Elderly Driver Hits Truck, Then Confuses Accelerator With The Brake

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again” is a popular saying, but probably one that shouldn’t apply this case.

In a YouTube video noticed by Redditors, an elderly woman is seen backing up a Chevrolet Cobalt and accidentally hitting a truck that was parked on the street. After the accident, the woman pulls forward and attempts the maneuver again.

This is already a bad decision as the women should have stopped and talked to the truck’s driver who enters the view of the camera a short time later. The women fails to do this and instead backs out of the driveway once again.

This time, she rapidly accelerates the Cobalt after clearing the front of the truck. She then fails to apply the brakes and drives onto an adjacent driveway before going through some tall grass in reverse.

The women eventually steers the car back onto the street, but fails to stop. As the truck driver pulls out his smartphone to record the bizarre incident, the women crashes into a telephone pole.

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The clip ends shortly thereafter, but the video’s description suggests the incident occurred in Youngstown, Ohio and was caused by the elderly driver confusing the accelerator with the brake. This seems possible, but it hard to imagine the woman would would keep her foot on the accelerator the whole time.

There’s no word on what happened next, but the driver could have been ticketed for causing the original accident and then for crashing into the telephone pole.

Regardless, this isn’t the first time an elderly person has gotten confused behind the wheel. Earlier this year, a 94-year-old woman was caught driving the wrong way in Texas and had to be rescued by a motorist who risked his own life to get the woman to stop.


  • Mike anonymous

    Driving On Train Tracks, Backing Up For About Half a Football field (driving in reverse)… I this is not all that great, almost nothing (that I’ve seen comes close) to (oh so many years ago) driving to pick your grandson up from school (who is a 15mile drive away) and driving for 50 miles in the wrong direction.

    I though I had it bad until a friend of mine has his grandmother come to pick him up at school (again, OH so many years ago) and she went missing for 2 days. Police eventually found her (after she had run out of gas on the side of the road) saying she was going to pick up her grandson from school 2…. (yes)… TWO STATES over.

    So trust me when I say,.. these elderly folks today don’t have anything on the elderly of yesteryear 💪.

    (Aside from these two events) I do hope she (and everyone) is ok.

  • Six_Tymes

    no reaction from the guy, why? he should have at least yelled, she MIGHT have heard him and stopped. also, why is her family, assuming she has some is allowing her to drive at 94? stupid family

    • Mike anonymous

      I mean to drive you do need a license, meaning that at some point she was given the all clear to drive. (unless she’s driving without a license).

      • Six_Tymes

        wait, this part that I wrote is unclear to you? why is her family, assuming she has, allowing her to drive at 94? stupid family. NOT A VERY CARING OR CONCERNED FAMILY. get it now?

        • Mike anonymous

          No, I got it from the beginning. I was just saying in addition that she ‘also’ has a license. I’m not sure who gave her the license (if she has one),. But her driving would lead people to believe that maybe she shouldn’t have one.

  • kachuks

    Autonomous cars make sense here.

    • public transportation makes sense here.

  • brn

    If it were a Toyota, I’d blame unintended acceleration.

  • Paul

    Who ever was at the wheel should not be driving any more.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    And off she went, like a lone rider towards stormy skies, fearing nothing, not even death!

  • Marty

    “panic is a sudden sensation of fear, which is so strong as to dominate or prevent reason and logical thinking,”

    • tbonesteak33

      If you panic to the point where you can’t function behind the wheel, you are a potential danger to other drivers and pedestrians around you. Therefore, this person should not be driving. When someone dies in an accident, “oh sorry, I panicked and froze up” will never be a good enough excuse.

      • Marty

        You said you didn’t understand, so I gave you an explanation (not excuse). 🙂

        Panic causes incidents, or causes people to behave wrong when incidents happen. That’s how panic works. Unfortunately, people don’t get to practice stressful driving enough.

        • tbonesteak33

          Ha yea, I guess that makes sense. I think we need to take some advice from Finland. Their driving school trains them to be regular Mika Hakinnens.

  • Craig

    One of the reasons I think LEFT foot braking is best.

  • truck driver collects evidence in case she vanishes without a trace.

  • Stephen G

    I think Audi, Toyota and Jeep Grand Cherokee drivers refer to this as “Sudden Acceleration”. It’s a thing you know.

  • owlafaye

    The pedal spacing is the cause of many accidents. A wide foot just exacerbates problematic pedals. What happens is the brake pedal becomes depressed below the accelerator pedal level, The foot is pressing on both which causes acceleration…Granted that acceleration and braking fight for supremacy but the accelerator usually wins=accident.

  • ChrisInIL

    Only in Russia….no, that’s not it. Only in Florida….no, that’s not it. Only in OHIO????

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