Ford Appears To Be Working On The Next Ranger, Including A Ranger Raptor For America

Ford has repeatedly downplayed the possibility of offering the current Ranger Raptor in North America, but that doesn’t mean fans should give up hope.

After doing some digging on social media, Road & Track has found some indications that Ford engineers are already working on the next-generation Ranger and this version of the truck is apparently being designed with a Ranger Raptor in mind for the North American market.

As the publication explained, one of Ford’s chassis engineer’s recently revealed they are working on a Ranger Raptor for the North American market which has an internal project code of P703. The same engineer also worked on the current Ranger Raptor as well as the North American spec Ranger which is known as the P375N.

Road & Track goes onto say additional research suggests the next-generation Ranger Raptor is being internally called the “Project Redback.” This is the same name that was used for the current truck.

While that’s certainly interestingly, a lot of questions remain unanswered and Ford isn’t ready to talk about the next-generation Ranger. This isn’t too surprising as the current model went into production at the Michigan Assembly Plant back in October.

While Ford refused to comment, the publication believes the next-generation Ranger could arrive in 2022. A new Ranger Raptor will likely follow shortly thereafter.

Little is known about the next-generation truck, but the social media findings suggest the highly anticipated Bronco will have a lot in common with the next Ranger. Both of their frames are being worked on by a team at Modatek Systems and Road & Track says the two vehicles will also share a similar design. There’s even speculation about a possible Bronco Raptor, but there doesn’t appear to be any evidence to support this theory quite yet.

  • Tom

    I would like to see a Raptor SUV. With the exception of a couple models, most SUV’s look like soccer mom rides.

    • SgtBeavis

      Maybe we’ll get something like that in the Bronco?

      • Perry F. Bruns


  • TheAmerican

    First Ranger hasn’t even been sold yet and they’re already working on a redesign

    • Matt

      Well the ‘new’ Ranger is almost 9 years old. I’d expect Ford to be working on a new model already.

      • Benjamin B.

        I did as well. And that’s why Ford decided not to bring the Ranger Raptor to the USDM yet. We’ll get the next generation Ranger Raptor in addition to a Bronco Raptor. Raptor everything. Why not. There is a new mini/compact pickup truck coming soon that’s based on the new generation Focus. So Focus Ute Raptor? That model will do well in Australia I’m sure.

    • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

      The Ranger they are only now launching in the US, has been on sale here in Britain for years.

    • Benjamin B.

      The current generation including the new 2019 USDM Ranger has been around for awhile now. It’s due for a new generation. I suspect the Ranger will get aluminum body panels, a hybrid powertrain, maybe a plugin hybrid powertrain, and a more powerful Raptor variant with a turbo V6 (current Ranger Raptor uses a twin-turbo 2L EcoBlue I-4 turbodiesel).

  • SteersUright

    That looks so badass and its only the current Ranger Raptor. Im definitely very excited for this type or right-sized offload beast. The Raptor, Powerwagon and all those are far too big to drive in a city like Miami, Im sure they make sense elsewhere. And, the Colorado ZR2has an interior on par with a $15 Tonka toy at Walmart, despite otherwise offering good looks, capability and value. Tacoma & 4runner TRD utilize a 1990’s chassis and powertrain combo that fools nobody. This would be a very welcome entrant.

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