New Cadillac Ciel 4-door Convertible Concept Wows Pebble Beach Crowd [Photos + Video]

GM’s Cadillac division is on a roll lately. After confirming the production of three new cars including the XTS large luxury saloon, the BMW 3-Series rivaling ATS compact sports sedan, and the ELR Coupe plug-in hybrid EV, Cadillac revealed an impressive new concept model called Ciel that looks into the future but winks at the past. Named after the French word for sky, the Ciel is a large (5.174 mm or 203.7-in. in length) four-seat, four-door convertible with “suicide” rear doors and no B-pillar reminiscent of the 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible. “Large, expressive luxury is innate to Cadillac and the Ciel recalls that heritage, while suggesting where the brand can go in the future,” said Clay Dean, global design director for Cadillac. “Authentic luxury is driven by experiences, not just products, and Ciel is about the experience of the journey.” The Ciel was developed at GM’s North Hollywood Design Center, with Niki Smart as the lead exterior designer and Gael Buzyn responsible for interior development. A wheelbase of 3,175 mm (125 inches) provides ample space for the passengers. Buzyn, who opted for the use of Italian olive wood, machined aluminum and hand-crafted leather with warm colors to dress the cabin, shares Dean’s point of view: “With the Ciel the journey is the thing, so the interior is a place of uncompromising comfort and elegance that makes the journey more enjoyable. Nothing distracts from the open driving experience and the color and materials lend the feeling that the car’s interior blends with the surroundings.” The all-wheel drive concept is powered by a twin-turbocharged version of the company’s direct injection 3.6-liter V6 and an electric motor using a lithium-ion battery pack. The system’s combined output reaches 425HP and 583 Nm (430 lb-ft) of peak torque, making the Ciel not just a looker, but also a performer. So are we going to see a production version of this flagship convertible, or was it created just to wow the crowds at the Pebble Beach event? Clay Dean’s answer is straightforward: “We wouldn’t be showing it if we didn’t have any intentions of doing anything with it”, he told Autonews. Moreover, Dean revealed, the all-new Ciel architecture is going to be used on other Cadillac models. Our take is that a flagship sedan would be the prime candidate.



  • bishop tom

    good here is a site i can post on….all this talk about a cadillac 4 door convertible,,,sure, its impressive but how many know that there is a US built 4 door convertible you can buy right now ….right…Ive had three already and may get another in the future…its the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited four door with sunrider top…what more could you want? and, at an affordable price too…

  • Road Safety Officer

    BMW might go through and complete their concepts but none of them are built to last, BMW’s break down more than any other car on the market, ask any mechanic, It’s their biggest earner,
    The only thing keeping BMW up there is people believing they are some sort of prestige vehicles when they’re not.