Second-Gen Renault Clio Mutates Into A Baby Monster Truck

Many countries across the world experience what some might call extremely harsh weather, which is when vehicles with high ground clearance and an all wheel drive system come into play.

Of course, usually people just opt for purchasing a proper SUV, or at least some type of crossover to fit their requirements. There are however those who can apparently just build one by themselves.

While this overgrown Renault Clio is by no means a sports utility vehicle, it is technically a “crossover”… between a small hatchback and a baby monster truck – and, by the looks of it, way more capable than almost any SUV. It’s also somewhat evident that whoever built it, did so in order to actually drive and get it dirty, not look good on the school run.

Now, we should mention that this picture ended up on a not very flattering Reddit thread, which means that at least some people find it a bit off-putting, to say the least. The reason for that might be the simple fact that such a car was never meant to stand out a lot, in any way shape or form. Besides, if you really want to make something of your Clio, you can always turn it into a RenaultSport version or something like that.

Then again, no Clio RS, regardless of model year, can do what we assume this one here can no matter the weather or the terrain.

  • Dude

    What a beast. It’s probably a hoot to drive

  • Bash

    Must be a thrill to drive. That’s one cool conversion.

  • Blade t

    This looks fun..

  • sportvan

    This was an old 1993 Landrover 90 2.4 diesel according to DVLA

    Interesting choice of cab.

  • exeptor

    I have no explanation why I love this thing so much! Could be the age 😁.

  • Miknik

    Looks like it’s ready to take on the Zombie apocalypse

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