Cadillac’s Escala Concept Is A Sharp Dressed Luxo-Barge

Coming to grace the 2016 LA Auto Show straight from the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is Cadillac’s futuristic-looking study, which wears the Escala moniker – that’s Spanish for ‘scale’.

Now that might be just another study and nothing more, but given that the GM-owned brand has been struggling in trying to challenge cars such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7-Series, and Audi A8, we might actually be looking at a future production vehicle.

Even if this isn’t the case, then we could be getting an early preview of Cadillac’s future design language, which actually looks pretty sharp. Meanwhile, in the cabin, most knobs and buttons have been replaced by generously sized screens and surfaces are covered in either wood, leather or textile material.

We don’t know yet if Cadillac plans to offer the Escala as a more upscale version of the CT6 or an entirely new model, but it would definitely make for an interesting offering in the full-size luxury vehicle segment.


  • Matthijs

    “Thanks Mazda for your inspiration of the nose”

    • dumblikeyou2

      Oh my gosh! That’s exactly what I didn’t see! At all.

  • submonte

    Hello, My name is Audi A7, but for you I’ll be Escala ’till midnight. Then I’ll turn into a pumpkin.

  • donald seymour

    John I will like to see live shots of the Genesis G80 if you can do so. I thank you in advance.

  • Cadillac Distorted Reality

    The lift-over for the hatch space is utterly absurd. My wife would look at that in a showroom and move along. The absence of a proper B-pillar means you will inevitably have wind/water issues and alignment issues.

    • Kash

      It’s a concept car it’s not meant to be perfectly practical. It’s not meant to be production ready or something they could sell tomorrow.

      • S3XY

        And thats completely stupid and a waste of time and effort. So why pay any attention to it

        • Kash

          Because concepts are used to showcase future design languages or possibly preview a new car or rather a new body style for a brand or even a new feature/technology like a liftback or EV powertrain or 4 door coupe. Depending on how well something like this did, it would probably become the determining factor for something like an A7/CLS competitor or give key elements to a future flagship limo to sit above the CT6 like Cadillac has been talking about doing and it’d probably use a more sloped, coupe like roofline. That’s why we pay attention to them and that’s why they’re not a waste of time and effort. Without concepts we wouldn’t have things like the Lexus LC either.

    • Status

      The lack of B-pillar hasn’t stopped the Mercedes E and S coupes. Maybe you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Cadillac Distorted Reality

        Both automobiles you reference are two-doors—not four-doors. The necessary rigidity for the rear doors on the Escala will require substantial engineering and likely not worth the increased production costs or servicing headaches. Perhaps you should take a refresher course?

  • kDawg

    Damn.. that’s one good looking Caddie.

    • S3XY

      That will never be produced. Takes 2 seconds to look at it and dismiss it

  • Blade t

    Nice looking concept

    • S3XY

      And thats it. Never being produced. So why show it any attention

  • AstonMartin

    Love this concept. Looking forward to Cadillac introducing new vehicles.

  • Dennis James

    I like the IKEA Isunda grey interior fabric, my preferate 🙂

    Very nice looking concept, btw. But, as we all know, it’s just a concept.

  • TheBelltower

    This car is so incredibly beautiful. This would get a front row valet parking spot at any upscale hotel or restaurant.

    • S3XY

      It’s a concept so not happening.

      • TheBelltower

        Unfortunately, based on Cadillac’s history, you’re most definitely right.

  • antbee

    I really like this Cadillac Escala Concept, just like I liked the Elmiraj, the Ciel, the Sixteen concepts. But, just like the latter three concepts, the Escala will never see the light of day from anyone’s garage or driveway, because Cadillac likes to tease us with what they could make, then it’s off to oblivion. What Cadillac is thinking, no one knows but it, but I think that it is trying to fail. Where is the halo car? Why isn’t there a CTS/CTS-V Coupe any more? Why am I not seeing any new CTS-Vs or ATS-Vs on the roads? Not being promoted. Is the CT6 still being promoted? I have no idea. So what if not very many people bought the CTS/CTS-V coupes, they looked like nothing else on the roads, and they still turn heads. There’s an older lady in my town that drives a CTS Coupe, and she looks as if she would tell you, “you will only get this car, over my dead body, a molten lava river, and a moat filled with sharks.” Cadillac, build the Escala and the Elmiraj, they’ve got people talking and waiting to see what’s coming. Please include that old-fashioned-looking steering wheel from the Escala, that’s a wonderful touch. Don’t keep letting the public down, or you will fade into the background with other mediocre manufacturers. I would hate to see that.

    • Astonman

      Subaru’s build nice concepts and when the production model comes out, it doesn’t look the same. Meanwhile Cadillac builds nice concepts and they never get made. Any way to answer some of your questions – When Cadillac polled their customers, they said they didn’t want anything outrageous like the CTS design – they wanted a “normal” looking car – thus the ATS coupe. And they chose not to build the CTS because it would compete against the ATS. I agree with you the CTS is stunning and the CTS-V will be a collector’s item in the future – especially the wagon since not many were made. They are not pushing advertising on the ATS coupe but they are still plugging away on the CT6.

      • antbee

        Thank you.

  • S3XY

    The old white guy presenting this car was talking about carpet floors and leathers and suit materials.

    Like what the f**k are you trying to sell? a suit, new carpet floors or this vaporware concept car that will never be produced? Such a waste of time and an idiotic presentation. I was cringing.

    And the old guy was talking about how practical the hatch was, ya right! Look how small it is lmao

    The Model S’s hatch makes this look like a puny turd. Comical

  • hy

    what happen to the inside will the be sold at K mart , this car looks as if will be cost about $18,999.00 cheap cheapshame on cadillac

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