Suzuki Jimny’s Demand Is So Strong Some UK Dealers Have Stopped Taking Deposits

The new Jimny proves to be a big hit for Suzuki as more and more customers place an order for its small off-roader. In fact demand has been so strong, that the wait time in the UK has stretched up to a whole year.

Despite Suzuki UK being allocated 1,200 examples of the new Jimny for 2019, some dealers had to stop accepting deposits due to the huge demand that greatly surpasses supply, Autocar reports. Said dealers are registering ‘expressions of interest’ instead.

The UK arm of Suzuki says that the reason for their inability to satisfy the strong demand at the moment is a factory bottleneck in Japan. Demand for the new Jimny is also quite high in its home market, partly thanks to the fact that it falls under the low-tax Kei Car rules when not fitted with its wheel arch extensions. But that’s not the only reason.

Suzuki is reportedly also restricting sales of the Jimny in Europe as it doesn’t want to increase its average CO2 levels. That’s because the new Jimny is a poor performer on this instance, emitting 178g/km of CO2 on the latest WLTP emissions standard.

That means if it sells too many Jimnys instead of the more frugal Ignis or Swift models, it will see its average CO2 levels going up, leading to fines from the European Union if it surpasses the set target.

Suzuki has promised that they will increase the allocation in the UK to 2000 units from 2020; that could indicate that the company plans to fit the new Jimny with a ‘cleaner’ engine (1.0-liter Boosterjet, anyone?) or, possibly, will start building the Jimny at a second plant to meet the high demand.

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  • pxsupply

    This model could do well in the US. Could give the Jeep Renegade some competition with sales.

    • EM1

      I agree. They just need to improve emissions and some structural issues for sound detining and safety reinforcements. And maybe a turbo.

      Toyota should import it as the FJ Jr.

      • Dennis James

        Structural issues on the Suzuki ? The Jeep Wrangler just scored 1 out of 5 stars at Euro NCAP crash test, borderline unsellable and outperformed by many Chinese cars, while the new Jimny scored 3 stars. It Wrangler is good for Americans, the Suzuki is more than adequate.

        • salamOOn

          please check the detailed info, not only the stars….. suzuki has 3 stars propably thanks to “Lane Support” and “AEB Interurban” included and thanks to passing a Lateral Impact pole test ( +6 points more, wrangler not tested). suzuki is a little bit better in protection of adult occupants, but generally both cars are death trap boxes, and its a shame, because i like the new jimny.

    • Matteo Tommasi

      Man, this is half the renegade. More like a panda 4×4


        He’s from the US and A. They don’t know what’s Panda is.

      • Dariush

        except the Renegade IS a Panda 4X4

        • Matteo Tommasi

          The renegade and panda are built on two completely different platforms, and they are 70 cm apart in lenght, 20 cm in widht. Check before stating something false

  • donald seymour

    That’s what happens when you give the people a good design. It’s so attractive.

  • Dennis James

    It’s an absolutely great car. As small as a city car, but you can take it anywhere and it is also a proper off-roader. I am thinking about buying one for no reason 🙂

    • Leconte Dave

      It was suppsed to be a rebadge Toyota in north america

      • Loquacious Borborygmus

        I’ve yet to see a source for that.

      • EM1

        I heard about that too, looking for the source myself but they need to f being it here already!!!!!!

  • Wandering_Spirit

    I can see why the demand is high. It is put together very very well.

  • Blade t

    Good for Suzuki. .

  • MarkoS

    I’d say Land/Range Rover is missing out in a key market that they could easily take a bite of.

  • Shawn Scott

    I’ve owned two Samurais (Jimnys) here in the US and absolutely love them. If they had this here I’d be in line to buy one .

  • performante

    I would scoop one up in a heartbeat if they were available in the US.

  • Ben

    Bring them to the states!!! Boxy is SEXY!

    Jeep’s Wrangler has never been in more demand than now, even outpacing Toyota for best resale value.
    Speaking of Toyota, the 4Runner, which hasn’t been updated since 2010, is STILL seeing rising sales due to its boxy, true-to-form styling and reliability of a traditional SUV. And obviously, the Mercedes G-Class is a favorite amongst rich wives who want a rugged look and have six figures to blow.


  • RU4real

    Lower emissions = lower performance. (and this vehicle already has pretty poor performance)

  • RU4real

    I remember wanting a Samurai very badly back in the day, based on looks and price. They were essentially a disposable vehicle. You get what you pay for. But why not?? You’re eventually going to need to replace it anyways. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts. These have so much customization potential!

    Note to Suzuki: Why not expand your sales to a HUGE U.S. market by doing what you need to do to bring them here. You won’t be let down. Think of ALL the money you can make! (it’s all about the profits, right?)

  • Yishay

    It’s not practical at all but at least it’s fun to look at.

  • kamotepoe

    The previous jimnies are slow, cramped, and bouncy.

    Yet, somehow with all it’s imperfections, is a very lovable car.

  • serfah

    copying the Gelandewagen styling seems to have paid off..

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