Facelifted 2020 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Gives Us Our First Look Inside

Mercedes is readying a restyled version of its current-generation E-Class, which will bring with it new front and rear end designs, as well as a few improvements to the interior.

Since this marks the first time we’ve seen the cabin of the 2020 E-Class, we’ll start with that. The first thing we noticed was the new steering wheel, this being not just a new design for the E-Class, but rather a never-before-seen design on any current Mercedes model.

What’s different about it?

Almost everything, basically. The bottom V-spoke design flows directly towards the inner edges of the side spokes, which appear significantly sharper (and angled inwards) than ever before – it’s the same steering wheel we’ve been seeing on next-gen S-Class prototypes.

As for the center hub, it’s a lot smaller than before, where it will basically just fit the badge and not much else. We imagine that this new-look steering wheel also comes with one significant practical advantage over older models, specifically that it allows for more empty space in the upper half, which should aid visibility towards the digital gauge cluster.

Other changes include the new touchpad, as well as, we assume, the latest version of the automaker’s MBUX system.

New CLS-inspired restyle

The updated W213 E-Class is getting new front and rear end designs, where the former will help it look somewhat similar to the latest CLS, especially with such a similar DRL signature. Out back, we expect the production lights to be positioned more horizontally, crossing over into the trunk lid area as they do on the CLS and on the all-new CLA.

We assume these prototypes are wearing their old trunk lids, which is why the new rear end look isn’t particularly obvious as of right now.

Overall, it doesn’t look like the car’s aesthetics will be upset by the different taillights, which is a good thing as the current model works very well as is.

Aside from new software and maybe a few tweaks to its driver assistance systems, the 2020 E-Class facelift will probably not change much on the technical front. We also don’t expect any major powertrain upgrades, seen as how the current model already features new straight-six petrol and diesel units.

Mercedes should unveil the facelifted W213 E-Class later this year as a 2020 model.

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Photo Credits: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien | CarPix for CarScoops

  • Maher

    It needs a thicker butt, it looks way too tiny in person.

    • Bash

      In person? As in you saw it in person?

      • Maher

        Thicker butt => in person
        It was a metaphor .

  • Center hub has to fit an airbag. Looks like air bag is a smaller design.

  • cbATL

    I can’t stand the dashboard. Why have 4 air vents in the center stack?

  • TheAmerican

    It looks strange.

    • To me it looks like the current one with stickers for now…

  • Jason Panamera

    So it has new front just from GLE.

    • PK

      something like that but i gotta say. it looks good!

  • Mike anonymous

    Didn’t this vehicle just reach the markets about a year or so ago? (I may be wrong but that’s what it feels like). It seems a little soon for a facelift already?

    … maybe I’m the only one. I’m not entirely sure.

    • Momogg

      Maybe little soon, you are true.
      Usually it’s 3-4 years…

    • Mynameis Taylor

      i agree. I think it’s a bit too soon. Their cars still look fresh and original

      • I think it already looks good… And on new cars Mercedes is adding lines (less than Audi and BMW sure) and or not doint curves anymore. Not sure the design is improving.

    • It was just updated. But with the latest A, CLA, CLS, GLB… Mercedes can’t let the E class have an older design language and infotainment system. Audi has the new A6, the 5 series will surely be refreshed and with the new X5, X6, X7, 3, 7 and 8… We as Mercedes have a pretty good idea how it will be done. Mercedes is the leader on a shrinking market… They have to stay on top by keeping interest alive.

  • Momogg

    It looks promising.

  • Yavor

    I only see minor exterior differences and a new steering wheel? Neither evolutionary nor revolutionairy… dissapointed a bit!

    • Knotmyrealname

      Seems to be quite a few differences under the camo?

    • Finkployd

      minor ? I was thinking the opposite; it’s an unusually important mid-cycle refresh

  • Six Thousand Times

    M-B does not usually do a good job grafting new faces onto existing cars. It’s best when you can’t tell there’s been a facelift.



  • ksegg

    Jesus Christ, I can’t wait until MB scraps their current design language and hopefully have enough sense to go back doing more a more traditional Teutonic design.

  • Harry_Wild

    I was so waiting for the 2017 E Class since it was promoted to be a smaller version of the S or a bigger C class in styling. Turn out to be totally ugly looking sedan! Bland and fugly. These minor change but still the same looks for the W213 in 2020!

  • Sorry what? 7 seats?

  • Current E class doesn’t offer the seats in the trunk, its a 5 seater.

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