster truck….

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