I Have Five Days To Explore California In A Corvette Z51, Where Should I Go?

The C7-generation Chevrolet Corvette is on its final legs with a mid-engine successor just around the corner. To remember the C7 Corvette for the fantastic sports car that it is, we’re planning a little road trip with one.

For five days starting at the end of January, I’ll be taking to the streets of California in a new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, equipped with the desirable Z51 Performance Package. Having never been to California before, I’m looking for any suggestions from you, our loyal Carscoops readers, about the best places for a Corvette in the Sunny State.

The current plan is to stay around the Los Angeles area with a couple of days trips outside the city in search of fantastic roads. No roadtrip in this area would be complete without a drive (or many, many drives) up and down Mulholland Drive as well as Angeles Crest Highway in the Angeles National Forest. A quick squirt along part of the Pacific Coast Highway is also on the agenda. However, these three roads won’t be enough to keep me entertained for five days.

That’s where you guys and girls come in. What are your favorite driving roads in California? Where are the most stunning landscapes in the state? Should I head to the Sierra Nevada mountain range in search of fantastic roads or will I be confronted with hundreds of slow-moving RVs and caravans? Is it worth making a trip to the Death Valley National Park in search of glorious scenery and beautiful sunsets?

As for the weapon of choice, it may be one of the most affordable Corvette Stingray models but it’s arguably the most appropriate variant for our plans. This trip isn’t about performance testing a Z06 or ZR1 on the track but is instead about experiencing a beautiful part of the United States of America in a car that only enhances the experience.

So, with that being said, please feel free to leave any suggestions down below in the comments.

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  • Paul

    Cali’s Highway 1, that’s where I’d go with it.

    • Dave Fontanese

      Agree with PCH up to Laguna Secca, maybe see if you can get some track time.

  • Route 1, yo! See if you can check out central CA: Santa Cruz / Monterrey / Pebble Beach / Carmel / Big Sur region. Fantastic scenery and no LA or SF traffic woes. Also Palm Springs / Mojave desert region. Oh, and drive the Ortega Highway! The lesser known, curvy canyon drive southeast of L.A.

  • Jason Miller

    Palomar Mountain, Mt San Jacinto. Highway 33 looks nice, never been there though.

  • john1168

    The one thing I fear with the new C8 is the ability to do something just like this. I’m concerned it won’t have much in terms of cargo space, like the C7 has, and it hindering ones ability to take a few bags and go on a nice long road trip like this.

  • Jay

    Easy answer. To my house to to bring me the keys ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

    • Bash

      Brilliant, you can’t top that.

  • TheHunnn

    I would recommend Decker Canyon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_State_Route_23), but given that the Vette is a larger sports car, I’ve always preferred driving mine uphill from the Beach side to Thousand Oaks.

    I’d also recommend Mullholland Highway and the Snake as well (http://www.twistypedia.com/roads/usa/california/mulholland-highway/) It’s a beautiful drive and you get to meet other car/bike nuts.

    Topanga Canyon is a more relaxed drive and still very pretty along with Kanan Dume Road.

    While you’re in LA, make sure you stop by the Petersen Auto Museum, it’s pretty amazing.

  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

    You are going to have an amazing time.

    That’s a great car to tour in.

  • jrelon

    Easy, Arizona or Nevada.

  • Mr. EP9

    I’d tour the coast if possible. Wherever you go, have fun.

  • LJ

    To a different state.

  • Nordschleife

    Road trip from San Diego to Santa Barbara

  • JackW

    Carmel Valley Road – especially the southern end and then the Laureles Grade over to Laguna Seca


  • MikeofLA

    Drive out to Ventura and take Hwy 33 out to the 166, take the 166 north west to the 101 south, take that a short drive to the 154. Take the 154 down to Santa Barbara and stay there overnight. Take the 1 north to Monterey and find out if there’s an open event a Laguna Seca. That’ll take care of 3 or 4 days.

  • Bo Hanan

    Colorado mountains.

  • odddave

    Highways 101 & 1 from LA up to Monterey. Then 101 north up to the redwoods and the Oregon coast. Have fun

  • Katy Ducks Unlimited

    In the Sonoma/Napa area: take Hwy 12 north from Sonoma, go east on Cavedale road (Curves) when you hit Trinity Rd go right (more curves) into Oakdale.. Watch out for motorcycles. Nice road and great views

  • Ed Feasley

    The Glendora Ridge road is nice and twisty and doesn’t get much traffic.

  • AngryNotSoOldHippy .

    No, Angeles Crest Highway is not your kindergarten playground, you right wing, dangerous piles of dung need to stay the hell off of our mountain and stop putting normal people’s lives in danger. If you want to play pretend Ricky Racer, stay the hell down in the cities where your type belong.

  • FactChecker90803

    Great touring car, I myself am the proud owner of a 2017 C7 Grand Sport Stingray, with a Stage 2 Katech LT1 package, 600+Ponies and 535lb-ft. As for it being replaced by the C8 Manta Ray , I hope not, there is room for both a front engine GT as well as a rear mid engine super Sports car, as Ferrari can attests to with the F12, 488 and Portofino 2+2.

  • Mark Seven-Ultranine

    Any road anywhere in my 2016 Z51 Stingray is a joy!

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