2020 Kia XCeed Crossover Spied Testing Against VW T-Roc

Update 1/31/2019: This story has been updated with new information and images, which include shots of the XCeed crossover testing against the new VW T-ROC, as our spy photographers informed us.

After the reveal of the all-new Ceed GT and Proceed at the Paris Auto Show last year, Kia is readying a new member for the Ceed family.

Yes, it’s a new crossover (like most new car debuts these days) and it will be based on the Korean compact. We haven’t got an official name for it yet, but chances are it will feature the Ceed moniker, with some sources saying it will be called XCeed. What’s certain is that it will slot between the Stonic and the Sportage in Kia’s lineup, striking a balance between those two crossovers.

These spy shots don’t allow us to see too much of the Ceed SUV’s design, but we can spot the similar headlights and taillights, as well as the “Ceed-on-stilts” vibe. It looks more like a jacked-up hatchback than an SUV and that’s likely going to benefit on-road dynamics.

Kia’s answer to the Ford Focus Active, Subaru Crosstrek and VW Golf Alltrack

That also means it will go against models such as the Ford Focus Active, Subaru XV (called Crosstrek in America) and VW Golf Alltrack when it goes on sale in Europe later this year. Like said models, the Kia Ceed crossover will try to entice buyers by adopting an “all-in-one approach.” The model will combine an agile compact car chassis with a reasonably roomy interior, and increased capability off the beaten track courtesy of the higher ground clearance.

The design will totally reflect the Ceed’s new-found versatility with features such as the standard roof rails, plastic body cladding around the wheel arches and side sills, front and rear skid plates, as well as more rugged-looking bumpers. The distinct alloy wheels will complete the package.

As for the rest of the bodywork, expect a Ceed-like front-end design featuring the “tiger-nose” grille, as well as a slightly similar but not identical treatment of the rear end compared to the Ceed hatch and wagon.

The window line will also look quite different than that of the Kia Ceed hatchback. The lower part of the rear windows starts to rise towards the back, and the heavy padding behind the C-pillars doing a good job of hiding the vehicle’s third lateral windows.

The big question remains whether Kia will offer it with all-wheel drive

We don’t have any shots of the interior but that should have Ceed written all over it too. The new, driver-oriented center console with the “floating” touchscreen display is a given. Practicality will stand to gain from the SUV’s taller and larger body than the Ceed’s.

When it comes to the engine lineup, the upcoming crossover should get the same turbocharged gasoline and diesel power plants as the Ceed. Unlike the smaller Stonic, it might also get an optional all-wheel-drive system although there’s nothing official from Kia on that.

The adventurous Ceed variant could be revealed as early as in March at the Geneva Motor Show and arrive in European markets in the second half of the year. A North American introduction is unlikely at this point.


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Photo credits: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien | CarPix for Carscoops

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  • roy

    Seems more like a cross hatch rather than a t-roc competition

  • PhilMcGraw

    I’m wondering if now since this is a “crossover” if it’ll be released in North American markets.

    • EM1

      Dont think so

    • bd0007

      Anything ceed-related (unfortunately) is staying in Europe.

      What we are getting (in lieu of the Stonic) is the new Tusker (based on the SP concept).

  • Knotmyrealname

    I admire Kia mostly, but how shameless are they to blatantly copy the Porsche’s 4 spot headlight array?

    • Rj Mansfield

      Kia has had a three spot version on the Sportage for a while – the 4th was debuted on the Proceed concept back in 2017 – Too close in production times for them to really say “Lets steal Porsche’s headlight design” – also Kia’s is more inspired by an “X” intersecting the headlight, rather than Porsche’s 4 individual led’s.

      • Knotmyrealname

        I realise that Kia has had the 4 spot for a while, but Porsche has had the design in play since easy 2014 (I refer to the GT3). I think they got there first. It’s blatant shameless copying.


    is this soul’s replacement?

    • EM1

      No, a new Soul is on its way in EV and AWD form.

  • This is really getting confusing. We have the Soul, which is a subcompact pseudo-crossover, the Stonic, which is also a subcompact pseudo-crossover, then the Niro, which is a subcompact pseudo-crossover with a hybrid/electric powertrain, then the SP concept, which is said to be another subcompact crossover for global markets and this one, if placed below the Sportage will be another subcompact crossover. I mean, how many crossovers does Kia need to fill the subcompact space?

    • Maykel

      Crossover market ain’t complaining.

    • Able

      This one is a slightly larger Stonic, like Qashqai is to Juke. Some markets such as Australia aren’t taking the Stonic because it’s too small/underpowered, and this is meant to fix the Stonic’s issues.

    • Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

      kia is going the toyota path, when corolla is different from auris and matrix and the avensis and the japanese corolla. I was surprised when kia recently launched a hatchback kia forte when there was a ceed already.

      • ThatGuy

        The two hatches are also exclusive to different markets. In our market we get the Kia Cerato (Kia Forte hatchback). but no Ceed anymore they did launch the Ceed but because it was essentially the same car with a higher price tag at that point the Ceed lost sales and got cut. I would have loved the Ceed having stayed but i understand the business case for its axing.
        Still great cars either way

    • bd0007

      All are different in size, powertrain, etc. to be better suited for their respective markets.

      In addition, locale of manufacture makes a particular model not feasible for certain markets (for instance, the Stonic, for the US and Australian markets).

  • Knotmyrealname

    So I repeat, they shamelessly copied the Porsche’s 4 spot headlight array. Key word here is headlight. In your Caricos image, the red model off to the side shows the 4 spot headlight array.

    • Black Stealth

      I agree with you.
      Kia’s headlights look like Porsche.

  • erly5

    Is the Sportage not already Kia’s competitor for the Crosstrek?

    • Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

      no, it’s forester’s competitor.

  • Paul

    It would be nice to see them sell this in the US.

  • Craig

    The KIA, Hyundai, Genesis people certainly keep busy.

    • ThatGuy

      I noticed that, they seem to want to conquer the world.
      That said very good cars

  • nator

    So when is the Kia SuckCee’d coming out?

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