BMW M550i Tipped To Gain 67-HP Boost Thanks To M850i’s Engine

With 456 horsepower on tap and a trick xDrive traction system, the BMW M550i is no slouch. But it’s about to get a big boost thanks to the engine from the new M850i.

According to unnamed company sources cited by BMWBLOG, the Bavarian automaker is preparing to shoehorn in the newer 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 revealed for the flagship coupe into the mid-size sedan. To the current M550i’s 456 hp (340 kW) and 480 lb-ft (650 Nm) of torque, the M850i boasts 523 hp (390 kW) and 553 lb-ft (750 Nm).

If the report proves accurate, that would net a substantial increase of 67 hp (50 kW) and 73 lb-ft (100 Nm), and would undoubtedly unleash even more performance in the performance sedan. Expect the 0-62 mph (100 km/h) sprint to drop by a few tenths from its currently quoted 4.0 seconds as a result, bringing it even closer to the M5 with its 592 hp (441 kW), 553 lb-ft (750 Nm) of torque, and 3.4-second 0-62 mph (100 km/h) sprint.

BMWBLOG projects that the change will take effect towards the end of next year. But what’s more is that the 5 Series won’t be the only model to get the new engine. So too, reportedly, will the new BMW X5 just released, which will be rebadge the xDrive50i model as the X5 M50i. And the forthcoming next-gen X6 and the all-new X7 are expected to get that same engine (and badge) too. All of which bodes well for BMW’s thankfully growing M Performance lineup, which already includes models like the M140i hatchback, M240i coupe/convertible, M760Li sedan, and X3 M40i, X4 M40i, X5 M50d, and X6 M50d crossovers.

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  • Bo Hanan

    Moving the lighter M550i XDrive even closer to the slightly more powerful, (but heavier) M5.
    -and a fantastic way to make “M” more redundant.

    • B.Stokes

      Definitely more redundant for a time. But if this is true they’ll probably end up updating the M5 engine with the upcoming M8 engine.

      • Mr. EP9

        It would make sense as you would want to keep the two cars apart. You can’t have the performance model being cannibalized by the lower spec version. If BMW does that, I’d expect the M8’s engine to be put in an updated competition package.

    • adbt20

      Personally, I think the M5 is the “one to blame”.
      With it’s XDrive & ZF 8 speed gearbox, and boosted version of 4.4 V8… what’s left of ///M? They might as well call it the 560i 🙁

  • eb110americana

    When the current M550i came out, pre-M5 release, people were floored that with its new AWD system it ran 0-60 faster than the outgoing M5. The F10 M5 was rated at 4.4 seconds to 60, whereas the current F90 M550i can do it in 4.0 flat. Everyone was bracing themselves for how fast the M5 would then be. It’s kind of crazy that it will be getting quicker still.

  • botornot387

    Wondering with this moving so close to the M5, if the M5 will move to hybrid power like Porsche, because the M550 cannot be too far off. I bet they restrict the launch and slow it down to keep off the bite of the M5

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