All-New 2018 Ford Focus Tested: Is It A Segment Leader?

The all-new Ford Focus is bigger, more advanced and weighs less than its predecessor, while also featuring a less cluttered design for the interior.

Let’s face it, whenever a new Focus comes out, it’s a pretty big deal in most parts of the world as this is still one of the best-selling cars in its class, where competition happens to be pretty tight.

Ford knew they couldn’t afford to strike out with this car, which is why they made sure to fix nearly everything that held back its predecessor, focusing on comfort, technology, safety and as always, driving dynamics. But did it work?

According to John Mcllroy of Auto Express, it very much did – like a charm. He found the compact model to be quite comfortable to sit in, even as a backseat passenger (despite his over 6-foot frame). The rest of the interior he found well-built, with soft-touch materials on top and harder plastics only in places you’re not likely to touch too often.

On the move, the new Focus is described as comfortable at low speed, while also doing a good job smoothing out bumps and other imperfections on the road. In regards to its power train, the model tested was equipped with a 1.5-liter EcoBlue diesel, mated to the new 8-speed automatic transmission, a combo that also received praise.

As for what makes the new 2018 Focus stand out the most, it’s the chassis, according to the reviewer, who stated that regardless of configuration, this is the best-handling car in its class.


  • DJ

    FORD? What’s a FORD? oh wait don’t they make mommy buses and penis extenders ? Are they making cars now ?

  • wintergraan

    I really don’t like how the new Focus looks – at least in the base configuration. The headlights are just too huge and bulbous and the front bumper has a very strange design with those massive fog lights :/
    However the ST-line features a way more attractive front end, mainly due to the differently designed air intakes.
    But overall I think ford could have done better with this redesign.

    • willhaven

      It is a little fish looking, but I agree that the ST-Line is pretty handsome. Not very aggressive though.

  • Victor Ferreira

    Now that it finally looks really good, it won’t be sold here. Go figure.

  • benT

    wagon, 2L diese version is the best one to get. handles better than anything in its class / price range by a very long way. I drove one for 140,000 klms

  • Paul

    Nice car, too bad it wont come to the US.

  • Matthew Boyd

    Good job Ford. The Focus has always been an attractive model for its segment.

    • Dennis James

      Always until this model.

      • Matthew Boyd


  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    It’s like some manufacturers don’t even try with the tablets stuck on top the dash.

    • Harry Nimmergut

      I’d have agreed with you a few months ago. But now I see the logic. MUCH less distracting when the infotainment screen is in your line of vision. Chevy did it first with the current Malibu and now I see why.

      • Loquacious Borborygmus

        Still just an ugly tablet add on to my eyes. If you need to look at it while driving then the road is not getting your attention.

        • nellydesign

          Here’s the thing. Screens aren’t going away. Bigger screens are easier to see and use. Higher screens are easier to see and use. Now imagine that they take that bigger, higher screen and drape the IP over the top of it and house it in plastic and trim. The result is a massive IP that makes the interior feel cramped and dark. I prefer the lighter, leaner look that the floating screen provides.,

          • Loquacious Borborygmus

            It’s not floating though, it’s stuck on as an afterthought.
            Screens will be replaced at some point. Technology doesn’t stay still.

  • emjayay

    But should a 6 foot tall person’s knees be up in the air when sitting in the back seat? He looks like he’s sitting in a kindergarten chair. And – uh-oh – another rotary shifter. I thought that was a dead end Chrysler copied from Jaguar. I only drove a Pacifica with one. Not a deal breaker but didn’t seem as handy as a column or console lever.

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