Forget Action Movies, Ride Onboard With South Africa’s Anti-Carjacking Unit

High-speed carjacker pursuits are a common thing in South Africa, a country that has the highest carjacking rate in the world. According to the country’s police service, between April 1 2016 and March 31 2017, there were 16,717 carjacking incidents in South Africa, the highest number recorded since 1996.

These incidents, which South Africans refer to as hijackings, are on the rise: there were 14.5-percent more cases in 2016/2017 than in 2015/2016. Factor in the worrying statistics of vehicle thefts (53,307 cases in 2016/2017) and you get a very grim picture of what car owners have to go through in South Africa.

Under these circumstances, authorities do what they can to fight carjackings and one way is to allow private security companies to lend a helping hand. One of these firms is called NoJack and is run by former police officer Anton Koen. A glimpse at his YouTube channel is very telling of the dangers that lurk around every corner on South African streets.

He recently uploaded a dashcam video that shows the interception of a group of thieves that had carjacked a VW Golf GTI Mk7 fitted with a vehicle tracking system supplied by NoJack.

From the high-speed search and pursuit to the apprehension of criminals, the video is guaranteed to keep you glued to the screen. It portrays a high-stakes situation that can go wrong at any minute since both the thieves and their trackers have lethal guns that they’re not afraid to use.


  • GobbleUp

    Looked like bad angles there for the good guys to shoot each other in cross fire.

    • LouInPA

      Exactly – yikes…

  • xDRAN0x

    What can you do? -Best quote from Louis Theroux’s Johannesbourg documentary applies here

    • Bob

      As a South African, I’m glad that guy “died”.

  • brn

    It appears that in South Africa, people don’t get out of the way of emergency vehicles. That’s too bad.

    • Bob

      Problem is that it isn’t an official emergency vehicle. People get out of the way of vehicles with blue or red lights (cops or ambulances). A white light can be some security company and are not taken as seriously.

      • brn

        I was wondering about the white. I thought that maybe emergency vehicles used white in South Africa. If they don’t, that would explain people’s behavior.

  • Bob


  • Bob

    Best thing you can do for yourself in South Africa is to not buy any of the most popular cars. There’s a correlation between demand (for hijackers) and popularity of the said vehicle. Mostly for parts.

    The most hijacked vehicle in South Africa by far is this thing and, by extension, any car that so happens to share parts with it.

    • brn

      While not well known, this is true in most countries. The most stolen car in the US is the 1997 Accord, because it has a high demand for parts.

  • yesess! I actually drove past the police college just yesterday. I must say this has put me off wanting a GTI, i’ll stick to my A3 thank you!

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