Ford Is Developing A Sub-Ranger Pickup Truck

Ford is allegedly developing an all-new pickup truck designed to slot below the popular Ranger in its family of utilitarian vehicles.

Details about the vehicle remain unconfirmed but Ford Authority asserts that the vehicle will be based on the same platform as the latest-generation Focus. Consequently, the pickup will have a transversely-mounted powertrain and most likely be sold exclusively with a selection of four-cylinder engines in naturally-aspirated and turbocharged forms.

Ford is said to have started developing the new pickup a number of months ago and is gearing up to start prototype testing in the first half of 2019.

While a Focus-based pickup truck may sound unusual, it wouldn’t be new territory for Ford. In fact, the automaker previously sold a Fiesta-based pickup in South America dubbed the Courier. Interestingly, Ford filed a new trademark for the Courier name in July 2016 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, prompting speculation that this new Focus-based pickup could adopt the Courier name also.

Regardless of its name, the new pickup truck will be marginally smaller than the Ranger and sold in a number of guises. It remains to be seen which markets Ford will target with the new pickup but it could conceivably be sold in places like South America, Australia, and South Africa.

The model will apparently be introduced during 2021 as a 2022 model year.

Carscoops has contacted Ford for more information about the vehicle.

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  • TheAmerican

    What a joke. A transverse mounted engine, full independent suspension, based off of a hatchback. The people driving this are probably 120 pound wimps that listen to pop and think they are the baddest dude on the block because they drive a pickup thats only good for picking up other guys.

    • Hot Twink

      And most “men” who drive lifted trucks with big tires and no mufflers are compensating for small dicks.

      No one is driving this vehicle, anyway. It’s underdevelopment. Not everyone needs a full-size body-on-frame pickup truck.

    • rodriguez256

      You’re a strange one. However did you come to your conclusion? None of it is based in any reality that I’m aware of. But while I have you here I have a few questions. Are you jealous of skinny people? Are you a closeted pop music lover? Do you wish it was you that was the baddest on the block? Doh wish you had more male friends? Or at least one female friend? I’m sure you will provide some incredible and insightful responses, I look forward to them.

  • Bash

    Personally, I wouldn’t approve this!

  • Emoto

    A small, lightweight pickup truck can certainly succeed in a number of roles, if it is inexpensive.


    Ahh ford will produce more junk trucks just to make profit out of this brainless people

    • rodriguez256

      Junk trucks? Please elaborate.

    • Fred

      Looking at your picture the brainless part figures


        Does that even make sense? LOL

  • we had a Bantam and we’d love a Focus based bakkie, also the Oroch..

  • Paul

    It would work well for the small business delivery type of thing, and for mom and pop types that don’t need or want something bigger.

  • brn

    With a worst-in-class towing capacity.

    • Galvanics

      Best in class. Only in class (U.S./Canada). There is no other proper small truck period.

  • rodriguez256

    Build a smaller truck that no one asked for? Have you not seen the countless number of people saying what used to be small trucks are about the same size as full size trucks from the last. So many people have been asking for this, the Frontier is one of the last smaller trucks as the Ranger, Colorado and Tacoma are a consodereable size now.

    • MarketAndChurch

      Yeah I think they’re going after the market their previous generation Ranger was sold to. With it being both smaller and cheaper, it’ll do very well.

    • Galvanics

      Even frontier is still big. It’s still a mid sizer.

  • Erica

    Sub ranger pickup? That is what we call in the phippines multicab pick up.

  • Fred

    Ford has been making small pickups for decades in Sout Africa called Bantam and Mazda Rustler. 4 Cylinder 1300,1600 and a vew 1500, very popular all based on Ford’s small cars.There were even some diesels. As for a little bit smaller than the Ranger, make that a lot smaller.A car with a tray 1/2 ton witch hardly any one load up, eazy on the pocket and congested traffic, a handy runabout.

  • Galvanics

    The new Ranger is huge. If they build the Courier to be the size of the last Ranger, they’ll rake in the cash. You’ve obviously not been paying attention because the comment sections of just about every car site light up with pleas for a proper small truck everytime the situation lends itself to it.

    It bemuses me why no one has used long coupe-length doors on a proper small truck to accommodate jumpseat passengers and keep the cost down… No need for clamshell doors at the rear. Just make it exclusively available in one cab config (2+2, coupe doors) with a couple of bed lengths and wheelbases and 4×4 or 4×2+LSD. It’s basically a Honda Ridgeline Lite that won’t directly cannibalize sales of other truck models. Fleet customers would eat it up, too!

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