Volvo V60 CC Vs. Audi A4 Allroad: Which Rugged Estate Would You Go For?

Even though Volvo didn’t come out with a Cross Country version of the V60 until six years after Audi launched the A4 Allroad, both of these off-road-focused monikers offer plenty of meaning to rugged wagon fans.

Volvo pride themselves with having “invented” the original premium off-road wagon in the first-generation V70 XC, also referred to as the V70 Cross Country. This took place in 1997, when the car made its motor show debut in Frankfurt.

Two years later, Audi took the C5 A6 Avant and created the A6 Allroad Quattro, boasting an advanced air suspension system, increased ground clearance, larger wheels, plastic fender cladding and so on.

Then, about halfway through the second-generation V70’s run, Volvo rebranded the XC version as the XC70 in order for it to sound closely related to what was then the newly introduced XC90 SUV.

Today, the rivalry between the two monikers has trickled down to smaller estate models, such as the V60 for Volvo and the A4 Avant for Audi, albeit the latter was launched as the Allroad in early summer of 2009, a good six years ahead of the first-gen V60 Cross Country.

Which of them is more rugged?

Enough history, let’s talk aesthetics, because these two wagons are seriously handsome.

Whichever angle you start with, there’s no denying the fact that the all-new V60 Cross Country and the A4 Allroad look different as far as design language is concerned. They both have similar purposes and you’d probably have a tough time explaining why one would be better than the other from a technical standpoint, but visually, it will probably take you a split second to decide which one you like more.

To simplify, Audi fans will probably go with the Audi, whereas Volvo fans (and possibly everyone else), would point to the V60 CC as the winner here. It’s arguably the more stylish of the two and it looks pretty darn rugged. But if you’d rather have the Allroad, that’s perfectly understandable – notice how its wheel arch cladding is more prominent than on the V60? Some buyers might like that.

Swedish style vs. German class

Deciding which interior you like best should be pretty straight forward too. The two models feature identical cabins with their regular wagon counterparts, which means that in the end it comes down to available on-board tech and overall dashboard design.

We won’t assume which one would get the most votes, but if we’re being fair, we’d say that both models have really high-quality cabins, and while the A4’s might look a little more contemporary, the simple yet elegant ambiance of the V60’s interior can’t be overlooked.

Sound off below and tell us which of the two you think is a better looking car and why.

  • Tydogg123 .

    As a former owner of an Allroad, I’ll choose literally any other car on the planet.

    • Todd Colomy

      As a former European mechanic I support this message.

      • disqus_990KU72sBB

        Like, in Carmichael?

        • Todd Colomy

          Whoo Dat?

    • Bob

      What happened?

      • Tydogg123 .

        A small army of issues, including the infamous torque converter that I stupidly fixed twice. I’ve got a big heart for Euro wagons, but that was the biggest POS I’ve ever owned. Name a part of the vehicle, it broke on the Allroad……

    • Zachary Abelardo

      Agree, the C5 allroad soured me on Audi for life. That car had great potential but the cost of running this vehicle exceeds that of a modern super car.

  • TB

    Tough call…I dig the exterior of the Volvo…and only because the A6 has been around for so long. Interior…Audi no question.

    • MonkeyRider

      Audi Allroad is A4 based.
      I know they look all same.

      • Marty

        Design wise, all Audi sedans and wagons are A6 based. 🙂

      • TheHake

        This refers to the A4 Allroad. But you do get an A6 Allroad as well. In fact, the A6 got the Allroad treatment way before the A4.

  • Antonio Bošković

    Two of my favorite cars ever, I would go for Volvo, just

  • ErnieB

    Volvo.. audi looks so old..

  • designer_dick

    I’d take the Volvo all day, every day. The A4 Allroad, and by extension the A4 sedan and wagon are the latest iteration of a design language Audi have been using since 1995, so its looks are rather mundane. The Volvo isn’t exactly exotic, but it’s a very different proposition to its predecessors, and has much better proportions than any other FWD luxury wagon.

  • Rocket

    Volvo body on Audi mechanicals. I’d have to choose the allroad’s less stylish, less comfortable interior thanks to Volvo’s war on physical controls.

  • benT

    I prefer Volvo generally but the cargo section design dumps all over the Audio in my opinion and this is a Volvo ‘thing’ and not an Audio ‘thing’ about design of their fleet.

  • Bob

    IMO these two manufacturers are the only ones who get wagons looking right.

  • Six_Tymes


  • Miknik

    The Audi has IMO not aged that well, so it’s an easy win for the Volvo

  • DanSemering

    I go with the Audi ….the quattro makes all the diference

  • Yishay

    The Audi seems dated when put next to the Volvo. So I’d have to say that just based on looks, and perhaps even trade in value, the Volvo soars.

  • supermanuel

    Volvo. No question.

  • Vassilis

    Audi is the king of allroad but I think the Volvo is the better car.

  • WalthamDan

    The Volvo will still look fresh in 4-5 years. The Audi will not. And enough with the stuck on the dash touchpads. The Volvo interior is better.

  • TheHake

    Either one for me thanks!

  • Nordschleife

    Can you all start doing polls with buttons. I don’t think that type of poll will prevent people from reading and/or commenting.

  • Trackhacker


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