Nissan Project Clubsport 23 Is One Track-Focused, Twin-Turbo 370Z

A track-focused version of the 370Z will be on display at this year’s SEMA Show, featuring a wide range of OEM, aftermarket and bespoke fabricated parts that might, at some point, be available in Nissan dealerships.

Work on this show car is said to be ongoing, as the final product could end up being significantly different months from now, as parts are continuously developed.

Originally, this car was a 2012 370Z NISMO powered by a 350 HP 3.7-liter VQ37VHR engine. Together, Nissan Motorsports and MA Motorsports swapped that unit for a factory 3.0-liter VR30DDTT twin-turbo V6, rated at 400 HP. However, they kept the Z’s 6-speed manual gearbox was kept – quite a challenge, since this particular twin turbo V6 has never been coupled to a manual transmission.

Other drivetrain mods include the AMS Performance Cold Air Intake kit, Z1 Motorsports blow-off valves, upgraded braking system, KW Variant 3 coil-over shock kit and Eibach rear springs. Topping those off are the NISMO-braded RAYS alloys, measuring 18×10.5-inches.

Depending on customer interest, Nissan Motorsports may offer a “builder’s kit” consisting of hard parts and electrical components to assist customers with building their own track-focused Z car.

Both the exterior and interior of the Project Clubsport 23 feature a very sporty appearance.

Inside, there are new Sparco QRT-R competition seats, Sparco 6-spoint competition harnesses and a Sparco R383 steering wheel with a Bell Works Rapfix hub. Also available is a cabin and engine bay fire suppression system and a custom welded-in roll cage. As for the custom upholstery, it is stitched in a diamond pattern by MA Motorsports and was meant to remind people of the diamond pattern vinyl used in the original 240Z.

Last, but not least, is the body of the car, which now features a Gloss Burnt Orange wrap, an APR honeycomb carbon fiber splitter, a modded rear bumper for better air flow/cooling, JDM rear fog light, Selbon TS-style carbon fiber hood with Aerocatch hood pins and NISMO carbon fiber mirror covers and pillar garnishes.

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  • Christian

    just kill it , Nissan…

    • Bash

      You are right Chris, or better they should redesign it.

      • Christian

        You hurt me everytime you call me Chris… 🙁

  • Honda NSX-R

    Holy fuck, I was literally daydreaming of a VR30DDTT swapped Nismo 370Z. NISSAN, WE NEED MORE OF THESE!!! Seriously though, Nissan should at least make a limited run of these VR30DDT swapped 370Zs for the Z car’s 50th anniversary.

    • RocZX

      That would make it the 300Z TT

      • Taegon Lewis

        Or, the “300ZR”; since, it’s using the same family of engine, like it’s bigger sibling, the GT-R.

        Thus, making the Z34; the third Fairlady to use the (somewhat) same engine, as the GT-R. Next to, the original Fairlady Z432/-R [S30] and Fairlady 200ZR-II [Z31].

        (Well, if Nissan and/or, NISMO would EVER put it in production.)

  • Mr. EP9

    Give us a new Z already.

    • ksegg

      That’s like saying give us a new proper SUPRA, instead of the ZUPRA.

  • ksegg

    Someone enlighten me.

    How is it we can pump out boring Crossovers, SUV’s, crossUV’s, SU-overs, OverUVS, PickupOVERS, SUpickups, etc.,in record breaking time, but when it comes to ANYTHING remotely performance coupe related, it takes 300 years to conceptualize, then another mass-extinction-event-ushering-in-a-new-species to actually build it?

    Yeah I get it, SUovers sell like hotcakes, and performance coupes don’t, but that doesn’t mean manufacturers should be any less capable in having new performance offerings?

    • dn12005

      Best post I’ve read anywhere today!

    • Jason Miller


      Collaborations come about because a single manufacture doesn’t want to spend millions of dollars developing a car that won’t sell in enough numbers on it’s own to recoup that cost. Splitting development bucks with another manufacture makes it easier for them to justify.

      • ksegg

        Here’s the thing, in the OLD days manufacturers got away with this cost by slapping an SUV or crossover body onto a sedan platform as it were. I recall Honda doing this with the first gen CR-V. It was essentially a Civic based crossover.

        And with manufacturers today using modular platforms for their entire range, why is it still costly to do so on a performance car scale?

        Could Honda not use the Civic platform to pump out a new Del Sol, Prelude, etc., get around the FWD issue by using SH-AWD and start producing?

        Same thing with Toyota.

        I’m not certain behind the WHY it costs so much, when all the parts/tools/platforms are seemingly there.

        • Jason Miller

          Because rarely does a platform for an economy car work well for a sports car. Platforms made for RWD luxury cars are typically too expensive to use for a lower cost vehicle. There are also more costs associated with developing a car than just the design and material costs.

          And the Prelude was never AWD. There was a Prelude SH but that was just a trim designation.

  • SteersUright

    Now? Now they start updating the once-awesome Z-car that they’ve completely ignored for years? Too little, too late. Give it the update it deserves.

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