Semi Truck Pits Mazda3, Sends It Spinning Into Concrete Divider

One of the issues semi truck drivers need to deal with on a regular basis is that of poor visibility when it comes to spotting small passenger cars from certain angles.

Usually, this isn’t a problem as long as the truck driver doesn’t take his or her eyes off the road and continues scanning their surroundings. Other times, accidents happen precisely due to a lack of awareness, although whether or not that was the case here, we can’t know.

For example, if the semi driver wasn’t paying attention, that would definitely explain why they would just drive directly into that Mazda3. Also, while we can’t entirely rule out malicious intent – especially since weather wasn’t an issue (good visibility) and the Mazda appeared to simply mind its own lane up until the two vehicles made contact – the fact that the semi driver later pulls over kind of contradicts that notion.

The crash took place on I-40 in Nashville, Tennessee, on a patch of freeway that also happens to feature a carpool lane, which the semi was seemingly straddling. After the hit, the compact hatchback was sent spinning 180-degrees towards the concrete divider, which we hope didn’t cause any significant injuries to the driver and any potential passengers.


  • cooper

    How and why is the douch truck driver not in jail for attempted vehicular manslaughter ?

    • Jason Miller

      I doubt it was done on purpose, and he obviously stopped. Not a good enough angle for us to be making assumptions.

      • S3XY

        Are you serious? You can clearly see the mazda go into the truckers lane. It is the perfect angle

        • Paul

          Yeah I saw that too. The perfect angle to execute the PIT maneuver on yourself ha ha ha.

        • Knotmyrealname

          So truckers should use the fastest lanes?

    • S3XY

      Did you not just watch the video? The mazdumb veered into the truck drivers lane, clearly 0:12

      • DetrinKD

        No, if you look closely, there is another lane to the left of the lane that the Mazda was in. The truck drifts right out of far left lane and hits the Mazda. I thought the Mazda cut him off as well, but upon closer inspection, that wasn’t the case.

        • Paul

          The lane on the other side of the one the truck is in is the solid white striped median wall lane. The Mazda was at fault. There was nothing the truck driver could really do but give the Mazda the ride of its life.

          • Knotmyrealname

            ….Or the truck driver could have been on the far right lanes where he should be?????

      • europeon

        Not to mention the Mazda was in a blind spot for the truck driver.

  • DetrinKD

    Could have been dozing off at the wheel… or on the phone. But it doesn’t look like it was done intentionally and drifted over the line.

    • brn

      Deleting my post after watching it again.

  • KareKakk

    Nothing’s like a cute sneeze to round off a video!

  • I don’t play around semis, I always get away from them as fast as I can to avoid such, wrong or right

  • You’reallmorons

    At the end of the day the truck hit the Mazda end of story.

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