The Ferrari 250 GTO Is Now Worth More Than Its Weight In Gold

Gold has long been considered as one of the best and most stable investments, and while it’s certainly made some people rich, right now it can officially take a back seat to certain classic cars.

While recently browsing through Reddit, we came across a thread from early December that reveals the most prized classic of them all, the Ferrari 250 GTO, has officially become worth more than its weight in gold.

At the time of the thread being published, the price of gold was $1237.48 per ounce, or $39.78 per gram. On January 2, 2019, the price of gold is $1288.60 per ounce or $41.43 per gram.

To put that into perspective, a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO became the most expensive car ever sold at auction after fetching $48,405,000 at RM Sotheby’s Monterey sale in August.

The 250 GTO weighs approximately 880 kg (1940 lbs) or up to 950 kg (2094 lbs), depending on the source. If you take the 880 kg figure and do a little bit of math, you’ll discover that the 250 GTO is worth $55.00 per gram, significantly more than the price of gold.

Of course, not all 250 GTOs are valued at roughly $50 million, but based on current market trends, we would not surprised to see other examples trading hands for in excess of $50 million in the coming five years. That is if the market doesn’t crash, like it has in the past, sending supercar prices skydiving, though we guess the ultra-rare GTOs will still hold their value, or their owners, who certainly aren’t strapped for cash, wait until the storm is over.

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  • ace_9

    Of course it is. That’s the point. Dirty money or gold bars are not that easy to store. Expensive cars are far better for such purposes and people aren’t even mad. Everybody likes expensive cars.

    • Dude

      True. That’s why some banks are now buying old Porsches because their appreciation has outperformed the stock market.

  • Bash

    The GTO and the GTB are both worth every penny and every cent as an investment, and those are the kind of cars that I understand and expect to be garaged and never driven. Just put it in a glass box somewhere cool and watch it’s pric goes up on daily basis.

    • Which is sad, at least take it off for drive, or attend some concours.

      • Bash

        Agreed, but other than that, its only going back to the glass box. lol

  • Blade t

    If you had to hide dirty money I guess I can understand paying that price.

  • Given recently someone paid $22 million for pre-war 1930s Duessenberg (A car that supposedly don’t have a lot of fans since people who fancy 1930s cars are getting less). I believe the price would be increasing even after 20 years.. that is if there are no economy malaise.

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