First 2019 BMW 3-Series Reviews Are Out (Plus 300+ Photos)

The BMW 3-Series is one of the brand’s most iconic models and the company graced us with an all-new version earlier this year.

Looking like a shrunken down 5-Series, the 2019 3-Series is longer and wider than its predecessor and now features the longest wheelbase in its class. While the extra room will certainly be welcomed by backseat passengers, can the all-new model live up to its reputation of being the ultimate driving machine?

The embargoes have finally been lifted on the first drives of the sedan and we’re starting to get an idea of how the car stacks up. Autocar took a spin in a couple of different models and came away pretty impressed with the company’s new four-cylinder diesel engine, although they contend it sounds a “little bit gruff at times.”

When it comes to ride and handling, the publication says the car is “spot on” as the handling has improved over its predecessor. However, the ride quality seems to suffer a bit as the car is firm but never too harsh.

The interior also impresses as BMW paid attention to the details and used high quality materials and modern technology. As a result, the 3-Series now has a cabin that’s competitive with the Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class.

The review then switches to the M340i which is praised for having great handling and a powerful six-cylinder engine. Even the optional all-wheel drive system doesn’t spoil the fun as it’s rear-biased and allows the tail to swing out with relative ease.

The 2019 BMW 3-Series will go on sale in the United States in March and pricing starts at $40,250. The M340i will arrive in the summer with a base price of $54,000.

In America, the base model is the 330i which has a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder that produces 255 hp (190 kW / 258 PS) and 295 lb-ft (399 Nm) of torque. The M340i, on the other hand, has a turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine with 382 hp (284 kW / 387 PS) and 369 lb-ft (499 Nm) of torque.


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  • john1168

    It’s a diesel. Of course it sounds gruff…

  • Bo Hanan

    300 pictures for a Lexus/Mercedes design rip off.Oh how the mighty have fallen at BMW.

  • SteersUright

    Very impressive full size sedan, but no 3-series in the sense of it’s history. Its a 2020 Lexus GS, in so many ways, should one have been produced. I’m a fan, but also sad that they couldn’t just make this the new 5-series and maintain the ethos of the original 3-series along with everything that made it so great. Anyhow, the smart move with any of these BMW’s is to get one 3 years old at 50% off.

    • Matt

      What car hasn’t grown each generation? Bit of a moot point really.

    • Cobrajet

      It’s a late 60s American Compact.

  • Dude

    That’s more pictures than anyone needs

    • PK

      it’s bmw.

  • chuck2

    ah, the only thing that looks much better (or Runs much better) than my 13IS is a lowered (&modded) F80 . And Ill wait 3 more years to replace my e92 for that.


    • Six_Tymes

      But is has “Twin POWER Turbo” and not just regular twin turbo.



  • B.Stokes

    Exterior design is so busy. Wish they took ques from the interior because it’s simple, clean, and appealing. The exterior is a mess. Hopefully they’ll get it right with the LCI version.

    • Bo Hanan

      It actually looks like a Chinese knock off of a 3 Series.

      • B.Stokes

        Haha. It does!

  • Mr. EP9

    We didn’t need 300 photos of this monstrosity. Now if it was 300 photos of the best looking and best performing BMW’s then that would be okay.

  • Axiom Ethos

    How fanatical are you to post so many photo’s of this hot garbage of a bimmer, with many of them the same thing just in another color. Sleek curves but then odd creases and zigzag headlamps. BMW designers failed on this one. I’ll be getting the sexy Model 3 instead of this abomination.

    • Pavel B.

      Just saw a model 3 the other day. Looks like an 8 year old Mazda 3.

  • GobbleUp

    Ugh, exterior is just trash. Looks like 80’s meets mercy and some other bad design ideas. Total miss, much like the current M3/4 with its poor sound.


  • Six_Tymes

    eh, a bit busy on the outside for my tastes, but maybe it’ll grow on me. I do love the interior, that is spot on.

  • from the back, it’s pretty for a lexus.

  • Giuliano Anzuini

    Ha ha ha…. Peugeot style headlights

    • Yilmaz Yasar

      You wrong. look at old BMW (e46 facelift) always have notch style headlamps but the line from headlamps to airfender absolutely Peugeot style

  • Bash

    Ok, I don’t like it. It’s as simple as that.
    Besides look at the interior, it’s plain it’s been seen before and in case you did read my first line; I don’t like it.

  • Dennis James

    The interior is good, the performance is good (minus the overly stiff suspension – this is really not the way to improve handling but it’s a cheaper way than to use a more expensive suspension geometry), the exterior is…passable, I mean, looking at the 5 and 7-series this could have been a boring disaster but it was spared for now.

    If the M340i will be reasonably priced where I live, I may think about it at some point in the near future. I really like the fact that it has rear-biased AWD, standard limited-slip differential and a lot more power than the previous incarnations.

  • ksegg

    Holy needlessly overkill photo gallery Batman.

  • 31/12/2999

    Genesis G70is better in performance, standard features and price.

    • Bash

      Right except for the performance part.

  • Ramin Shafai

    Where is the Synch button?…. It took BMW 20 years to realize they need a Synch button like all other cars, and now it’s gone again!

  • ctk4949

    Still no AC off button?!?!

  • erly5

    How bad must the bog standard version look with its small poverty wheels? Almost 400 pics and all high spec with big alloys.

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