Mad Australian Building Ferrari-Powered F1 Replica For The Road

An ambitious Australian is hard at work building a Ferrari-powered Formula One replica which he wants to sell in limited numbers for the road.

Zac Mihajlovic is the man responsible for bringing our F1 dreams to reality and is building the car with help from Scotty Cox, a custom motorcycle builder. Work on the car, dubbed the Zacaria, has been ongoing for more than two years and is expected to be finished by the end of this year.

Mihajlovic got his start in the world of automobile manufacturing when he built a road-legal version of the batmobile from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman. He received requests to build the vehicle but couldn’t due to licensing issues. This is where Zacaria comes in.

Spurred on by interest in his Batmobile, Mihajlovic set about work on a Formula 1 replica that can be driven on the street.

We want it.

“So I thought, what’s the next-most extreme thing I could build to drive on the street? No one’s done it with an F1 car, they’ve done thing like the BAC Mono or the Ariel Atom, but they’re four-cylinder and look like concept cars,” he told Which Car.

“If you wanted to drive a real F1 car it’d take a team of people to run it so I thought about a modern V8 or V12 from a Ferrari, there’s probably a market for people who want something no one else has,” he told Motor.

Work on the car started in earnest when he sourced a 6.3-liter Ferrari V12 from a wrecked F12 Berlinetta in the United Kingdom. That engine has been paired to a transaxle six-speed transmission from Albins, the company responsible for the gearboxes used in Australia’s Supercars racing series.

An all-aluminum body has been built around the powertrain and a hydraulic lift system has even been installed.

Mihajlovic says he’s already received interest from a potential buyer and hopes to eventually sell each Zacaria he builds for more than $700,000 locally ($509,000).

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  • Bash

    Two words:
    Silver Surfer.
    Seriously though, this isn’t half bad!


    • Adam

      We don’t.. Pot holes and bumps.


  • Six_Tymes

    MEGA cool. But how to source the suspension parts and etc. ?

  • I see the irony of this, he keeps claiming that manufacturer like BAC or Ariel made car unlike him… and yet his engine comes from road going Ferrari, with a body that sorts of looks like single seater.

    And beside what’s with the metal fender over the wheel?

    • donald seymour

      Regulations most likely.

      • And that’s why we wouldn’t get proper F1 experience on the road.

    • Shahul Usman

      ya i bet wont be road legal as an exposed open wheel car

  • SteersUright

    Stunning design, a work of art. Realistic F1-like performance capability with no proper engineers developing the chassis, suspension geometry, etc? Not likely.

    • Scherpereel Clement

      Why do you think no one worked on the chassi ? First they could have used old blueprint of fromer F1 cars, second he’s working with a custom builder shop (well for motobikes) that can work on suspension, braking…
      have faith that it will drive and have decent performences.

      • Because otherwise this guy would brag about it, we see it in every half baked cottage supercar industry, boasting ex *insert small sportscar manufacturer/defunct F1 team* engineer.

        Meanwhile he just mentioned that the car is made from a garage that usually do motorcycle. So yeah I’ll be skeptical.

  • Eagle By Singer

    What about the Caparo T1?

  • karmat

    You take the fenders off as soon as it passes inspection.

  • AlissaB

    Two words:Silver Surfer.Seriously though, this isn’t half bad!

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Cute. Thought you could steal a comment.

  • Eagle By Singer

    Wasn’t that the closest you could get to a (as far as I can remember) road legal F1 car?

    I like this, but it wasn’t the first. Was it?

    • A lot of cars claimed to be F1 for street, Caparo T1, Ferrari F50 (Because of that road going F1 engine), BAC Mono and so on.

      • Eagle By Singer

        I suppose so, I was also thinking looks wise as well. While was the Mono is a track car, the Caparo looks more…F1 like…

  • Vassilis


  • assassingtr

    Would suck to be the pedestrian hit by that. Instant Sushi.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    I’m holding out for the Fareed Edition.

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