Wait, What? 2020 Corvette C8 Rumored To Cost $170,000!

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 is probably the most anticipated model in the nameplate’s 55-year history.

That’s because the C8 marks the first time in more than half a century that the Vette switches from a front-engine to a mid-ship layout.

So it will be a very different beast compared to the previous generations and the price will certainly reflect that. How expensive will the Corvette C8 be, then? Well, former Corvette engineers estimated a starting price between $70,000 and $100,000.

Think that’s too much? Well, how does $170,000 sound to you? Before you run to your medicine cabinet and reach for your heart pills, be aware that this is just a rumor that surfaced on the Corvette Forum.

It all started from a user called Zerv02. It’s the same member who claims to have seen the C8 Corvette’s interior with his own eyes. Here’s what he posted with regard to the price.

“$169,900 is a go. If you’re in the under 100k camp, you will be disappointed. Let the madness ensue.”

Truth be told, mid-engine layout or not, 170,000 dollars for a Corvette definitely sounds like a lot. Understandably, most forum members believe that can’t be true, given Corvette’s traditional status as a value-oriented sports car.

However, there are others that don’t necessarily see a problem with the price as long as it’s the range-topping version that will cost that much. You might recall that some reports claimed the Corvette C8 would offer an 800hp twin-turbo V8 assisted by a 200hp electric motor.

Now, $170k for a 1,000-hp Corvette certainly makes more sense — the 647-hp Ford GT costs almost half a million dollars and there’s a line to buy one. Can GM pull the same trick with the brand-new ‘Vette? We can’t wait to find out.

Renderings Copyright Carscoops / Josh Byrnes

  • Dr Bjorn K. Von Strangefingger

    Remains to be seen…but based on what we know now, I doubt I would choose this model over the others at this price point.

    • Christian

      Lol… More than an Audi R8…SURE… GET YOUR MONEY WORTH..

    • DMax

      But we essentially know nothing so far, everything is just rumors and speculation.

      • Iberian Rekluse

        I’m pretty sure that’s why he pointed out “remains to be seen” at the beginning of the comment.

  • Dude

    Assuming this is true (I don’t think it is; that’s 30k more than an R8) it suggests that this may be a model separate from the main Corvette line, and the front-engined line will continue

    • MonkeyRider

      Agree. If it’s over 100K then it should be a different name.

      • MarkoS

        Corvette Stingray, Corvette Zora.

  • Mr. EP9

    Rumors and speculation because off one guy from a Corvette forum. This just reeks of sensationalism and click bait.

    • Craig

      That was my thought too. Maybe someone needs glasses. Perhaps they confused the $ sign with the number 1.

  • RDS Alphard

    $170k is not that bad, consider 300hp Supra will be $60k.

    • MarkoS

      Not everything is about HP.

      • RDS Alphard

        tell that to bunch of 86 owners who complaint about lack of HP for a $25k car

        • Ryan50

          Wait that tiny little Toyota 86 is $25k?!!

  • lagunas3ca

    What, you think everyone is going to be driving around in a Corvette C8? That’s the Camaro.

  • MarkoS

    If even close to true this would probably mean that the C9 would be a proper successor to the C7 in layout and price and Corvette is now a sub-brand or will be its own brand.

  • john1168

    The title says “start’s from” $170k. I don’t believe this is the “starting price” as the base model is rumored to have the OHV 6.2L V8. No one is gonna pay that much for a pushrod engine powered super anything. To me, this almost sounds like someone overheard a conversation, understood the information incorrectly and posted it on the corvette blog site. I still think the starting price will be about $100k (give or take) and top out between $170k to $200k for the 1000hp hybrid setup.

    I personally, definitely think Corvette WILL BECOME a brand now starting with two models with additional, different models to follow. So they would have the C8 mid-engine, the C7 (or whatever they decide to call future versions) front engine, with some kind of performance SUV and some kind of performance sedan/hatch/sportback type vehicle appearing later in the near future.

    • Big Black Duck

      that actually makes a lot of sense..to have Corvette branch off as its own brand..it has enough heritage to do it…

    • Astonman


    • HardWir3d

      If that happens, that would be a brilliant idea.

  • Craig

    A $10,000 pair of socks doesn’t suddenly ‘make sense’ because there are $12,000 socks for sale. $170,000 for a Corvette – let alone most cars – is just silly. No comparison needed.

  • Juan Alvarez

    If I could afford to pay 170K for a vette, then I can afford to buy a Lambo. I’ll take the Lambo.

  • SJC

    This is nonsense !! No way they will price the Corvette that high , nobody will be able to buy it or want to buy it , I say 75k-110k based on options

  • karmat

    They should have just built it down to $85k base price and cancelled the front engine car to ensure they’ll sell lots of them. From there, they can add premium models that go all the way up past $150k. Disclaimer: I know nothing about marketing.

    • Scherpereel Clement

      nah, FR layout are cool, balance ance easier to work with. All those corvette owner that love to work under the hood, with a mid-engine car you need more tool, more space and more knowledge.

  • Wayne Dobbins

    Better tuck your jeans in your boots, it’s getting really deep around the ‘vette forums.

  • Meower69


  • StrangerGP

    This car will be a failure just like the NSX (well at least the NSX has decent looks).

  • makstone

    PLEASE stop with the clickbait!!We all know this is not true!

    • HardWir3d

      Is it not true? Just curious… has GM confirmed a FE Vette C8? We know they’ve been working on an ME one… 170k would be crazy as it’s a completely different demographic vs the current vette buyers.

  • Smith

    WOW … How can you take a car worth $50,000 max, and charge even $100,000 let alone $170,000. There are some really stupid car buyers out there.

    • Vassilis

      Maybe by making it worth 100k by using advanced chassis materials, fancy aero, tech etc.

    • Stephen G

      How do you know what it’s worth?

    • HardWir3d

      The Vette now maxes at 150… I do think base price should start at 75 though for an ME vette up to 175k for the ZR1.

  • OneBigBadMammaJamma

    $170K why so cheap?

  • Danny Boy

    No way did I ever think that youd be able to buy a mid engine Vette for 70k! Ever! And then continue to sell the C7 in that range? Doesn’t remotely make sense. 90k plus starting price for a mid engine beast!

  • Stephen G

    You guys keep forgetting that GM (along with the other manufacturers) is not in the car business…they are in the money business. Their goal is to extract as much money from any consumer they possibly can…and there is no money in selling cars to the (ever growing) poor population. If you want to keep top management in multiple multi-million homes, yachts and private jets you have to step up the game. Now, if they would offer 25 year car loans, there are probably enough dumb asses out there that would jump on that.

    • Jerry Hightower

      Or in other words, how much can we gouge the public for?

    • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

      Yes because all other car companies give their vehicles away or love making huge losses.

  • tony91

    Just to point out. The Corvette been around for 65 years not 55.

  • Craig

    Which is why I always said it should have been a Cadillac. Not as exotic sounding as a Lamborghini but more high-brow than a Chevy. Still too much money though – even with a Cadillac badge. The sad fact is…. you could literally build the the best car in the world but if the badge said YUGO you would struggle to find buyers.

  • Eric D

    If anyone even thinks of spending of $170k on a Vette then you deserve the reaming you get. I truly can’t imagine anyone being that stupid.

    • Annamarie

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    • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

      Being stupid would be commenting on the value of a vehicle before you know absolutely anything about it.

      • Eric D

        I would engage in a battle of wits however, you clearly are unarmed.

        • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

          Is that why you clearly cannot use the correct punctuation? I suspect your battle of wits would be as successful as your motoring knowledge. What you don’t know , could fill a warehouse. Delusional fool.

  • Terrill Spencer

    Let’s see if they can make up their own design and not mimic Ferrari’s like they did with the Berlinetta and the current vette and then this rendering favors the 488 that’s out….

  • Taco Bell

    Wait, What? Another stupid rumor that fuels a click-bait article? Must be about the mid-engine vette.

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