2018 Jeep Wrangler Launches In The UK With £44,495 Base Price

The all-new 2018 Jeep Wrangler crosses the Atlantic this weekend for the official UK launch that takes place on October 13.

British fans of the rugged off-roader will be able to get one from £44,495 (about $58,870) OTR. That’s roughly double the US-spec model’s starting MSRP of $29,240.

The base version in the UK is the two-door Sahara 2.2 MultiJet II 4×4 Automatic powered by the 200PS (197hp) diesel engine.

The Wrangler is also available with the 272PS (268-hp) 2.0-liter turbocharged-four cylinder petrol unit. However, Jeep UK hasn’t released prices for gasoline-powered Wranglers yet as they will arrive later this year. Whichever engine customers choose, there is only one transmission choice, the new eight-speed automatic.

Besides the entry-level Sahara, buyers can have one of two trim levels: Overland and Rubicon. Both start from £46,495 ($61,510) in two-door configuration, with the four-door model commanding a £1,500 ($1,985) premium.

As everywhere else on the planet, the 2018 Wrangler sold in the UK offers two on-demand full-time 4WD systems. Command-Trac is standard on the Sahara and Overland trim levels, while Rock-Trac is standard on the Rubicon. Both systems feature the new Selec-Trac full-time two-speed transfer case.

The off-roader also offers Tru-Lock electric front- and rear-axle lockers, a Trac-Lok limited slip differential, and electronic front anti-roll bar disconnect. Besides the updated exterior and interior styling, the 2018 Wrangler also comes with improved safety content.

New features include Blind-Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Path detection, ParkView reverse camera, electronic stability control (ESC) with electronic roll mitigation, and four standard airbags.

Note: European-spec left-hand-drive model shown

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  • StrangerGP

    44500 for the base 200hp diesel lol. That’s only a few grand less than Grand Cherokee with a 250hp diesel.

    • europeon

      Yup, only 4k more for a GC.

      • Jessie G. Robinson

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  • Bash

    Thats a whole lot of money man! I hope they sell well there.

    • TheHake

      They wont.

      • Bash

        I’m leaning toward this fact as well.

  • europeon

    Ouch. Way too expensive for what it is and especially compared to the JK.

    • nastinupe

      Yeah but the JK’s are POS. Nobody wants a car that has a death wobble that can’t be fixed. You couldn’t pay me to buy one. I always wanted a Wrangler and waited for the JL to drop before I jumped into the fray. Too many horror stories about the JK.

      • Emoto

        Too bad you didn’t do enough research to know what you’re talking about. 99.9% of the Wranglers with the so-called death wobble are that way because an unskilled person installed aftermarket suspension and/or steering parts without correctly adjusting them, and then proceeded to abuse them until all tolerances were way too large. Anything will wobble if you do that to it. The actual design of the JK is excellent.

        • nastinupe

          That can’t be true because I know a girl with a 100% stock JK who has dealt with it. She took her Wrangler back to the shop and they told her that it was because she had under inflated tires, which is some BS.

      • europeon

        We should start with the most important question: what do you need a Wrangler for?

        • nastinupe

          #1 a car isn’t a necessity it’s a “want”.

          So the question should be what do you “want” a Wrangler, or any vehicle for that matter for?

          • europeon

            It’s a need really. I asked that because you might need a 4×4, and unless you’re doing hardcore offroading, a GC would fit the bill better.

            For example I *need* a wrangler as a cheap weekend fun convertible car that I can take trips to the seaside with, so I can leave my eye catching expensive cars at home and not have to worry about them. That’s why I find the EU prices way too high, as a Ford Mustang can fulfill that same role for a lower price.

          • nastinupe

            Well in that case, I bought my Wrangler for the same purpose.Weekend off roading and park driving. It’s my 3rd vehicle. I own an Audi A7 and a Porsche 911 4S. The Wrangler was $52.6k. It’s a Rubicon soft top. It wasn’t cheap, but a lot less expensive than my other two vehicle so I’m not complaining.

  • DM

    Cars are way too expensive in the UK.

  • Khanaar

    Now their frames can come apart accross the pomd aswell

  • TheHake

    Very very discouraging. I was really eyeing the 2.0T but at these prices I’ll skip it. By the way, the current diesel Unlimited costs >€100k over here due to taxes.

  • nastinupe

    Yes there are tariffs on the imports from the USA. Just like we pay a premium for European cars. The same applies over there.

  • biturboism

    “As everywhere else on the planet, the 2018 Wrangler sold in the UK offers two on-demand full-time 4WD systems.”
    WRONG. In the US the Rubicon only has a PART-TIME transfer case. The EU Rubicons also don’t have the higher fenders allowing for bigger tires without lift, and have the narrow Dana 44 axles (same width as the Sahara’s Dana 30 and 35).

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