See The 2020 Mid-Engine Corvette C8 Alongside The Current C7

Chevrolet engineers and drivers have been really busy for the last two weeks testing the mid-engined Chevrolet Corvette C8 at the Nürburgring.

While we’ve shown you plenty of spy pictures of the next-generation Corvette so far, we thought you might want to take a look at how the mid-engine model looks like alongside the current C7 generation. The two cars were spotted driving together, providing a good opportunity for a real-life visual comparison.

The difference in proportions is clear, giving a strong indication of where the engine is located. While the C7 has a long hood and a cabin that mostly occupies the rear half of the vehicle, the C8 is a totally different beast. If we didn’t know there was a Corvette under that camouflage foil, we’d bet our money on it being an Italian supercar.

The hood is much shorter and, consequently, the cab is brought forward compared to the C7. Also, the massive side air intakes located behind the doors represent another departure from the front-engine Corvettes we’re used to.

We’re dying to see what the mid-engine Corvette looks without the full body wrap, and we assume you are too. Chances are we’ll get to see it in all its uncensored glory sometime next year — possibly at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

According to reports, at the heart of the C8 Corvette will be an upgraded version of the 6.2-liter LT1 V8 delivering around 500 horsepower. However, rumor has it Chevrolet will also offer a new flat-plane crank V8 in both naturally aspirated and twin-turbo versions, with 600 hp and 800 hp, respectively.

There are also rumors about Chevy adding a front-mounted 200-hp electric motor to the aforementioned twin-turbo V8 for a total of 1,000 hp and all-wheel drive. Regardless of the engine fitted to the C8 prototypes spied at the Nürburgring, they do go like crazy: just check out the gallery to see the mid-engine Vette in full-attack mode.

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Photo credits: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for CarScoops

  • john1168

    The new C8 looks great! And this is the base model! It may be the equivalent to todays Z51. I do hate that rear spoiler/wing though. It is very functional but it looks really weird. I am really looking forward to the versions with active aero!

  • J-Triumf

    Even with all that camoflage I can already tell the C8 is a huge improvement style/shape-wise. I mean I already love the C7’s looks, but the more balanced cab-forward proportions created by the rear-mid layout give the C8 a much better looking profile. I wish we could kill this old notion that cars “need” a ridiculously long front to be considered stylish or sporty, regardless of where the engine is placed.

  • Rzrlf

    The most disturbing part of these images are the people who tuck their tshirts into their jeans

  • ErnieB

    Don’t care about what the haters think.. this C8 will be a really nice looking redneck Ferrari and I am okay with’s looks nice! I think it’s what the nsx should have been..

    • Mark Seven-Ultranine

      I don’t understand why someone like myself who prefers the look of the C7 has to be viewed as a “hater.” I own a 2016 Z51 Stingray. I still shake my head and say “Damn!” every time I walk up to it. I’m sure the C8 will be a tremendous car but it does have a Ferrari shape, no question. I wish it looked like the Apollo IE!

      • ErnieB

        Do doubt the C7 is striking.. every time I see one I say the same.. Damn! And I think when we see the C8 we will all gawk at it like little kids. C7 is my favorite modern corvette and aging very well!


  • Kagan

    reminds a bit of the old NSX

    • ErnieB

      Was thinking the same.. it’s what the new nsx should have looked like!

  • Bo Hanan

    Anyone who believes the images with the 2 cars wasn’t staged (by GM) is fooling themselves.

  • SteersUright

    Spoiler looks cheesy and does not flow well with the rest of the car. Looks tacked on. The front looks way too busy, reminds of an NSX when they got rid of the pop-up headlights and it went a bit frog-eyed. Rear also look too flat and angular. Not loving what Im seeing so far.

  • Astonman

    Here’s a render I saw weeks before they showed the camouflaged version of this car. Before it was heavily disguised and then I saw this and I was thinking no – the side intakes won’t be like that.. but lo and behold. Geez i’ve been trying to post this for a couple of weeks now and Disquss finally let me. It looks close very close and I like it!

  • Six_Tymes

    Cant wait to see full video reviews of this, its awesome so far.

  • john1168

    I’m gonna make a prediction here… The base C8 will have the flat plane quad cam normally aspirated engine and then upper models will have the twin turbo and hybrid setups of that engine. The C7 will have a hotter version of the current 6.2L starting with maybe 500HP and up from there with supercharging. I say this because a lot of people out there think the C8 will start with the OHV 6.2 V8 but I don’t think so. This C8 going around the track in the latest videos has a bit of that flat plane sound in the exhaust and there’s no turbo or supercharger sounds.

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