Nissan 350Z ‘MaZerasche’ Can’t Decide Whether It Wants To Be A Maserati Or A Porsche

Meet the Nissan that became a Maser(a)sche. Or should we call it Porscherati? Any of the two would very accurately describe what’s going on with this car, which was made to look like two completely different products, depending on which end you were looking at.

This car started life as a Nissan 350Z. We can tell it’s not a 370Z just by looking at its B-pillar design, as well as the design of its shoulder line.

Now, aside from the Liberty Walk-like fender extensions, what really stands out here are the front and rear ends, where the former has been made to look like its from a Maserati GranTurismo, and the latter from a Porsche 911.

The images were posted on Reddit’s number one thread for bad car mods and to be honest, I’d disagree with this being categorized as a bad mod in any way, shape or form. Sure, it’s kind of ridiculous to have a Maserati front and a Porsche rear on your Nissan, but the execution is really good. Somebody definitely knew what they were doing.

One could also argue that if you parked this car at a great distance and asked somebody to identify its front or rear styling, they would almost certainly assume it’s either a wide-bodied GranTurismo or a 911.

Which end of this Nissan 350Z do you think looks best?


  • Ilbirs

    It remains to be studied the reasons why someone ruins a so well designed model like the 350Z.

  • Knarck

    Its aggressive looking- the 350z killed a GT and 911 so it wears their body parts as a trophy.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    It wants to die so badly…

    This is torture in 90 countries.

  • Six_Tymes

    ruined a 350Z for this mess? idiot with too much money

  • Rick Alexander

    I`m definitely feelin`it. With that said, I could do without the tacked on looking bodykit and the Maserati and Porsche badging. The execution looks to be of a high standard. They should consider offering that front end as an aftermarket option.

  • Randy Terpstra

    Japan, where anything goes, one has to go to extremes to stand out. I can’t see this as setting a trend, but that’s the point in such a mono-cultural society. It stands out and sets it-self apart from others.

    • Miknik

      I think I have seen comparable mash ups form Japan several times on various websites, it might be a (micro) trend after all; But otherwise you are absolutely correct, in Japan the crazier and weirder, the better…. And they don’t take these tuning cars serious, they do it for fun.

  • Matteo Tommasi

    This doesn’t look bad, great execution for sure. Just leaves you wondering why

  • Bo Hanan

    Regardless of what I think I give him props for having balls and executing on it.

  • Astonman

    I like it from the front.Looks a lot more cohesive. Someone has some talent.

  • MatTa Ddor

    GTA 5V real life

  • Tenzin Pelha

    It actually looks pretty good TBH.

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