Cadillac XT4 V Rendering Surfaces On Official Website Alongside A Coupe

GM’s executive vice president of global product development recently confirmed the Cadillac V-Series lineup would expand in the future and it’s looks like the company is already dropping hints about an XT4 V or XT4 V-Sport.

As noticed by a GM Authority reader, Cadillac’s own website shows a rendering of an XT4 with an unmistakable V badge on its tailgate. The rest of the image largely echoes the standard XT4, but the model depicted in the rendering has a massive dual exhaust system with circular tips.

While it’s likely that the rendering was created before the XT4’s design was frozen, it suggests Cadillac and its designers have been thinking about an XT4 V or XT4 V-Sport for awhile. This isn’t too surprising as BMW M and Mercedes AMG have been cranking out high-performance crossovers for years, while Cadillac has remained focused on sedans and coupes.

Cadillac has been tight-lipped about their future plans for the V-Series lineup, but the company has said upcoming models will have enhanced engines, upgraded brakes and sportier suspensions. That’s pretty much a given, but GM Authority reports the XT4 won’t be offered with a six-cylinder engine. Instead, they believe the XT4 V-Sport will have either a hybridized version of the current four-cylinder engine or a new turbocharged 2.7-liter four-cylinder.

Interestingly, the same page that shows the XT4 rendering also has a picture with a coupe in the background. There’s no telling what it is, but the model looks slightly different than the Cadillac coupe which surfaced in patent images earlier this year. That model could potentially preview a new electric vehicle, dubbed the “Lux Low Roof,” which could arrive in 2020 or 2021.

  • ToniCipriani ✓pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝʌ
  • Big Black Duck

    Cadillac…. the only American Car company that ever takes chances in Design and Styling…

    • Mike anonymous

      I would have to second you on that though. I think Lincoln has really been trying to take chances as well (i.e. the new Lincoln Aviator). But this angular and ‘drastic’, yes I would agree that “Cadillac is the (although they are not the only ones, the are the largest, major) American Car company to takes chances in Design and Styling.”

      I miss their sharp, edgy, and angular styling. It was something that made their vehicles stand out, as well as become desirable. I hope that this vehicle is (at least) the start of Cadillac learning to focus less on the competition, and more on themselves.

      • Big Black Duck

        thanks…and Yes…Lincoln has been trying very hard to copy Jaguar and Audi in terms of styling…i bet their design team said…copy Jaguar’s grille and put Audi’s lights one will notice..

        • Ford is very inspired in general by the brands it used to own. A lot of Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin influence, or even straight copy in their cars. Hi Fusion, Explorer, Continental, Fiesta,Explorer…

        • Mike anonymous

          I will have to agree with Herres on that.
          Lincoln at times does grab inspiration (and vise-versa) from the automakers it used to own.

          Although, as for the grille,. I can’t exactly say that it ‘belongs’ to Jaguar as Jag only started using that grille design/style (production-wise) in 2009 and they stopped using it generally around 2014/2015 (switching to a blacked out style). They’ve only used it for about 6 years, before that it was their classic “wide oval” or their “(Bugatti-like) horseshoe” grille design.

          In addition I’m a little confused on what you mean by “Audi light”,.. I feel as though you might have meant Acura. But I do agree that Lincoln has been taking chances though,.. so far it’s been working out pretty good for them as they’ve been focusing on their brands historic design elements and styling from 60+ years ago,.. I hope Cadillac can also get back to doing the same.

    • Marty

      A lot of American car companies take chances in design and styling. They are just not very good at doing it in a successful and identity building way, making many American cars either boring or ugly.

      But Cadillac are quite good at it from time to time.

      • Only Buick as its cousin Opel are not. They are making politucly correct cars. Blend, inoffensive design.

  • Wow that does look aggressive, and I thought Cadillac styling is rather predictable these days.

    • paulgdeaton

      If they actually build something that matches their best concept cars… yes. Unfortunately, the best – the Ciel and the Elmiraj have been tossed to the wayside, replaced by adequate – but much less daring or distinctive and much more predictable – designs.

      But if that coupe in the background gets made… I might have to rethink my disappointment.

  • Six_Tymes


  • john1168

    I wonder if this is the “Corvette SUV” we all saw pictures of testing on the track a while ago???

  • john1168

    uuhhhh… does anyone know what car the clay model is in the picture with the guy drawing on the computer???

    • Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

      I think it’s the buick avista concept

      • john1168

        Is that a new concept or an older one?

  • Larry Qualls

    I love how butch this is looking . Not all soft and soccer mom like. Maybe something a man won’t feel so emasculated about. Ha
    I was recently next to the reg model and this vehicle really has presence. Look at GM….

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