Nissan Is Suing Carlos Ghosn’s Sister For ‘Unjust Enrichment’

Nissan has reportedly sued Carlos Ghosn’s sister, Claudine Bichara de Oliveira, in a Rio de Janeiro court for “unjust enrichment”, according to a report from Reuters.

The Japanese car maker’s lawsuit is the latest episode in the legal fight between Nissan and Carlos Ghosn over an apartment in Rio that the former Nissan CEO used during his trips in Brazil. Nissan claims that evidence of Ghosn’s alleged crimes could be found in his beachfront apartment.

Brazilian-born Carlos Ghosn is accused of financial misconduct by Japan’s authorities and remains in jail since November 19. The former Nissan and Mitsubishi CEO faces charges of having under-reported his income, while Nissan also accuses him of diverting company’s funds for personal use.

Regarding the lawsuit against Ghosn’s sister, there are no additional details provided, but the Japanese media have already reported in previous weeks that she could be embroiled in the scandal.

Citing unnamed sources, Japanese newspaper Yomuri reported that Ghosn had instructed Nissan since 2002 to pay around $100,000 a year to his sister, as a compensation for an advisory role.

The same report added that de Oliveira has been living in the Rio apartment, which Nissan bought for the use of Ghosn and that she had never done any advisory work for the car maker.

  • Matteo Tommasi

    And Renault refused to fire him until they se proofs

    • Matheus Quintino Pera

      Renault’s attitude is understandable. All the charges are in Japan and about his conduct at Nissan. So, if he did nothing wrong in France/Renault, why do you fire him?

  • Something is very fishy with all these Japanese charges. Looks like this is a power grab and has been sanctioned by the Japanese government.

    • Rzrlf

      she got paid for an advisory role without actually advising anything. whats fishy is that it took this long, thats about it

      • brn

        How are you able to draw the conclusion that she wasn’t actually advising anything?

        • Rzrlf

          based on the report cited in this god damn article

          • brn

            You got me. I read this article, not the one linked.

    • Stephen G

      What do you think is the motivation behind this alleged “power grab”? What do you have as proof?

      • Ed Ward

        Nissan simply wants the power structure to change in its favor AND they want the French government out of Renault’s business. The French government owns 15%of Renault and they have voting rights, and fully merged Renault Nissan Mitsubishi means that France would have more control of a major Japanese automaker. If ghosn had bought back the 15% stake from the French government, I’m sure Nissan wouldn’t be doing what their doing to ghosn.

        • Stephen G

          That is a weak argument at best. I don’t know the balance of each companies worth in a merger, but even at equal stakes France would end up with 5% share. They probably own 15% of Renault because of a bailout anyway. Even the US government was happy to get of GM & Chrysler. I don’t think the French government could give a rat’s ass about the functions of predominantly Japanese company and would probably opt out at merger.

  • MIL1234

    guilty until proven innocent

    • Craig

      The way of the world these days. Sadly.

      • ksegg

        In Texas it’s executed then proven innocent.

        • Loquacious Borborygmus


    • Steel Punk

      He’s a flight risk I’m guessing.

  • Craig

    I didn’t know Carlos Ghosn was actually in jail. Hmm…..

  • ksegg

    Shhhh, it’s okay, just let it happen.

  • Paul

    Nissan needs to be sued for “unjust enrichment” ha ha ha.

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Unjust Enrichment?
    Did she have a hoard of plutonium?

  • DMax

    They told Carlos to Ghet lostn.

  • Stephen G

    Ah, so Ghosn was conspiring to get rid of Saikowa? Internal power struggles and differences of opinion within companies are not a 21st century invention. You’re suggesting that his illegal activities were overlooked by corporate officials until he disagreed with them. I can’t believe that’s true. If the man was doing something illegal he needs to go to jail.

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