Hey You! Drop The Camo, We Know You’re The 2019 Ford Focus ST

The all-new Focus ST has been spied testing at the Nurburgring – and it doesn’t look half bad.

Ford unveiled the latest-generation Focus in April with a much improved design and a plethora of new features. These images of the performance-focused ST variant show that it could be the best looking Focus ever, combining the perfect amount of aggression with attractive curves and flowing lines.

As expected, Ford has started the visual modifications at the front fascia and fitted a bespoke bumper. While it’s covered in camouflage, we know it’ll adopt large air intakes and an altogether sportier design.

The designers also appear to have gone to town with the rear fascia, outfitting it with a roof spoiler, distinctive bumper, a bold diffuser and two circular tailpipes. From some angles, it reminds us of the Mercedes-AMG A45; and that’s certainly no bad thing. Less obvious changes present on this prototype include a lowered ride height, new wheels and enlarged brakes.

While the exterior styling changes are fairly dramatic, the modifications to the cabin are significantly more restrained as the interior largely echoes the Focus ST-Line. Despite the similarities, there are a handful of differences.

The biggest change is the addition of some rather generic looking sport seats which feature contrast stitching and “ST” embroidery on the backrests. The seats are heavily bolstered and appear to use two different kinds of fabric. While they should be an improvement over the base chairs, they’re certainly not as glamorous looking as the old Recaros.

The other changes are less noticeable, but we can see a revised instrument cluster which has new gauges with red dials. The cluster should also have a revised splash screen which indicates this is the Focus ST.

In case drivers aren’t paying attention to the splash screen, there’s a large ST badge on the flat-bottomed steering wheel.

The rest of the design largely carries over and we can see the car will come equipped with metallic trim and a stylish gear knob. The model could also have additional features including illuminated sill plates and stainless steel pedals.

Powertrain details remain unknown, but our sources claim the new Focus ST will be outfitted with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder pumping out between 250 – 275 hp (186 – 205 kW / 253 – 278 PS) through the front wheels.

While the next Focus ST will be eventually outshone by a new RS, when the latter comes up, Ford’s ST-badged models have always offered excellent bang-for-your-buck performance and driving thrills. We expect no different for the latest-generation model.

A launch date for the warm hatchback remains unknown, but we believe it will premiere next year, most likely as a 2020 model. Ford will probably let it sit at the top of the Focus range for a couple of years before launching the next-generation RS that should deliver in excess of 400 hp from its turbocharged mill.

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Photo Credits: CarPix and S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for Carscoops / Additional reporting by Michael Gauthier

  • john1168

    Why did they even bother with the camo? There’s so little of it that I can still easily make everything out… LOL My favorite is the camo on the rear spoiler… LOL

    The car does look great though. I would have loved an ST as a second car but it’s not coming to the US if my memory is correct.

  • Vassilis

    Such a weird-looking car.

  • Rocket

    This car should be offered in the U.S. Shame on you Ford for not even trying.

    • Mr. EP9

      But they reinvented the car, remember? It’s crossovers for us now.

    • LJ

      Blame American consumers for not buying cars anymore.

      • Rocket

        Tell Honda, VW, Mazda, Subaru and just about every other brand that. Toyota’s even considering get into the hot hatch segment. TOYOTA!!!

        • LJ

          Hey, I’m just going with Ford’s reasoning.

          • Rocket

            Which is short-sighted to say the least.

    • SteersUright

      What makes you think they won’t? Doesnt the Focus sell well here?

      • Rocket

        Ford said as much. It has already been confirmed that the only new Focus model offered in the States is the 5-door Active. Ford indicated other models could be added later, but you can bet if it’s not made in China, it’s not coming here.

  • Matt

    There was something not ‘right’ with the new Focus design that I couldn’t put my finger on compared to previous generations, and I’m not talking about the taillights. Then I read an article about how they had to drop the C-Pillar window and extend the length of the rear doors because of the Chinese market.

    That’s why it looks kind of stretched from the side profile, and a bit more ‘generic’ than before.

  • LJ

    I feel like I live in bizarro world knowing this won’t be coming to the U.S.

    • Six_Tymes

      wait, what?

      • john1168


  • Honda NSX-R

    Hey You! Drop the Camo, We Know You’re Not Coming to the U.S.

    • Six_Tymes

      why you say that? it will, eventually

      • Honda NSX-R

        Because it’s not a crossover/SUV. Remember when Ford said they won’t sell cars in the US anymore (other than the Mustang)?

      • john1168

        It’s not coming to the US. Sorry dude… An offroad-ish version will come to the US, it’s called the Active. Also, there’s a “baby Bronco” coming to the US that will be based on this Focus. But the sedan/hatch/wagon won’t be coming here.

  • Six_Tymes

    its got big shoes to fill

  • So will this have the same defective engine as the current ST?

    • Puddingpopper


  • sidewaysspin

    The car looks awkward it’s practically just glass.

  • SteersUright

    Thought it was the A45 AMG at first glance. Looks like it’ll look much better than the current car. Hope they fixed the terrible ergonomics, horribly tight Recaro seat, and joystick steering feel though.

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