Fast N’ Loud’s Black Ferrari F40 Bound To Get Some Love At Auction

A famous 1991 Ferrari F40 restored and modified by Gas Monkey Garage is heading to auction once again.

The iconic Italian supercar was featured on Fast N’ Loud in 2013 after Gas Monkey Garage’s Richard Rawlings and Dennis Collins purchased the, then wrecked, F40 for $400,000. A risky and expensive restoration commenced shortly after.

Under the guidance of Ferrari restoration expert Stuart Singer and Lamborghini/Ferrari tech M. Luongo, the Gas Monkey Garage team disassembled the car and straightened and strengthened the bent frame. From there, virtually every part of the supercar was refreshed or replaced with OEM or aftermarket parts.

They also worked extensively to improve the F40 and did so with a pair of upgraded turbochargers for the 2.9-liter V8, an aluminum flywheel, Kevlar clutch pack, Tubi competition exhaust, Penske Racing adjustable shocks, and HRE wheels. And, despite all F40s that rolled out of the factory only in red, they decided to paint it black.

The Gas Monkey Garage Ferrari F40 was sold for $742,500 at auction in 2014, but just a year later, the owner, baseball icon Reggie Jackson, sold the car at an auction where it fetched $643,500. The car was purchased by Richard Scott who, in November 2017, he was arrested following police investigations into a 15-year bribery scheme. Authorities seized his assets and the unique F40 will now be auctioned off at Apple Towing Company’s February 5-7 auction in California.

Mind you, Richard Rawlings says he plans “to bid aggressively on the car” to get the keys back to one of his company’s most famous rides.

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  • Alberto Barrales

    First of all this is my all time favorite car. If I was fortunate enough to own this car I would spend the extra money and bring it back to stock form.

  • Momogg

    This is the last “real” ferrari, i love it. 😍

  • Six_Tymes

    I hope Richard Rawlings is able to acquire it back, and he keeps it as is. It’s the black sheep Ferrari, it should remain as is. If it was never crashed in the first place I would not say the same. GO Richard! Bid and get it back, where it belongs.

  • Blade t

    I saw the episode when they built this. The car was wrecked pretty bad, was interesting to see them bring it back to life..

  • WminPhoenix

    From the time, Rawlings and Kaufman bastardized this F40 it lost almost 100 grand in auction value from 2014 to 2015. If it was a complete and original car, it would have fetched over a million dollars. I watched both shows as they put this basket case together.
    At one point, Kaufman had to cut and reweld the motor mounts so the engine would fit the chassis. Can you say, POS? No matter how Rawlings spun it, that frame was bent, torqued and twisted out of shape. Probably “crabbed” down the street.
    I asked the folks at Barrett Jackson if the car had a rebuild title, when it first came to auction, they said NO. That was the last time I ever bought a car at B-J.

  • kachuks

    I’m always an anti-purist, but the black paint ruined it and the wheels didn’t help.

  • SteersUright

    Despite unfortunately looking like a tuned F40, who the hell wouldn’t want any F40 in their driveway?! I’d love even a well made replica one day. I still cant think of many, if any, sports cars that look so true to form as an F40. Perhaps the original McLaren F1. But that might be it.

    • KareKakk

      So a Fiero F40 can be acceptable in your driveway? You are my hero then. 😉

  • Livethedream

    Met this guy at a Cars and Coffee event in Woodland Hills a few years back. Shame, because he seemed very nice and genuine. I talked to him for some time and he even offered to let my kid sit in the car. Living in LA you see amazing cars, but in my lifetime this was only the second time I’ve ever seen an F-40. For those in the know, it is by far the greatest road machine produced by Enzo. Truly a unique experience. I do have to add that the craftsmanship on the rebuild was horrendous. Paint was flaking off all around the car. From a distance it is menacing. Up close you can see the car needed a lot more work. Should have kept it Rosso Corsa (IMO).

  • TB

    The F-40 was probably my favorite episode of Fast & Loud. The team did an excellent job with repairing, restoring & upgrading this ride. I’d take it in a heartbeat over any other F-40 out there.

    That said…anyone have about $700K I can borrow? 😛

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