Is The Audi Q8 Good Enough To Fight The Range Rover Sport?

If you’re the type of SUV buyer who always needs to have the latest tech or latest designs, then you probably can’t do much better than Audi‘s Q8 crossover, which only recently joined the segment as a direct rival to the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe.

However, if you go by pricing, wheelbase size and roofline design, you could argue that the Range Rover Sport belongs in the same conversation, even though it doesn’t really look as sleek as the Q8, or any of the previously mentioned models for that matter.

So how do they stack up? Well, even though the Range Rover Sport is taller than the Q8 by almost 100 mm (3.9 inches), it’s the Audi that offers greater comfort for rear seat passengers, according to Carwow – unless you’ve got three adults sitting in the back, which is where the RRS’ boxy design aids overall headroom.

Then there’s practicality, where the Land Rover product surely wins, right? Wrong. There’s more trunk space in the Audi Q8, whether you’re measuring with the rear seats up or completely folded.

Inside, the Q8 gets Audi’s latest and greatest tech and dashboard design, making it more of a novelty item compared to the Range Rover Sport, even though the latter now comes with the same displays as the high-tech Velar.

As for how they compare on the move, it goes without saying that any off-road activity would favor the British SUV. On regular roads though, it’s advantage Audi. The Q8 offers a lower sitting position, handles better in the corners and feels more balanced.

Which of these two would you rather live with on a daily basis?


  • ErnieB

    Q8 for me!

  • The Audi will be slightly more reliable than the Range Rover, however that’s not saying much.

  • Andrewthecarguy

    I wouldn’t cross shop these.
    I’d like to see X6 vs GLE Cpe vs Q8
    That is a closer comparo

  • Smith

    And here we go again, is it an Audi Q8 or an Audi Q3? Who really knows, so why spend so much more for the Q8, it looks identical to the Q1, Q2, Q4, Q5, Q6, Q7 and the future Q9. Audi’s bland design pallet, still extremely boring.

    • Jonr

      Q1, Q4 wow didn’t know they existed quite yet!!!! Insider knowledge? Or just Audi bashing!

  • Hot Twink

    The Range Rover Sport has a proper four-wheel drive system drivetrain (engine, transmission, and transfer case) featuring a two-speed dual range Magna Steyr DD295 transfer case and bevel-geared center differential with electronic multi-disc lock.

    The Audi Q8 has a only an engine and front transaxle (no transfer case). As a result of using a transaxle rather than a transfer case it doesn’t have low range gearing. Furthermore its Torsen center differential cannot lock. It simply lacks any sort of mechanical lock to override the differential gears.

    • wintergraan

      Who really cares? 🤷‍♂️

      • Hot Twink

        I do if I’m going to spend money for either of these two. The Range Rover Sport is mechanically superior to the Q8.

        I personally wouldn’t buy either, but if I had to choose between only these two, then Range Rover Sport it is.

  • This is a tough one for me..

  • dilidolo

    Cayenne for me.

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