Porsche Signs Multi-Year Deal With Fashion Brand Hugo Boss

Porsche and Hugo Boss have agreed to a partnership that will see the German fashion brand act as the official clothing partner to the entire Porsche Motorsport team worldwide, on the race track and in the workshop.

Their agreement also includes outfitting the upcoming Porsche Formula E team, which will kick start its electric race car journey in December of 2019 as a an official works outfit.

“Formula E is a highly attractive race series,” stated Porsche CEO, Oliver Blume. “It offers us the perfect environment to consistently further develop our vehicles in terms of efficiency and sustainability. We are looking forward to our debut in the series in the 2019/2020 season. The renowned fashion company Hugo Boss is a perfect partner for us as the team outfitter.”

The partnership will also cover other areas unrelated to motorsports. For example, Hugo Boss will build a ‘Porsche x BOSS’ collection for its stores, which is set to arrive in its online shop beginning with March next year.

“Hugo Boss and Porsche both stand for innovation and perfection,” said Hugo Boss CEO, Mark Langer. “We have already cooperated successfully in the area of motor sports over the course of recent years and decades. That is why I am delighted that our cooperation will now reach a new level with the future-oriented Formula E series.”

Porsche’s entry into Formula E comes at the expense of its Le Mans prototype program. Once on the grid, the automaker will go up against rivals such as Mercedes (also set to join), BMW and Audi.

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  • ksegg

    Okay? I have bunnies on my socks. Is that news too.

    • exeptor

      In a way.

      • ksegg

        I salute you, sir.

  • CC

    Hugo Boss equipping domineering Germans? They’re getting the band back together!

  • DMax

    You know who else Porsche and Hugo Boss partnered with? Hitler!

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