2020 Lincoln Aviator Teases Its Production Face Ahead Of LA Debut

Lincoln has released a new teaser video of the 2020 Aviator, ahead of its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 28th.

Billed as a “not-so familiar face,” the 2020 Aviator follows in the footsteps of a similarly named concept which debuted at the New York Auto Show earlier this year. As a result, the production model has a prominent grille which is flanked by LED headlights which appear ideal to those used on the concept.

While we’ve already seen the front of the model before, the video gives us our first look at the Aviator’s rear end. Like the Navigator and Aviator concept, the production model has slender brake lights which are connected by a thin illuminated strip. Additional styling details are hard to make out, but we can see a roof rack and what appears to be a center-mounted antenna.

The video doesn’t reveal much of the interior, but a brief shot of the dashboard confirms the model will have a digital instrument cluster. That’s not much to go on, but the Aviator’s cabin will likely resemble the earlier concept which itself was heavily influenced by the Navigator.

Lincoln has been relatively tight-lipped about the model, but the Aviator will will offer three rows of seats and plenty of cargo space.  The company also teamed up with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to create a series of unique chimes for the crossover.

The automaker hasn’t said much about performance specifications, but the Aviator concept had a plug-in hybrid powertrain. One is expected to be offered on the production model and it could be joined a handful of engines shared with the 2020 Ford Explorer. These could include a 3.3-liter V6, a 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 and a hybridized 3.3-liter V6.

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  • Jay

    I like what I’m seeing so far.

  • TheAmerican
    • Merc1

      That’s the concept, it will be toned down some from that, but hopefully not too much.


    • Mike anonymous

      THANK YOU. People kept calling this vehicle a ‘concept’ (and yes I know it looks like one, but trust me when I say Lincoln has ‘phase 2’ plans to step their game up and this is the first vehicle to be introduce). After this will be the following (not redesigned or refreshed, but) completely new vehicles: (below)

      The Continental – (moving up-market to compete with the 5-7 Series BMW & S-Class, replacing the current generation Continental)
      The Zephyr – (Which will replace the MKZ, this is likely to be the first vehicle to follow the Aviator here).
      The MKC Replacement – (A new vehicle to replace the current generation MKC)
      The (next) Navigator – (This will be the last vehicle to be re-done as the current generation is relatively new so give it about 3 – 5 years to reach it’s next generation).
      With this you can expect a discontinuation of vehicles such as the MKT, & Nautilus/MKX (as sales may decrease due to the Aviator here coming onto the scene). That or they may redesign the Nautilus, but the MKT is on the way out.

      But this Aviator was never a concept, it was a pre-production preview (and Lincoln stressed this, but many people just ignored it,. even relatively professional news publications such as AutoGuide), hence why it looks almost exactly the same.

      • Merc1

        It’s all the same, call it whatever you want, it isn’t the full production car otherwise they would have said that too.


        • Mike anonymous

          Well not exactly. Consider it the same as the Acura RDX Preview & the RDX that came out a number of months afterwards (not even a full year just as it is with the Aviator).

          What they showed us was a pre-production unit. (Pre-production/preview is what they stated, which means “just about done” meaning the sheet metal shown on the preview, is the same sheet metal on the production unit, just about nothing changed unlike concept cars. On the other hand a concept is just conceptual) Quite different from a concept.

          They can’t legally call it a full production vehicle because they will have to make the mirrors road legal,.. and (specifically regarding this concept) that’s just about it. Wait until the reveal, you’ll see what I mean.

          • Merc1

            Do you just not understand that they haven’t shown the production vehicle yet?


          • Mike anonymous

            Yes, of course it’s not the ‘full production vehicle’, it’s a pre-production vehicle preview. But what they showed off was indeed not a concept. It was a pre-production preview. Meaning that what they showed us was a nearly completed production ready model.

            When they call it a ‘preview’ that essentially means it is almost done, but some aspects have not been completed yet (an incomplete production vehicle). By definition, and by what the people at Lincoln stated themselves,.. it was not a concept, never was. It was a pre-production preview. But if you don’t believe me, talk a look at what I said previously, and take a look at some of my other comments/posts here on this article and see for yourself.

            Again, just wait for the reveal. You’ll get what I am talking about.

  • lagunas3ca

    Pouring gasoline into the fire (General Motors). Love it.

  • Mike anonymous
    • JTL2017

      The production aviator has been spied today with little camo. Looks pretty much identical.

      • Mike anonymous

        I just saw the images. The grille in the spy photographs I believe is just there for testing. The real grille will be more similar to the shiny newly styled one featured on the concept (as you can kind of see it in the photograph above).


        • JTL2017

          I was wondering that. The head lights are slightly different as well. The brightened image you had up top has the concept headlights. It also appears to be slightly longer or maybe that’s just the image.

          • Mike anonymous

            No that’s just the image I have here (it’s normal sized in the other images). As for the headlights on the spy shots, it seems as though the they might have them blacked out (because it’s still the testing model). The dual headlights are there but they are turned off. The brightened photo is the full production model as the full-production mirrors are there.

            It might just be because it is a testing model.

            I wouldn’t not have come across these spy shots had you not mentioned that they had new ones of it today, so thank you JTL2017

          • Mike anonymous

            I tried brightening it up a bit and getting in closer to help out. The production variant does seem to have the new (shiny) metallic styled grille (not shown on the spy shots), and the headlights from the Pre-Production Preview shown earlier this year. I really can’t wait to see thing thing in the flesh, fully unveiled.


          • Nordschleife

            Maybe it looks slightly longer because of the paint. I know that white one wasn’t ready for prime time because it surely looks not as beautiful.

  • SpongeBob99Swell

    So far, like it!

  • ErnieB

    Will be one of the Best looking SUVs in it’s segment! Take that GM!

  • DMax

    This car is going to be a hit!

  • What an awesome SUV ever made by Lincoln!

  • Nordschleife

    This is a waste of a teaser because if you don’t look like the vehicle I used as a wallpaper last year you (lLincoln) and I are gonna fight.

  • MarketAndChurch

    I’m most anxious about the interior. I bet the base model will look very generic and uninspiring on the inside. Can’t wait to see the real thing this thursday.

    • Mike anonymous

      The production version will look just like the pre-production interior shown here. (As you can see all of the interior components are production components & seats). But this is what will be the “Black Label” model (as you can see from the side of seats). So I am not worried much about the interior.


      What I am worried about are the interior color options. Lincoln has been doing pretty well with their interior color choices lately. I will be happy so long as it does not come in the “All Black With (non matching) Dark Brown Wood” or worse,.. the “dark red and brown wood interior”. As long as they don’t bring those back, I think we’ll be good.

      • MarketAndChurch

        I couldn’t agree more. I can’t stand the orange/maple and black “thoroughbred” theme they do on the continental and mkz. I like when Rolls Royce does orange and black interiors, but Lincoln doesn’t have a nice enough interior and the talent to execute that kind of design to make orange and black look good.

  • rockyroad

    this makes the Nautilus look stupid.

  • Stigasawuswrecks

    I hope this car keeps the turned aluminum interior. My wife is looking to buy one and hopes it looks identical to the preview vehicle

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