Aston Martin Valkyrie V12 Engine Debuts With 1000 HP

After months of teasing, Aston Martin has finally confirmed the Valkyrie’s naturally-aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine will produce a staggering 1,000 hp (745 kW / 1,013 PS).

Jointly developed with Cosworth, the V12 is being billed as the “ultimate expression of the internal combustion engine.” It’s hard to argue with that sentiment as the engine revs to a ridiculous 11,100 RPM and develops 153.8 hp (114.7 kW / 155.9 PS) per liter. Those are some pretty impressive numbers, but the engine is surprisingly light on torque as it peaks at 545 lb-ft (740 Nm).

Of course, those specifications don’t tell the whole story as the Valkyrie will be “further boosted by a battery hybrid system.” Aston Martin is keeping details under wraps, but previous reports have suggested the model will have a combined output of 1,130 hp (842 kW / 1,145 PS).

Getting back to the engine itself, Aston Martin says it features titanium conrods, a billet machined crankshaft and F1-spec pistons. The engine has also been designed to extremely tight tolerances and all components have been optimized for “minimum mass and maximum strength.” As a result of this focus, the engine only weighs 454 lbs (206 kg).

Despite the extreme performance, Aston Martin says the V12 has been able to hit all its targets for emissions compliance and durability.

According to Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer, “Despite the apparently insurmountable challenges it presented, there was never any question that the Aston Martin Valkyrie would make do with anything less [than a V12 engine]. From the outset, the team at Cosworth were unflinching in their commitment to achieving benchmarks which pushed the boundaries of the possible.” Palmer went on to say the engine is “extraordinary” and one that “I doubt will ever be surpassed.”


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