2020 Corvette Said To Debut In Summer 2019 At Standalone Event, Could Start At Just Under $70k

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 will easily be one of 2019’s most important car debuts and the huge anticipation for this model also means there’s an abundance of daily reports about it.

Not all are worth mentioning, obviously, but a new one brings fresh information about the mid-engine Corvette’s launch date. While the Detroit Auto Show is out of the question, a debut at the New York Auto Show in April seems unlikely as well.

That’s because a recent report said the Corvette C8 would be delayed six months for issues with its rumored 48-volt electrical system. So when is GM going to launch the mid-engine Vette, then?

Well, GM Authority claims the answer to the question is summer 2019. Citing “sources close to the matter,” the publication says the most revolutionary Corvette ever will debut next summer, perhaps May at the earliest. Furthermore, the 2020 Corvette will not have its premiere at a major auto show but during a standalone reveal event.

Assuming the report is accurate, that’s pretty good news for Corvette enthusiasts as it means the C8 will still launch as a 2020 model. In related news, former GM vice chairman Bob Lutz has given his opinion about the mid-engine Corvette’s pricing.

Bob Lutz estimates the C8 would cost about $5,000 more than C7, version for version

In his “Ask Bob” column on Road and Track’s December 2018/January 2019 issue seen by the MidEngineCorvetteForum, Bob Lutz said that “the goal is to sell the C8, version for version, at a little more than the C7.” Three months ago, Lutz said on Autoline that the C8 would cost about $5,000 more than a C7.

That would mean the mid-engine Vette could start at just under $70,000 — a far cry from earlier rumors that indicated a starting MSRP of $169,900. We don’t know how much Bob Lutz knows about the Corvette C8, but odds are he has a lot more information than most journalists and fans.

He also wrote that “Chevrolet is keenly aware of its desired price range” and that the goal, “as always with the Corvette, is to equal or beat exotics costing many times more.” Encouragingly, he concluded his segment with the words “it will be the best value on the planet.”

Obviously, the high-performance variants of the Corvette C8 will be priced much higher than entry-level models. Lutz estimates the range-topping models will arrive two to three years after the base C8 and will cost “more than $100,000, just like today’s phenomenal ZR1.”

On that bombshell, we leave you with three fresh speculative renderings courtesy of ACS Composite and bdsvavars/MidEngineCorvetteForum.

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  • Bo Hanan

    If the new Corvette looks like the blue car I’m on board!

    • ErnieB

      Me too.. and at around $70? Holy hell!!

      • gbmike25

        +1 … looks awesome

  • ErnieB

    If this thing looks like the blue one and priced at around $70k then it will be deserving of car of the year when it comes out. Daummmn I am in love!

  • charlotteharry57

    Please do me a favor and don’t hold your breath on either pricing (more like $100K) or debut date.

    • ErnieB

      A Porsche is mid engine and can be had for $90k, I assume this will be under that so $70k sounds just about right for the “poor man’s” mid engine sports car..

      • Matteo Tommasi

        The 991 base is around 380 hp tho

        • ErnieB

          But this is the bang for the buck car.. a car that delivers great performance and looks expensive at a price your uppper middle class mid life crisis dude can afford..

      • Nick099

        911 is rear-engined not mid-engined.

        • ErnieB

          Lol.. you are right about that

          • Mr. Crankypants

            The Boxster & Cayman are mid-engine and start in the $60’s.

        • TheAmerican

          Basically the same thing though

          • Nick099

            Try telling that to a 911 aficionado.

            You’ll be in for a rough night…lol.

      • Nick099

        I agree. this new vette is going to be a serious contender.

        Mid-engined and a v-8 for around $70k with easy service and great durability.
        It’s a winner.

        i owned a C-6 for 10 years. Drove it is all sorts of weather. Cost me virtually nothing to drive and it was fun….lots of fun.

        Better yet, bought it new at the right time and got a great price.

  • JBsC6

    DRAGGIng out the official release is getting annoying and i ve bought three new corvettes. I presently drive a purchased new 128k mile ls3 lightly modded 450 hp m6 z51..

    Its been an awesome daily that for the winter months has a set of snow tires on it.

    THis corvette has been utterly reliable and an excellent ownership experience.

    I was planning a c8 z51 mrc dct npp 1LT if they ever officially release it unless I get totally annoyed and buy a jaguar f tyoe v8 and call it a day.

    POrsche already showed its official release of the 992 for 2020 and its being reported on…not bad either

  • ksegg

    Haha I call BS. No way they’re pricing it at $70K.

    • ErnieB

      I can see it happening .. just because it looks like a $100k car doesn’t mean it will cost that much.. I have faith.. or maybe it’s just wishful thinking. Anyhow, that blue rendering sure looks nice!

    • Nick099


      GM is able to do so because much of the underpinnings of the corvette are shared across the company. The engine, the trans, the electrics, etc.

      Few companies have the same power.

      • ErnieB


      • ksegg

        Sure, but I suspect GM is also going to adopt “Porsche Pricing” aka, a base C8 that will theoretically start at $70K (if you spec and order it) will suddenly cost $85K if you add one or two basic options, not including tax, title, license.

        And most people who buy this will buy off the lot, which means dealers will option the crap out of them, easily bypassing the $70K mark.

        I realistically see a lightly optioned C8 being around the $85-90K mark, a mid spec C8 being in the $100-115K mark, and future Z06 and ZR1’s easily being in the $150K mark.

        This is like saying you can buy a base Porsche Cayman or Boxster for $60K.

        While that IS the MSRP, it just doesn’t happen realistically.

  • Blade t

    If it’s priced at 70k , it’s gonna sell like hotcakes.

  • no25

    What’s the worst dragged out release: this? Or the Supra? IMO I say this because at least the Supra looks decent. This looks so dated already.

    • ErnieB

      But the Supra will be smoked by this on the track.. and honestly the Supra is not very nice looking either..if in fact the c8 starts at around $70k, for the price this car is twice as much car. The Supra still looks and sounds like a stubby Japanese ricer. At least this looks like a supercar.

      • no25

        FFS IM NOT COMPARING THE TWO CARS. Geez. I am comparing the fact that they were both dragged out with their releases. The Supra is a much more anticipated car and better looking – making the wait worth more than the C8. stg I wish people could learn to read a comment properly.

        • Chris Krajnik

          I didn’t know the Supra has been a wanted car since the 60’s. Supra much more anticipated? I think not.

        • ErnieB

          Fair enough, but I think if this c8 looks anything like the blue and it cost just shy of $70k, then I’d would put this as pretty highly anticipated.. also, technically this whole c8 thing is pretty recent unlike the Supra that’s been dragged for years.

          In terms of comparing looks imo both look nice. But the c8 looks way more supercar-like and will have more performance for about the same estimated cost— this is assuming what we’ve learned about pricing and specs is true.

        • javier

          dude you just said you werent comparing them and then one sentence later you do just that

    • eb110americana

      The C7 came out only 5 years ago. The ZR1 variant just landed as a 2019 model. And Chevrolet hasn’t released a single teaser or concept for the C8. Everything seen has been spyshots of development mules and speculative renders while GM engineers an advanced next generation, mid-engine Corvette internally.

      There has been no Supra for 16 years. The Toyota FT-1 concept debuted 5 years ago. It was followed by the GR Supra Racing Concept this last year, and myriad teasers from Toyota.

      I am not sold on a number of styling elements of the C8, such as the rear wing and taillights, but I suspect it will look better in production guise. The Supra has the narrow proportions of the Z4, made worse by terrible styling elements that serve to make it look even narrower and especially lumpy, with slits cut into panels as “styling elements.” In short, we’ve seen enough to know that the Supra will be exceptionally ugly–and I say that, being a big fan of the FR-S/GT86 and the 4th gen Supra.

      Even leaving subjective elements like styling out of it, I think the Supra wins “the worst dragged out release” by a landslide.

      • ErnieB

        Exactly my thought!!!

    • javier

      supra looks like a$$

  • StrangerGP

    Chevy should offer the cars in darker colors like blue from the first vision. It will make a better job at hiding its ugliness.

  • JL T0x

    A base rear-engine could cost $70k-$80k & RWD & have a version of GM’s TT-V6 or more likely a base V8. GM has plenty of engine options.

    An AWD TT-V8 version will be absolutely bonkers!

  • Emoto

    That blue rendering is REALLY nice. Damn it! LOL…

  • ErnieB
    • donald seymour

      Bro, where did you get this pic?

      • ErnieB


    • john1168

      A test mule.

    • MarketAndChurch

      gorgeous, those proportions are not as bad as some of the renderings have been.

  • Bobby Tucker

    At this point, I can’t say I like it better than the C-7. I’m not ready for a mid-engine car yet.

    • brn

      Agree. I’m preferring current reality over this rendition

  • john1168

    A lot of wildly different rumors regarding price on the C8. I tend to believe this rumor as being closer to the truth. I DON’T believe it will start at $170k. Although it may not start at $70k, I DO believe it will be in the ballpark of that starting price. One thing to keep in mind is that, like the car or not, “Corvette” has ALWAYS been about value and bang for the buck. It’s, for the most part, an attainable high performance car for the masses (relatively speaking of course). GM knows this and I’m sure will want to maintain this philosophy. They’re not gonna give the car away but I do believe the car will be a mind blowing value. The base car is rumored to have the pushrod 6.2L LT1 550hp V8. That will be the $70k model. Add options to that and you’re probably looking at maybe $95k-ish for a fully loaded LT1 (think Z51). ALL C8’s will have a DCT transmission. Add the new DOHC motor with NO turbos, maybe 600hp…price increase. Add two turbo’s to that, 800hp…price increase. Add hybrid setup with AWD, 1000hp…HUGE price increase. Add the active aero, price increase. Add a folding top convertible to make it a spyder, price increase. I’ve read there will be a touring version and a version to hit the track. So I’m guessing everyone gets the touring version and the track set up is mo money. I’m HOPING that the 800hp DOHC twin turbo with RWD is in the neighborhood of $160k-ish with the 1000hp AWD hybrid toping out around maybe $200k. And the spyder version of that, maybe $210k+. Of course I could be totally wrong but that’s my theory.

    • ErnieB

      $160k for hypercar performance .. damn!

      • john1168

        If I’m correct….yup. We’ll see:) That would totally kick ass!

  • Astonman

    The blue rendering looks like what they would do to a ZO6 version. Looks aggressive! Me like!

    • ErnieB

      I was thinking the same..

  • Craig

    Still not impressed. And those doors. Can you imagine opening them up – even in a garage? You would need a lot of room to spare.

  • cbATL

    This car makes my “front” hurt…in a good way!

  • TheDatanator

    In general, I like it. But I can’t NOT see a little Mclaren in the front end. Not necessarily a bad thing. Would I buy it? It depends. I need to see the interior and see how well it is sorted out. I’ve never been smitten with any GM interior and I fear this will be where they dropped the ball. We’ll see, I guess…

  • Six_Tymes

    WHOA, that blue render looks amazing. who designed that!?

  • GobbleUp


  • ejd1984

    June 30, 2019 at the Corvette Museum would be prefect.

    The first generation of Corvette was introduced late in the 1953 model year. Originally designed as a show car for the 1953 Motorama display at the New York Auto Show, it generated enough interest to induce GM to make a production version to sell to the public. First production was on June 30, 1953.

  • Leonard

    Now that we’ve all seen the official release of the new C8, I encourage all to compare this early (pre-release) rendering to that of the officially released C8 pictures. I believe this “is” the new C8 Z06. look closely, its the same car with slightly wider rear quarters, and different nose section which would be (bolt on) How is it that on this rendering the body lines and seams match up perfectly with the real deal? Besides doesn’t this look like an official GM rendering?

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