Cadillac Coupe Concept Outed By Patent Office, Could Preview New EV

The Cadillac ATS Coupe is living on borrowed time, but it appears the company is already working on a new coupe.

Revealed in a design patent, the mysterious model is a stylish coupe which features a front fascia that mimics the Escala concept. Despite the styling similarities, the coupe features larger air intakes and wider headlights.

Moving further back, there’s a long hood which meets a rakish windscreen. The car also has curvaceous bodywork and a Camaro-esque greenhouse.

The distinctive design continues at the rear, where there’s a prominent spoiler and slender taillights. Designers also installed a rear diffuser and what appears to be a center-mounted, four-tailpipe exhaust system that hides behind a trapezoidal housing.

Little is known about this model right now, but it’s likely a concept as it seems to feature video camera side mirrors. There’s no word on when the model will debut, but Cadillac has a history of introducing concepts at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Besides the Escala, the company has used the event to introduce the Ciel and Elmiraj as well. There’s no guarantee the coupe will debut at this year’s event which takes place on August 26th.

Regardless of when and where the concepts debuts, it could hint at a production model. Last November, General Motors revealed its modular platform for electric vehicles would be used on 11 different models, including a “Lux Low-Roof” car that appeared to be a coupe. This naturally sparked speculation about an ELR successor, but the company hasn’t said much about the model since then.



It’s also worth noting that the patent images appear similar to a coupe which was teased in October. The model was pictured underneath a sheet and is slated to have an electric powertrain. Since the coupe in the patent images appears to have an exhaust system, it’s possible the concept will use a conventional powertrain, while the production model could be offered solely as an EV or with an ICE as well.

H/T to Cadillac Society

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  • Looks good. Nice job, Cadillac!

  • Christian
    • Leconte Dave


    • Mr. EP9


    • john1168

      LMAO!!! I can’t believe they introduced the Supra as a NASCAR race car. I have a feeling this car is gonna suck.

      • Spyder Hole Fantome

        It already does!!!

        • john1168


    • Mike anonymous

      How do they release the Supra nascar… AND THEY HAVEN’T EVEN RELEASED THE SUPRA!

      I’m going to be honest, from 2008 to around 2011 until now (or actually 1 year ago),.. I was hyped up, excited, and really looking forward to this next Toyota Supra, but now that excitement and hype has seriously “calmed” down. I was really expecting a Nissan GTR “True GT” Sports Car, but instead were getting something more along the lines of a re-bodied Z4 which (while it may be good on paper,) is mildly disappointing,.. to put it nicely.

      They’ve really got to make a great vehicle with this next Supra,.. not just generate hype for 2 weeks and let us wait another 15+ years for a true and good successor to the Supra from 15+ years ago.

    • Mike anonymous

      Also,.. please,..
      … Take this off. This race car (along with the upcoming “supra” (“BMW Z4”) (based on what we’ve seen and know so far,… which is A LOT)) do not deserve to wear the badge of the 1993 Toyota Supra. They’re not going to “nostalgia-sucker” me into “accepting” this next Supra. The Badge, The Car, & The Brand, DESERVE BETTER.

      that’s I’ve got to say about it.

  • Adi

    Who the hell works in these patent offices? We see leaks all the time.

    • Status

      It’s not a leak when a patent has been issued as patent listings can be searched by the public at will.

  • caddy45

    WOW!! This is what Caddy needs to regain some legitimacy with US buyers. A modern, aggressive successor to the ELR/XLR. I had been hoping we’d get something Ciel/Elmiraj based but the time of that design language has passed sadly, but this Escala inspired coupe looks great! Can’t wait to see it and hopefully this is the production version (here’s hoping the rumors of the Audi e-tron’s digital side view mirror/camera’s are no longer a sing of concept cars only lol).

    • Mike anonymous

      I was never a fan of the Escala Concept, I though it was pretty “un-Cadillac”-like to me. It just never had the “flare”, presence, or beauty, the Ciel & Elmiraj concepts had.
      Now I wouldn’t want to, nor would I really consider it an ELR replacement, The ELR was a replacement to the CTS-Coupe which was a hit. It seems a little big, wide, and long, for that. Rather I would see it as a The CTS-Coupe replaced the XLR in Cadillac’s line up, but was never a “successor” to the to XLR.

      …. BUT THIS,.. this Camaro based Cadillac seems different, THIS would be a true XLR “successor”, and it has the length and width to make it so. I really am looking forward to seeing this, and I hope that with the new Management at Cadillac, the brand begins heading in the direction they originally wanted it to go when introducing the Ciel & Elmiraj concepts.

      I’m also with you on the Audi e-tron’s digital side view mirror/camera’s thing too!

    • bd0007

      This is the successor to the ATS coupe, or more accurately, the 2G CTS coupe (growing back in size).

  • Status

    It better be a pillarless coupe.

    Oh, who am I kidding. GM will screw it up like the CTS coupe.

    • DMax

      I don’t think anyone makes pillarless coupes anymore, not even S class.

    • john1168

      YES!!! I’ve been yelling and screaming for this for years. And it would help with rear 3/4 visibility. And it would look freakin’ awesome with the windows rolled down. They need this on the Camaro too. And Ford needs to do this with the Mustang too!

      • Mike anonymous

        Apparently Ford is planning on using the Mustang for a Lincoln vehicle (which based on their Aviator (which is not a concept car,.. that’s the pre-production prototype vehicle they showed off earlier this year), should look even better than this).

        I think Lincoln is just waiting until they have their entire line-up completely redesigned and updated, (as currently their in the process of redesigning, and refreshing their vehicles). When their line-up is completely “next generation” like the Aviator and Navigator, then I think they will work on/towards this.

        But I am with you all the way on that partner.

    • dumblikeyou2

      I have yet to any owner of an S or E class coupe with the windows all down EVER. So it’s a bit of wasted feature on a customer base that could care less. And the E-coupe is boring as hell to look it at btw.

    • Nordschleife

      I liked the CTS coupè. I too would have preferred pillarless but I love the overall look of the CTS coupè.

  • Mike anonymous

    I love everything about this so far, just based on the vehicles design, it’s size, presence,.. the proportions are right. Everything about this vehicle seems just about perfect. My only quarrel would be the highlighted area in the picture below.

    It just makes the elegant proportions and styling of the vehicle seem “off”. I made Some Alterations to it below that I think would MUCH better fit the design of this vehicle. Let Me know what you all think.
    (red line signifies where the chrome/metal window trim is)

    Here is Cadillac’s current design (below) verses mine (labeled as “My Design 1 & 2” (above)).

    I’m not sure what it is about Cadillac’s design but something just feels “off” (or maybe unnecessarily excessive) about it, Especially with the unusual window trim (that is only on the top half of the window) and window shape. I personally like My Designs better, but I’d love to hear what you all think about it.


  • Nordschleife

    They could’ve have produced an Avista and made many people happy. While this looks good I am not going to hold my breath because it’s not like Cadillac has a reputation for bringing to market their beautiful cars. IJS.

    And if you need a reminder.

    • Liam Paul

      not making that has to be one of the worst moves GM has every made. It would had taken that grandpa image away

  • Six Thousand Times

    Probably Camaro-based. We’ll all want one but they’ll tell us there’s no business case for it and it will die like all the beautiful concepts. CUVs will continue to multiply.

    • bd0007

      The current Camaro is based on the Alpha platform which was first used on the ATS (so the Camaro is ATS-based).

      The CT5 sits on a new version of the Alpha platform.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Kind of circular but…OK.

        • donald seymour

          I thought the same thing.

  • Ruel Lewis

    How do you know this??

  • S3XY

    ELR 2.0

  • James Denz

    Have you got inside information? Would love to know if this is really a production car.

  • Paul

    It looks really good.

  • bd0007

    Insider is correct; pretty common knowledge among those who follow GM/Cadillac that there was going to be a CT5 coupe.

    The facelift of the CT6 with Escala-cues looks a lot better than the current rather bland look (esp. the rear) which portends well for the production version of the Escala flagship.

  • eb110americana

    Yeah, this looks like an unashamed Cadillac Mustang. I mean, the Mustang looks good, but still. It would have been nice for some more originality here than merely the fascia and trim graphics.

  • Yishay

    That’s going to be nice

  • SteersUright

    Despite the overall resemblance to the current Mustang (hey, its a beautiful car so why not?), this looks rather beautiful and is extremely needed to generate some excitement for Cadillac. One can only hope it will have the proper V8 engine options a Cadillac sports car should.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Looks like the C-class and 3-series won’t have much to worry about.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Those headlights are too thin to be production lights. They’re basically LED daytime running lights. This is most likely a concept.

    • Mike anonymous

      I didn’t want to say anything, before (Insider seemed to be in a pretty good mood). But this is a concept vehicle not a production one, (the headlights, taillights, and side mirrors, all indicate that).

      Will it be made into a production vehicle, yes very likely, but what we’re seeing here, isn’t that. Also it will compete against the 4 series and up (the base BMW 4 Series being the lowest competing model, (not the 3-Series or C-Class)).

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