Parking Attendant Allegedly Causes $20,000 Damages To Ferrari 458 Spider, Owner Sues

If you’re of the mindset that you should always park your own supercar, then perhaps reading about what happened to this Ferrari owner at a garage in New York will only serve to reinforce your beliefs.

The owner of the car, one 70-year old Mark Rosen from Manhattan, dropped off his blue $347,000 Ferrari 458 Spider at a Tribeca parking garage, only to get it back four hours later with its door bashed in and its side-view mirror gone.

According to the NY Post, the repair bill read a whooping $19,500, for which he is now suing City Parking LLC, located on the ground floor of his 56 Leonard St building. Rosen said that they initially agreed to pay for the damage, until they realized how much it would cost.

To make matters worse, the garage workers went as far as to refuse to show him where and how the incident took place, said the man.

“This is the reason we don’t want cars like yours in the garage,” a City Parking manager allegedly told Rosen on the day of the incident, to which he replied: “This is one of the most expensive, exclusive buildings in the city – what are people supposed to drive, Chevrolets?”

Rosen, a luxury car aficionado, had been living in that building for only a few months, having already paid the $800 monthly fee for a parking spot and more than $3,000 in tips.

“The car was in mint condition,” he said. “They smashed the entire side passenger door, ruined the door, and the entire passenger side mirror had to be replaced. Any of these cars get into an accident, the value goes through the floor.”

The lawsuit claims that the damage caused the value of his 2015 Ferrari to drop by $140,000. Rosen eventually sold the repaired vehicle with the help of a dealer, who gave him a $207,000 credit for the car.

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  • Mr. EP9

    If that’s true about the garage workers refusing to show him where and how the incident took place; then they obviously have something to hide.

    • brn

      That’s certainly suspicious.

  • robotlogic

    This is why I would never let a valet anywhere near my cars. That and they are usually short and never move my seat back for me. I’m NOT going to pay someone to abuse me with my own car.

  • Jay

    Park your own car.. you know things like this can happen. Also keep in mind that even when you park it on your own someone can come along and hit it while it’s parked. Install some cameras for peace of mind.

  • RysterARCEE

    So, it is beneath wealthy people to even fathom driving a Chevrolet?

    • LeStori

      Isn’t driving a Chevrolet beneath any intelligent person, let alone the wealthy ?

    • TheAmerican

      I’d love to see a Camaro ZL1 1Le or a ZR1 show him what’s what. Although he is talking about price.

  • Billy Lthr

    oh poor rich man. lol who cares, not me

  • ksegg

    Noob. I wouldn’t even drive a brand new Tata Nano into a public/private parking garage anywhere in NYC, because it WILL get damaged, and the parking garage WILL refuse to pay for damages.

    Ask me how I know.

    In short, NEVER PARK IN NYC.

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