Man Shockingly Pushes Stranger In Front Of Moving Truck, Driver Saves The Day

A surveillance camera recorded a horrifying event in downtown Los Angeles on December 5.

A man, later identified as a 41-year-old homeless person, is seen sitting on a bench on West Sixth Street near South Broadway. As a woman passed him by he made a sudden move as if he wanted to attack or scare her. Fortunately for the woman, that was all he did.

As she disappears from the area covered by the camera, we see a man coming from the opposite direction towards the homeless person. Suddenly, the hooded man stood up and pushed the passing pedestrian into the street, right in front of a moving box truck.

Despite the driver’s phenomenal reaction speed, the vehicle did hit the pedestrian, causing him serious injuries. However, it’s safe to say that the driver’s awareness saved that man’s life. If he had stomped on the brakes a split-second later, the truck would have probably run over the unfortunate man.

Looking carefully at the footage we can notice another disturbing detail. As the victim got pushed in front of the vehicle, he dropped an object that the aggressor quickly picked up. It later turned out it was a bracelet. Was this all for a bracelet?

Probably not, because as it turns out, the homeless man allegedly tackled a woman to the ground a day before and punched another woman at a bus stop several hours after he threw the man in front of the truck.Police arrested him shortly after the third incident. According to the prosecutors, the attacks appeared to be random and unprovoked.

If found guilty, the aggressor faces a possible maximum sentence of life in state prison. The bail has been set at $1.09 million as he was deemed a dangerous individual. As for the victim, he is in critical condition in the intensive care unit with multiple broken bones, collapsed lungs and open wounds. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help him pay for treatment.

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  • дапвт

    A case where death penalty is required.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Some humans are not made for society. The sooner we get it, the better.

  • Matthijs

    On liveleak or bestgore are video’s with a less happy ending 🙁 so many crazy people in the world

    • OdysseyTag

      Don’t give anyone ideas mate – ughhh!

  • Craig

    Not everyone’s death will diminish me. There are BILLIONS of humans on earth. We can afford to annihilate a few of them.

    • MIL1234

      hybrids empty shells
      they ll be gone soon

      • Craig

        Not soon enough for me. The Bible talks about ’empty vessels’. I wonder if that’s what creatures like this are.

        • Loquacious Borborygmus

          NOTHING justifies what the person did here and he should be punished severely.
          However, to walk a mile in another person’s shoes.

          • Craig

            I always try to consider the paths that people have been on – by choice and/or by circumstance – in an attempt to understand them. [Walk a mile in their shoes – in other words] But the fact remains.. there are SO many people in this world. So many in fact that we have no choice but to pick and choose who is most worthy of our time, our understanding, our compassion, our love AND our help. And even though it could be argued that ALL people are deserving of those things – we have to start somewhere. And I say – we must always start at the top. Help those MOST deserving. Sadly – some people – by what they DO – put themselves down near the bottom of a very long list. And some – by what they DO – prove themselves to be completely unworthy. There are always REASONS WHY people do what they do – but a reason is not always an excuse. “I have been mistreated and abused. I have had a horrible life!”, is NOT an excuse to BE horrible.

          • Loquacious Borborygmus

            And who is the arbiter?
            I seem to remember someone else thinking that certain types of people needed to be eliminated.
            That worked out well…

          • Craig

            Gassing Jews, homosexuals and the lame [among others] is not the same as killing people who have themselves killed. Not the same thing at all. Would you have protested against hanging Hitler?

          • Loquacious Borborygmus

            If killing is wrong in the first instance, do you believe that two wrongs make a right?

          • Craig

            Canada has 36,000,000 people. YOU could take an AX and chop ALL of them to DEATH. And IN Canada – the worst penalty you could receive [legally speaking] is LIFE in prison with no change of parole for 25 years. Who would be running that prison – let alone drive you there OR even sentence you to life – who knows. YOU KILLED THEM ALL. REMEMBER?!. All of which I think is ridiculous. If there is no crime worthy of losing your life then life itself has little value. And that is why I am in favor of capital punish. And that’s why 58% of Canadians are in favor of capital punishment. I understand your ‘why isn’t killing ALWAYS wrong’ argument. I just don’t agree with it. I don’t think it’s always wrong. Was it wrong to declare war against Germany? Was it wrong to kill German soldiers? No. Killing them was justified. It was the RIGHT thing to do. And it became the right thing to do because it was in direct response to an incredibly WRONG thing. In order to have respect for life – you have to know that the penalty for NOT having respect might cost you YOUR life.

          • Loquacious Borborygmus

            I guess my issue is individuals (should it be?) and can see validity in the death penalty of a mass murderer/génocidaire.
            I know that one life is just as important as the other and I don’t know how many deaths I would consider worthy of the punishment.

          • Craig

            A perfectly valid and understandable quandary.

  • Bash

    OMG, that is disturbing!

  • Mike anonymous

    Originally I came to this article to comment on why specifically security cameras are such low quality (even relatively new ones), you would think that they could make a much high resolution camera to pick up on criminals and such. (This whole situation could have been avoided) if security cameras maybe just had a better resolution.

    Before coming here that was my comment…. yeah. It’s just sad to see a low regard for human life. I understand what the homeless man may have done was NOT ok, but there are other ways to deal with this then pushing someone in front of a truck (to be crushed) in public.

  • ace_9

    It was maybe not entirely intentional and I’m usually not for harsh punishments, but in this case even I agree with others in this discussion… This person is dangerous and probably not bringing absolutely anything positive to society, so…

  • Navy – Lincoln ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    What a coward!

  • SteersUright

    I respect California’s idea on human rights and thus its exceptional policies towards homeless. However, when your sidewalks are covered in human poo and homeless people are acting out in violent ways, its high time to revisit the details within your legislation.

    • Momogg

      You are welcome in Paris. 😬

    • Gelsomino Pasqualino

      I don’t respect the fact that transfer of wealth in this country has reached the point were we will soon have only the Rich, the poor and the very poor. The latter two communities will be unable to get basic needs met, including mental health treatment. So we are doing this to ourselves so that a couple of hundred thousand individuals can live lives of complete luxury as they direct what the government should do for them next.

  • Paul

    Society needs to rid itself of people like this.

    • designer_dick

      No, society needs to stop creating people like this.

  • Bob White

    Thought it was Russia but these days US is the same thing…

  • kachuks

    Two shots to the liver is all that waste of oxygen deserves.

  • Thunderbolt

    Only in L.A. where a guy kept on walking with his cell phone as if nothing happened.

  • Thunderbolt

    Do you people read any more now a day?

  • john1168

    This happens sometimes on the NY subway system where someone gets pushed in front of a train. Usually the person doing the pushing is mentally disabled. I’m glad they caught the guy and I’m more glad the pushee is going to be ok.

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