Changan CS85 Coupe Crossover Looks Like The Lovechild Of A BMW X4 And A VW Touareg

Changan Auto has brought its new CS85 coupe crossover to this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, to highlight all of its premium features such as the leather-rich interior and modern on-board kit.

The CS85 is, of course, a China-only product, and will enter the market sometime early next year. Reports indicate that a plug-in hybrid version could also be in the cards, arriving after the two initial petrol variants.

Did the BMW X4 just have a baby with a Touareg?

This crossover’s styling, which we can analyze from all angles thanks to AutoHome and Bitauto, has very little in common with that of its platform sibling, the CS75, which is a more conventional-looking SUV. We could say that the design language used on the CS85 is quite similar to that of the BMW X4, something that’s evident not just from a lateral view, but also from a rear 3/4 angle.

Then you have the front end design, which looks a lot like what you’d find on a latest-generation VW Touareg, with that large V-shaped grille and the way it connects with the headlights.

Also, let’s not ignore the badge, which looks like an upside-down Acura emblem – although that’s a general thing, and not specific to the new CS85.

That interior doesn’t look half bad

Even though it’s obvious that cheap plastics are found in some areas throughout the cabin (such as the lower dashboard and at the tail end of the center console), we can also spot a lot of soft-touch surfaces, from the leather-wrapped door panels to the seats, center console and even the upper dashboard.

The overall design looks very VW Group-ish, and specifically, we’re thinking about Audi – especially with regards to that gearshift lever, and even the positioning of the infotainment and climate control screens, although the latter is hardly as big and intricate as what you’d find on an Audi Q8. It’s actually a very small rectangular display, surrounded by touch-sensitive and physical buttons.

Now, while we don’t know how good the software powering those systems is, the layout is very modern and we’re especially impressed by the fact that the CS85 features a 360-degree 3D camera, just like some of the industry’s most luxurious saloons and SUVs.

If rumors are correct, the CS85 Coupe will be priced from around 140,000 yuan ($20,000) and could go as high as 200,000 yuan ($29,000). Also, unless buyers are holding off for a plug-in hybrid variant, they will initially have to choose between either a 178 HP 1.5-liter turbo or a 233 HP 2.0-liter turbo, the latter mated to an 8-speed automatic.

As for its size, the CS85 is reportedly 4,720 mm (185.8 in) long, 1,845 mm (72.6 in) wide, stands 1,665 mm (65.5 in) tall and has a wheelbase of 2,705 mm (106.5 in). It is slightly smaller than a BMW X4 in all aspects, except for height.

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    I see Mitsubishi…

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    I see DS rims

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  • Vangelis Goulis

    The Chinese would just copy anything and everything, won’t they?? And there is nothing one can do about it,

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    Interior looks good tbh

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    The interior is more like latest Opels,not Audi….

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