Litchfield Gives The Alpine A110 Porsche 911-Levels Of Performance With A Simple Remap

Good news for the lucky few that got a brand new Alpine A110: Litchfield has just rolled out their Stage 1 tune package for the lightweight mid-engine sports car.

The British specialist’s Stage 1 pack is basically an ECU remap, enabling Alpine’s turbocharged 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine to produce 300hp and 298lb-ft of torque, an improvement of 52hp and 62lb-ft of torque over the standard A110.

Litchfield says that the engine produces these numbers comfortably with the new software, and at the same time offers better throttle response and reduced turbo lag. Which makes sense, considering that the same engine produces 296hp under the bonnet of the new Megane RS Trophy.

The effect of adding an extra 50hp to a car so light places Litchfield’s Alpine in a different performance league. With a curb weight of just 1,080kg (2,380lbs), the standard A110 comes with a 229hp/tonne power-to-weight ratio. The Stage 1 tune takes it to 277hp/tonne, placing it against cars like the Porsche 911 Carrera S.

The tuner is currently offering the remap for just £995 (without VAT) in the UK, with the conversion accompanied with their own comprehensive engine warranty.

Litchfield is currently developing the Stage 2 kit, which will include a new in-house developed exhaust system, targeting a 315hp figure, as well as a suspension kit and a limited-slip differential for those who want to extract even more performance from theirFrench coupe.

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  • Bash

    We need to see more of these “simple remaps”.

  • Dennis James

    I am still amazed by the weight of this car. 2018 levels of safety at only 1080kg, it’s incredible.

    • Adi

      Citroen C4 Cactus has a curb weight ranging from 965 to 1070kg and it’s not a sports car with an all aluminum construction.

      • But it’s an empty car. Still light I give you that. Just compared to similar cars, there’s nothing in it. With is sad, it’s funky looking, even more before the two facelifts.

    • Ilbirs

      This project was jointly developed with Caterham and that tells a lot.

  • Momogg

    I really like this car, this alpine is the only renault I could buy. And good job Litchfield.

    • For many many reasons I hate Renault (not all objective) but I love this car. The only things I regret, it’s a four pot, but hey it’s 2018, and the switches, commands… lack a mechanical feel. The click of the paddles isn’t very satisfying, a bit “squishy”. For the rest, Always wanted a Cayman for the pleasure of driving it, but now I’d rather have an Alpine A110 to be happy when I drive it, and when I look at it.

      • Urjiminy

        To be fair, the original A110 was also a 4 pot, it makes sense to keep it faithful. Even though it’s now kid engined rather than rear engined, but still – lightweights are better off with smaller engines anyway.

      • Momogg

        Yes, the Alpine berlinette’s philosophy was : a small explosive rear engine, light weight. With a bigger engine the car would be heavier and less enjoyable.

  • Dude

    It doesn’t come with an LSD standard? Surprising. Still love the car.

    • Mr. EP9

      They really need to give it one.

  • cooper

    Is this an early April fools day joke ? Hopped 1.8 liter comparison to a 911 ?
    Just hilarious.

    • Matt

      911 performance – and more fun to drive than a Cayman. A winning combo.

  • eb110americana

    I really wish they sold this in the US. Heck, bring it as the next Nissan Z. The only issue, the price is probably a bit high for the market.

    • Matt

      You can’t just throw a Z badge on an Alpine, it would alienate both Alpine and Z fans. How could Nissan ever justify to their fans why their new Z model looks like a 60’s French sports car?

      Plus by the time Alpine the-engineered the car to meet US regs it would be heavy and ugly.

    • Momogg

      The next Nissan Z will be a SUV.

  • haji

    This car has been out for quite some time, but I still haven’t seen one yet.

    • depends where you live I guess, saw several of them. Even one going round and round and round and round on a place in Paris for ne obvious reason.

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