First-Ever Ferrari F50 Has Just 1,400 Miles, Should Fetch In Excess Of $2 Million

All Ferrari F50s are desirable, but this particular unit, currently up for sale from Autosport Designs, is an exquisite piece of Ferrari history.

This was the first F50 ever produced and the exact vehicle which Ferrari unveiled to the world at the Geneva Motor Show in 1995. Unlike many show cars, this F50 wasn’t simply a stationary piece of art but was fully functional.

In fact, prior to its Geneva premiere, the car was driven in anger for lap after lap around the Fiorano test track as part of a rigorous development cycle. Additionally, it was driven extensively on the streets around Maranello with the likes of Dario Benuzzi, Niki Lauda, Gerhard Berger and Jean Alesi all jumping into the cockpit and taking it to its limits.

What’s more, this F50 was used as the basis for all scale models produced by Burago, Maisto, Tamiya, Revell, and others and was the subject of hundreds of glamour pictures which eventually were featured in Ferrari sales literature, dozens of books, and nearly a hundred magazines.

When Ferrari no longer needed the car, it was rebuilt and sold to Jacques Swaters, who was the proud owner for almost a decade. In 2007, a collector from the West Coast of the United States purchased the car before the current owner bought it a few years later.

The car is being sold with Ferrari Classiche certification and is certainly one of the most history-rich to ever hit the used car market. No price tag has been published, but the fact that the supercar has just 1400 miles (2253 km) under its belt means it should fetch in excess of $2 million.

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  • Bo Hanan

    Ugly then- ugly now. Such a big leap (technology-wise) from the F40, but in a bad way. Was the E60-M5 to the E39-M5.

    • Earl Scheib

      Yeah, they can jam their 2 million right up they crack!

  • sidewaysspin

    To buy a car not to drive it is a bit sad.

    • Brent Morrison

      Because it is a work of art.

      • Infinite1

        Work of art or not, cars are meant to be driven, to hell and back and not sit there. Beasts aren’t meant for cages but to prowl in the open

  • Six_Tymes

    Oh how i wish i could buy this…

    • Earl Scheib

      I wouldn’t buy this your your money. No way in hellz.

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