2019 Audi A1 Gets Everything Right – With A Couple Of Exceptions

Audi claims the new generation A1 has been inspired by motorsport. More particularly, by the Audi Quattro – but that’s mostly marketing talk that’s supposed to capitalize on the racer’s iconic status.

While the exterior may have some cues from the legendary Quattro, the interior follows Audi’s modern design language. Customers get a dashboard angled towards the driver – along with some hard, and easy to scratch, hard plastics.

But the good news is that even the most basic model benefits from plenty of gear. As far as safety is concerned, it comes standard with Lane Departure Warning and speed limiter. It also gets LED front and rear lights, and 15-inch alloys, as well as the MMI Radio Plus with 8.8-inch touchscreen in the UK.

In the back, users will find good headroom and a decent amount of legroom. Also, the boot is more spacious than before.

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The 2019 A1 is a rather comfortable cruiser, with very little engine and road noise coming into the cockpit at highway speeds. It’s fairly decent at absorbing bumps in the road, and the ride can become even more relaxing with the optional adjustable dampers.

CarBuyer recently drove the second-gen Audi A1 and found it to be a vast improvement over its predecessor, yet less engaging than the MINI. So, is it really worth the premium over the more affordable Volkswagen Polo in this case? Let’s find out.


  • driv3r

    It really gets absurd with the design taking cues from the original Audi quattro as the new A1 won’t feature either a quattro option or a S1 version. Plus: The tech got upgraded but they saved the money on the interior material quality especially the very cheap looking hard plastics on the doors are a down grade from the predecessor. Additionally the Seat Ibiza looks good inside and out as well so for me its harder to truly see the point of the A1 in its second generation. Sorry Audi.

    • designer_dick

      The only advantages the A1 has over the Ibiza are the Audi badge and the snob value associated with it. For the vastly inflated purchase price (a basic A1 SE costs more than a top of the tree Ibiza in Xcellence Lux trim) it isn’t any better looking – with some people arguing it’s a less attractive car overall, it doesn’t have any more technology, and it doesn’t have as much interior or boot space.

      It really is hard to see the point of the A1. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bca320ac1994ef9ba817c9ec55a5006de60f42ac8d91f60220148b2e53669705.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3985f481a8210ebfc96bf63f69fc17230d354c7a1f62ff5437a39fe0c20db1ab.jpg

      • Six Thousand Times

        Plus a smaller blindspot.

      • Miknik

        Looks better. Base model costs little more than half; Has a hard plastic interior, but so does the A1 now with it#s new gen, so not less premium; Can have a digital cockpit as well, touchscreen has teh identical connectivity options, plus (nearly) all other options as well;

        Personally I’d say it looks much sharper and cleaner than the Audi, with way less fake vents.

        Really absolutely no point in not buying the Ibiza instead;

    • Miknik

      Also IO fail to see any design connection between this and the old Quattro; Sorry, but that is IMO pure PR bullshit.

  • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

    What would be the point in buying one of these over the extremely similar Volkswagen Polo? Badge snobbery? Volkswagen Group seems keen to attempting to turn itself into British Leyland. Their badge-engineered range are becoming as dull as dishwater.

  • erly5

    I was thinking it doesn’t look that great with those small 15” wheels only to find out in the video that they are in fact 17”. It will look hideous with the smallest wheels.

    • Matthijs

      It’s actually 16″. Just check the online configurator

      • erly5

        That explains it. Thought they looked a bit small!

  • sidewaysspin

    Gets everything right except the way it looks.

  • MG force.

    A1 is a skoda fabia as a design.

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