Musk’s Lawyers Say He Was Only Joking When He Called Rescue Worker A “Pedo Guy”


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has had a pretty eventful year as he’s been sued by the SEC and even had a muskox named after him. While that’s just scratching the surface, one of the more bizarre events occurred over the summer when he called a rescue worker a “pedo guy.”

The incident was a result of the highly publicized effort to rescue 12 boys who were trapped in flooded cave complex in Thailand. Musk and his team developed a small rescue sub to help in the recovery effort, but it didn’t end up being used. Vernon Unsworth then went on TV and criticized the sub and said Musk can “stick his submarine where it hurts.”

Musk apologized for calling Unsworth a “pedo guy,” but eventually doubled down by telling Buzzfeed he is a “child rapist” who moved to “Chiang Rai for a child bride who was about 12 years old at the time.” Musk failed to provide any proof and said “I hope he fucking sues me.”

Musk got his wish a short time later and that bring us to today’s news about the lawsuit. CNBC reports that Musk’s lawyers are seeking to have the lawsuit dismissed as Twitter is “infamous for invective and hyperbole.” The motion from the lawyers also says Musk went after Unsworth over his “indefensible and baseless attack” in an effort to “defend himself and the efforts of SpaceX, Tesla, and the Boring Company employees who had given up their days and nights to help find a solution” for the boys trapped in the cave.

Unsworth’s lawyer believes the motion will fail as he told CNBC that he rejects the idea “all statements published on Twitter or other social media are protected speech” as it would “effectively prevent an individual from seeking redress for any and all false and defamatory attacks on reputation published on the Internet.”

While it’s possible the motion to dismiss the lawsuit will fail, the final outcome remains far from certain. The only thing that is clear at this point is that Unsworth is seeking at least $75,000 (£59,280 / €65,524) for libel and slander.

  • Matteo Tommasi

    He needs to be controlled like a 7yo child

    • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

      So do junkies. They don’t understand the outcome of their own actions either. Throw egomania and vast wealth into the mix and it becomes very dangerous indeed.

  • Bill Nguyen

    Only $75,000? I woulda gone for $7.5 million…

    • lagunas3ca

      He’ll be lucky to see $7.50. More than enough to fill his tank so he can go out diving with the little boys he preys upon.

      • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

        You built a circle-jerk shrine for Musk yet like S3XY?

        • lagunas3ca

          No, but in other related news, the Model 3 was just selected as The Detroit News’ 2018 Car of the Year. You have heard of Detroit, MI, aka MOTOR CITY USA, right? We’ll see how long before this news is published here.

          • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

            Surprised you haven’t, you Musk fans are hilarious!

            The Detroit News sounds like a local newspaper. They are hardly a well respected international media organisation. Do they have any qualified automotive journalists working for them? 😂

          • lagunas3ca

            Henry Payne.

          • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

            He’s a cartoonist that likes cars. Your point is? Your blind love for Tesla is hilarious. Nissan brought a reliable and affordable mass-manufactured EV to market long before Musk. The first generation Nissan Leaf won European Car of the year in 2011. That’s a whole year before the expensive Model S (and 7 years before the Model 3) hit the market. Their second generation Leaf won Best Electric Car at the highly respected 2018 What Car Awards. When is Tesla going to catch up?

          • lagunas3ca

            The highest volume of sales ever for an EV in a single year was back in 2014 when Nissan LEAF sales hit 30,200. The Model 3 sat at double the LEAF’s record back in October and is on track to exceed 100,000 by year’s end. There you go.

          • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

            And your point is? Tesla can sell millions of them. However, if they are trash quality, like we’ve seen in dozens of YouTube videos and across the Tesla Owner’s Forum, nobody will want to buy another one. There will be no second generation versions. This is how massively innovative 20th Century car manufacturers went out of business.

          • lagunas3ca

            It’s OK to have subjective opinions.

          • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

            Only time will tell for Tesla, especially now the competition is quickly catching up! At least if they do go bust, another manufacturer will come along and buy the technology and remains of the infrastructure.

            In other news, claiming something is a joke doesn’t stop something being libelous. Musk (and his lawyers) should really study law instead of popping Ambien.

          • Smith

            It’s okay, you have an irrelevant opinion, swayed by your love for a disgusting individual who like you, falsely accused a rescue worker of being a pedophile. You are sick!

          • Smith

            Henry who, must be a celebrity in Detroit, which means his comments are irrelevant anywhere else in the world, just another Detroit nobody!

          • lagunas3ca

            More relevant than you.

          • Smith

            So what, that makes you and your disgusting boyfriend innocent of false accusations. You are truly pathetic. BTW Detroit is a dead town and no longer commands the Motor City title, very few important car deals are done in Detroit anymore. Even your boyfriends Tesla is built elsewhere, Detroit is dead!

          • Enter Ranting

            Detroit?! You’re kidding us, right? Haven’t you heard? Detroit is an irrelevant wasteland. And Tesla has about five more years in it before Elon turns off the lights and sells off his charging network to the highest bidder. The build quality of all Teslas is a joke. Every car maker in the world is about to eat their lunch. Then Elon can concentrate on digging holes under Los Angeles.

      • Smith

        Where is the evidence of this? You are a sick and disgusting individual, just like your boyfriend Musk

        • lagunas3ca


  • NoMan2015

    Yeah, that’s a terrible defense. As the article notes, he doubled down on his comments afterwards. Hardly a joke at that point when he calls the guy a “child rapist.”

  • ErnieB

    Damn geniuses can’t keep their inner child at bay..

  • EM1

    Musk rock!!

  • salamOOn

    8 years old girl can come with a better excuse.

  • john1168

    It’s like the 12 year old boy who says something stupid, gets called out on it and then replies, “I was only kidding…geeze!”

  • Six_Tymes

    “Lawyers Say”

    BUT, did this guy Unsworth really marry a child??? thats really what natters, what are the facts??

    • mihsf

      If Unsworth had married a child, then Musk would not say his accusations are a joke, right?

  • Mr. EP9

    Of course he was joking because that’s what you would do right? No need for lawsuits, it’s just harmless banter. My god, doing PR for Elon must be a nightmare.

  • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

    Claiming you were “joking” doesn’t get you out of court.

  • Smith

    The pot head should not joke like that, he is a disgusting pig and should be required to pay for his arrogant and uncalled for comments. He got off lightly with the SEC and should have got prison time, so why should he get away with this one as well!

  • Human Misery

    Elon is a modern time hero we should all look towards and lauded for but his impetuous nature leaves a lot to be desired. Fine him and give him a provisal that any future offenses will lead to much stricter consequences leading to and not limited to prison time

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