Deer Flies Through Toyota RAV4’s Windshield And Lands In The Back Seat

In certain parts of the world, drivers don’t just have to look out for other motorists but also need to keep an eye on certain wild animals that can also do significant damage to their vehicles.

In parts of Michigan, deers can represent a significant hazard to motorists and as Melissa Misthal recently discovered, cause absolute carnage if hit.

While driving her Toyota RAV4 in Howell, Michigan a couple of days ago, Misthal was confronted with a deer running straight in front of her. Despite her best attempts to avoid the animal, she hit it while it was airborne.

The impact was so strong that the deer didn’t just break through the RAV4’s windshield but also wrecked a significant portion of the vehicle’s roof before flying into the rear seat. Unsurprisingly, the deer failed to survive the horrendous impact.

Despite witnessing a huge deer soar through the windshield of her vehicle, the driver was able to keep her cool and calmly pull over in the shoulder of the roadway.

While the Toyota is now a total write-off, Misthal was lucky not to be significantly injured in the carnage. If the deer flew through the windshield at a lower angle, it could have impacted the driver at high speed and caused serious injury.

Images Howell Township PD

  • charlotteharry57

    I swear these things are a menace to society. I’m tired of a family of 7 always pooping all over my front lawn. Neighbors have hit a few lately. Been lucky so far. The Toyota was a total write off in large part because the roof was toast AND it was ancient. Wonder what it would have been like in a current-model RAV4.

    • Sébastien

      It’s like saying the ocean is a menace to society because people drawn or boats sink… It’s nature: we’re the intruder

    • ksegg

      If you’re in Murica, do the American thing and machine gun them all to death.

      Then claim self defense and 2nd Amendment.

      Shit did I type this out loud.

  • Paul

    By the looks of that, she’s lucky she didn’t get killed.

  • benT

    Toyota RAV4’s driver found on nearby toilet.

  • ksegg

    Deer just needed a nap.

  • That’s not Michigan, it’s Howell Township, NJ. Check the plate on the police vehicle and the sign with the 732 area code.

    Source: I’m from NJ and recently totalled the bike shown on my profile pic from hitting and killing a deer. They are everywhere here.

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