Fire Truck Hit By Two Clueless Drivers In The Netherlands

A fire truck was recently hit by two smaller vehicles while crossing an intersection in the Dutch city of Groningen (northern Netherlands) and it may have been nobody’s fault.

Usually, when we see any emergency services vehicle get struck by other traffic participants, it’s because the latter either weren’t paying attention, were speeding or were just trying to rush across the intersection and not have to wait at the light for another red-green cycle.

But no. What happened here in Groningen is clearly different. In fact, this might actually be one of those rare cases where the impact was inevitable, seen as how there were so many large vehicles around, positioned at precisely the “right” angles so as to obstruct not just the incoming drivers, but also the fire truck driver’s view.

Could the people behind the wheel of the BMW and Peugeot passenger cars have approached the intersection more attentively? Sure, but there may have been no reason for them to do so, especially with a green light ahead. We’re also assuming they didn’t hear or perhaps couldn’t place the sirens, otherwise slowing down would have been wise, especially with low visibility to their left.

What do you think? Is there enough blame to go around or was this just one of those instances where “stuff happens” and everyone was just a victim of circumstance? Sound off below.


  • kachuks

    Such cluelessness this almost looks comical. Unfortunately, there might have been a serious emergency.

    • TheHake

      Nothing is serious in Groningen.

  • jon4uu

    I’ve been driving a fire engine for 30+ years and that accident was 100% avoidable. Lights and siren do not guarantee you the right-of-way- it’s only a request. You never proceed through an intersection without making sure it is clear of oncoming traffic.

    • Harlan McCartney

      That is a situation where the FD needs a light override, They cars could not see the engine and the engine could not see the cars due to a turning bus.

      • Miknik

        I agree, though, unless you have your stereo cranked up to unhealthy levels, you should be able to hear the siren; As soon as I hear one (usually before I see lights), I immediate back of the throttle and drive more carefully , and stop even at a green light.

    • Marty

      I don’t know about the Netherlands, but where I live lights and sirens guarantee you the right-of-way according to law.
      But of course that does not guarantee that other drivers see and hear you and give you free way. 🙂

  • TheHake

    Hey that’s my valley man!

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