Nissan’s Frontier Sentinel Concept Is A Rugged Rescue Truck With A Drone Landing Pad

The theme of this year’s São Paulo Motor Show is certainly trucks and Nissan didn’t disappoint as it unveiled the Frontier Sentinel concept.

Created by automaker’s Brazilian design team, the Frontier Sentinel is a rugged rescue truck that has been designed to respond to situations in remote locations.

Dressed in eye-catching Blue Thunder paint, the concept is ready for action as it has been equipped with a front skid plate, a winch and unique wheels that are wrapped in off-road tires. The truck also has extended fender flares, a snorkel and a custom roof topper with emergency lights.

The concept’s most distinctive feature is its custom rear bed which houses two battery packs sourced from a Nissan Leaf. The batteries can be used to power equipment and appliances in areas without electricity.

Besides housing the battery packs, the bed has a unique storage compartment with drawers that can easily be pulled out once the tailgate has been lowered. The compartments have been designed to accommodate rescue gear such as gloves, lanterns, helmets, axes and rope. Last but not least, the roof of the bed acts as a landing pad for a drone which accompanies the vehicle.

Interior changes are more modest as the concept has black leather seats with contrasting yellow accents. The yellow theme is continued elsewhere as Electric Yellow trim can be seen on the on the dashboard, center console and center stack.

Nissan didn’t mention performance specifications, but the model presumably has a 2.3-liter diesel engine that produces 157 hp (117 kW / 160 PS) or 187 hp (139 kW / 190 PS). It is connected to a seven-speed automatic transmission and a four-wheel drive system.


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  • salamOOn

    another navara offroad concept? will they finally make one? i like that drawer system/canopy monolith.

  • Zandit75

    So it’s the Navarra EnGuard concept with some minor updates.

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