Rider Suffers Injuries While Trying To Avoid An SUV Barrelling Towards His Way

The sight of an overturned SUV barreling towards you on the highway has to rank among the scariest things there are, at least as far as people who ride on two wheels are concerned.

This accident took place earlier this year in San Diego, California, and according to the rider, it took him five months to shake off the back brace he had to wear due to his injuries.

In total, he suffered two fractured vertebrae, a badly sprained ankle and an injured shoulder, which might sound bad, but when you consider how fast he was going when he flew off the bike, you can easily imagine how much worse this crash could have been for him.

This is how it went down in his own words:

“I was heading southbound on I-15 in San Diego and I was riding into work. I was coming up on a section of the highway that was notorious for wrecks and was looking out, but an SUV driven by a dude not paying attention swerved into the HOV to avoid another collision.”

“He then struck a Toyota Avalon and flipped his SUV. He then slid across all lanes and struck me on my right side causing me to go airborne.”

The footage doesn’t show what exactly spooked the driver of the white SUV that badly, specifically, that “other collision”. Still, the end result caused both the vehicle as well as the rider to flip.


  • danno

    There is a reason emerg staff call them donorcycles.

  • Mr. EP9

    Ouch. That’s terrible but he did survive and recover. I did hear about some airbags for motorcycle riders. I’d definitely take a look at one of those if I do eventually start riding.

  • lagunas3ca

    So he was looking out by speeding through slow-moving traffic in a section notorious for wrecks. Classic.

  • ace_9

    I wonder why the motorcycles are not banned already. There is no reason to allow them on public roads, except in certain overpopulated countries. Cabriolets without roll bars would not pass safety regulations and in fact any car has to be able to roll over without significant damage. There are also mandatory crumple zones, abs, airbags, even pedestrian protection systems. Nowadays automated systems are also very common. But sure, let the primitive bikes be on the road too, just because there is still too many noise loving organ donors that like to annoy everyone around them.

  • Emoto

    I agree that he should not have had as much differential between his speed and that of traffic. I also think he should have been in the far left lane to have a buffer between himself and the cars. Given how slight his evasive turn was, that might have given him enough space to slip past.

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