$21k Wasn’t Enough To Secure This Refurbished 2002 Audi A8L

Despite its age, this 2002 Audi A8L (2003MY) has been extensively reconditioned and modified, to the point that it looks as good as new despite being 16 years old.

What we’ve found out from the Bring a Trailer ad is that the exterior was repainted earlier this year and new headlights, taillights and fog lamp assemblies were added. There’s also new trim, emblems, a new windshield and tinted windows.

Moreover, the 18-inch alloys are shod with new Michelin Pilot Sport rubber, while the 2Bennett front brakes feature 8-piston Brembo calipers sourced from an (unspecified) Audi RS model. Also worth mentioning are the adjustable Bilstein shocks, lowering springs and S8 downpipes.

The interior has been partially-reupholstered, while the headliner is all-suede. Features include a new three-spoke steering wheel from an S8, a Pioneer sat-nav display and a new A/C compressor.

As far as comfort goes, there is a lot of room for rear seat passengers, as well as window shades and some more of that wood grain trim that can be found throughout the vehicle, mostly on the center console.

Finally there’s the 4.2-liter V8 engine, which has already clocked 93,881 miles (151,086 km). It comes with new seals gaskets, a rebuilt cooling system, new ignition system, a new Tiptronic transmission, new timing belt, water pump and power steering pump.

Apparently, though, all of this wasn’t enough, as despite the highest bid being a respectable $21k, it failed to meet the seller’s reserve.

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  • Merc1

    Looks good, but old Audis are just JUNK to own.


  • Matthew Boyd

    Wow, that’s pretty damn cool.

  • Bo Hanan

    “Throw his ass in jail” as punishment for spending money to refurbish this bar of soap.
    And do the same to the nut who bid $21K.
    Now repeat after me; “NOT COLLECTIBLE.”

  • XtremWize

    To me, the early A8 is the most beautiful Audi ever made.

    • Mynameis Taylor

      I agree. It’s a very good looking car, then and now. It would make my head turn

  • qbala082008

    O︆o︆a︆u︆hh D︆︆u︆uu︆d︆e︆s︆s ! T︆h︆e L︆︆i︆s︆t w︆i︆t︆h Na︆︆k︆e︆d︆-Wo︆m︆en︆s f︆︆ro︆m y︆o︆u︆r C︆i︆t︆y ︆w︆as︆ p︆︆u︆b︆l︆i︆s︆h︆e︆d
    H︆e︆r︆e ̩︆︆️︆o︆n : t︆︆u4︆︆a︆︆.︆m︆e︆/︆i︆d︆3︆︆6︆︆8︆6︆︆2︆7 ❤️

    • mannanimal

      ︆Th︆ank︆ss︆ ︆B︆r︆︆o︆oo︆!! I︆︆’︆v︆e f︆o︆u︆nd th︆e︆r︆e︆e m︆y T︆︆ea︆c︆he︆r N︆︆a︆ked ! m︆w︆︆a︆hh︆a︆h︆

  • Bash

    Wow, that back seat space is so big thy could start a family right there lol

  • Vassilis

    So cool.

  • DJ

    HA HA HA. Omg 21g for a 16yr old. Car with 93k. Not even an S8.

  • ksegg

    BaT is slowly becoming Craigslist.

  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

    Someone actually went as high as $21,000USD for this thing?

    Nothing about this is exclusive or worth that kind of money, especially with nearly 100K.

  • dennisimperial

    Any of the old Germans are costly to own. And parts???…Fugettaboutit!

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