Opel Rekord Imagined As A 21st Century Flagship

From 1953 until 1986, Opel had the Rekord in its ranks to challenge the European executive class of the era.

It was offered in different body styles, including coupe, convertible, saloon and station wagon, and was a common sight on Europe’s roads back then.

The Opel Rekord (along with the related, but slightly larger Senator) were eventually replaced by the Omega at the top of the brand’s range.

Developed together with General Motors, the Opel Omega won European Car of the Year in 1987, and remained in production until 2003, when the automaker pulled the plug on the second generation. The role of the brand’s flagship sedan was then taken over by the mid-sized Vectra, which eventually transformed into the Insignia that we all know today.

The latter was significantly updated last year and it’s being marketed as a Holden in Australia, and Buick in the Americas and Asia.

With regular car segments losing ground in favor of crossovers and SUVs, Opel, which has since moved under the roof of PSA, has no intention of developing a car larger than the Insignia. But a rendering artist, Luis Carlos Moreno, tried his best at imagining how such a model would look like, with the company’s current design language, a coupe-like profile, and a very sleek rear end.

The sporty shape of the digital modern Opel Rekord would allow it to become something of an Audi A7 and Mercedes-Benz CLS for the masses. So, hypothetically speaking, would this be something that you would be interested in?

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  • Liam Paul

    It’s nice but SUV and cuv’s are killing the sedan. I also think it would have had a better chance with GM , if GM still owned Opel because it could had been a Big Buick like a Roadmaster. Heck, maybe down the road, GM and Opel will see they still need each other in some capacity and work together on a big car

  • Howfarr

    I like it.
    Also would give Audi and BMW incentive to up their design game

  • StrangerGP

    It could be a cool model in Opel’s lineup, Arteon and Stinger are great looking cars.

  • cat

    Cool !!! please OPEL i want to se a new rekord sedan in the market!!!!

  • Toronado_II

    It could have been a great Buick Riviera !

  • Stefan Szabo

    Yes, definitely!

  • Sjaak

    and with a mighty powered Senator, Opel would have a glorious future.

  • Tumbi Mtika


  • And I found my new wallpaper. 😀
    Brilliant job, Luis!

  • Six_Tymes


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