Dubai Lamborghini Driver Knows His Rights, Schools Oregon State Trooper On The Law

A Lamborghini owner from Dubai who recently made a roadtrip with his Italian supercar in Canada and the U.S. has gone viral after schooling an Oregon State Trooper on the law.

Dashcam footage uploaded to YouTube by the man shows the State Trooper approaching his car and asserting that he had pulled him over because the Lamborghini didn’t have any local license plates (it had Dubai plates). However, the Dubai man proves to be very knowledgeable of the law and tries to explain that he is permitted to drive without plates or a local registration.

Oregon Live was informed by an Oregon State Police spokesperson that “vehicles currently registered and titled in any other country, state or territory are not required to be registered by this state, provided the owner is not a resident of this state or has been a resident for less than 30 days.”

Throughout the video, the Lamborghini driver attempts to explain this to the State Trooper to no avail. The officer states on multiple occasions that he knows the law and repeatedly asks the Dubai man for a host of documents which he soon receives.

After receiving the documents, including the driver’s license, Dubai registration, and proof of insurance, the State Trooper quickly returns to the vehicle, hands the documents to the driver and asserts that he has to leave to respond to another call. He can then be seen accelerating away with his lights flashing and perhaps, with his tail between his legs.

The moral of the story? Know your rights and you could avoid getting an unjustified fine while driving.


  • ksegg

    Good on the driver.

  • Dude

    Nice. I hope that brainlet cop gets a lot of crap for this

    • 36005494

      Please read my long comment if you truly felt that your statement was what you believe and get back to me if you’ve thought it through again based on my comment! (It is posted on this topic section but very long and hard to miss).

  • Liam Paul

    I am not going make fun of this cop over this cause cops put their lives on the line everyday and deserve more respect , no one is perfect and I am sure the cop believed what he was saying, imo it falls on the state for not better educating their cops.

    • Rzrlf

      yea, nah that cop was in harassment mode 100% that cop should be expected to have the same patience that the tourist displayed if not more

      • Axel Cortez

        exactly he went with a attack mentality instead of a lets why this dude has a weird ass licence plate on his car.

        If I wasn’t 100% sure on the procedement I would ask the driver to follow me to a more secure area where he could approach the driver from the drivers window and properly see and talk with him, and call the department and see what is the procedure.

        There is nothing wrong to not know a weird law around temporarily imported cars as a tourist, but you have to humble about it.

        He wasn’t humble about it.

    • TB

      Absolutely no disrespect to the Police Officer..but how he handled this was wrong…on top of being wrong on the process.

    • Knuckle Buck

      Great…let’s give poorly trained, poorly educated cops guns and what not. What could go wrong?

      • 36005494

        If you truly believe this please read my comment (long by the way it’s posted in a separate comment) and rethink this. Then after please tell me what you truly think.

    • serge charles

      Boot licker

  • TB

    Good for this guy for knowing his stuff. The Police Officer was wrong…not only how he handled it but apparently what is needed. Everyone makes mistakes…but be humble about it…the person you pulled over was properly documented and following the law.

    That said I have bigger issues with the piles of stuff he’s got in the car. I know he’s on his way to Canada but Jeez Louise dude clean out your car!!

    • KareKakk

      In Dubai these are the daily drives, the runabouts, as the pick-ups in the US and are handled as such. Their weekend mosque rides of Paganis &Co are kept strictly tidy, of course… 😉

      • you think people from Pakistan building hotels, the staff bringing drinks in the middle of the night drive Ferraris to Work in Dubai?

  • salamOOn

    cmon, dude did his homework and got prepared for this trip, nothing special to see….

    • dumblikeyou2

      File this under: Articles that just happen to have a car in the story even if it really has nothing to do with the knowledge of the car itself. “Woman orders Starbucks in her car” “Person walks through parking lot near cars” “Children playing in park, see cars in background?”

  • sidewaysspin

    He humiliated the american officer.

  • pinjong

    Of course You bring your Lambo to continents around the world. Should be known by every officer.

    • brn

      How dare this officer not know some odd federal law that most officers will go their entire career without experiencing!

      People’s expectations are beyond what anyone is capable of.

      • 36005494

        You do understand even though the officer may not have known about this (nothing wrong with it) he did mess up his way of talking to this person that is just a civilian. Correct?

  • brn

    Nope. It’s 5000 times more likely that your doctor will kill you by doing something wrong than a police officer.

  • 36005494

    Not the officer’s fault AT ALL…HE WAS DOING WHAT HE WAS TRAINED TO DO AND HE DIDN’T KNOW ANY BETTER. If there is ANY BLAME to be made about the process that he was attempting to do 1. It slightly falls on the state but 2. OVERALL it fall into FEDERAL GUIDELINES. NOW. I want to say that I totally disagree with how the officer was behaving…from what I saw 1. He could’ve just forgotten and felt embarrassed and couldn’t swallow his pride. (Okay you’re human) 2. He was having a bad day which led these events to occur. (Once again you’re human) 3. He knew what he was talking about and the law in oregon might have something ABOVE FEDERAL REQUIREMENTS TO DRIVE IN OREGON…(most reasonable in terms of him being right) BUT he had never encountered it before and had an important call and knew that this driver may not have known what he knew but in the officer’s best judgement…he came to the conclusion that this man wasn’t doing anything wrong other than the reason for pulling him over (which he had every right to do by law). Now. To explain what I disagreed with… I noticed signs and actions that would legally prove in my mind that the officer in question was PARTLY BUT NOT ENTIRELY discriminating against him and or using disrespect and discriminatory prejudice on this man. Which I entirely disagree with and if that is the case refresh that officer and include this entire message in the refresh as a reason as i feel it’d help him. If once again he fails to demonstrate what a fair and true OREGON STATE TROOPER is I’d probably want to help him more directly…but hey this all my opinion none of it is from a true law definition or usable in court and I’m just a dropout with a G.E.D. whose learned a bit more with experience than schooling.

  • Hrh George J Rickle IV

    This is not a rare occurrence that the cop should be excused for. People’s comments focus on the fact that it’s an expensive car that had to be shipped. It could have been a hooptie from Costa Rica for all that matters. Or a Honda from Canada. You can drive your foreign car in the USA. It’s not like the USA doesn’t have neighboring countries. That the car is an exotic registered halfway around the world doesn’t change that. I see Canadan plates erryday. So does this cop.

  • blunt-o

    Another low IQ, aggressive(racist?) cop looking for trouble vs an ordinary person lawfully driving his car, where the policeman repeatedly showed his inability to listen and process what the driver was telling him.

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